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  1. This is what it did. Initially on rare occasions but it became more frequent until it will not turn on at all. Is it worth it? 20200702_154834.mkv
  2. Yup - Bryanston. The insurance company might want it returned. Will have to wait and see. Do you repair as a hobby?
  3. Is it important for these batteries to communicate with the inverter or do they function as standalone? It seems as if the Goodwe inverter will talk to Dyness or Pylontech but not Narada or some other makes. How important is this? The inverter can be configured for Lithium batteries - is that good enough? And then the batteries take care of themselves.
  4. Hi Chris, Pylontech seem to be quite popular and available. And with a 7 year (+3 if you register) warranty. I am buying a new inverter from Current Automation for myself. I will have to see what they offer.
  5. Newbie question. I have a friend with a Goodwe MPPT charger/ Inverter and 4x 12V 200Ah gel batteries which have reduced capacity. He is looking to replace the batteries. What is the current thinking on batteries - stay with the gel or something better? Lithium etc? And where to get the best deals. Thank you Paul
  6. Busy replacing my Multiplus 48/3000 with a Multiplus II 48/3000. Will my existing MK2-USB interface work with the new Multiplus II? Regards Paul
  7. I think I see a Multiplus II in my future ..............
  8. I used to run an electronic workshop before I lost my job so, yes, I think it can be repaired. And I am sure it is the power FETS that are gone. But a circuit diagram would be really handy. If anyone has? Right now I have 2x Victron MPPT chargers and the multiplus which are stuffed - so I am not a big fan of Victron right now. But maybe I am just unlucky. That is why I am asking about other makes? Axpert seem common and cheaper.
  9. Or something else?
  10. Should I buy a Victron Multiplus 48/3000/35-50 or a Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32? to replace my Multiplus 48/3000/35 which is obsolete and cannot be repaired. Help!
  11. My current load is quite light - PCs, Internet, TV, decoders. The Victron never pushed back into the grid. It connected to the mains as a charger and only switched over when the batteries were below 90%. Solar power came from and Outback Flexmax during the day.
  12. Current Automation have informed me that it is too old and they cannot get spares. Is there anyone else who can repair these things? The components should be freely available? It would be a waste to throw this massive chunk of technology away.
  13. Not sure. The Victron is a charger/inverter. The solar charger is separate. Right now I need to do this on a tight budget.
  14. What is the recommendation for replacing a Victron Multiplus 48V 3000VA charger/inverter? I would imagine there are far more cheaper alternatives out there. I have an Outback 60A solar MPPT charger so don't need that. Regards Paul


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