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  1. Is this on a Sunsynk and AM-2 combo? Which firmware are you running? Using CAN or RS485? Please post your battery settings screens as well as the Li-BMS screen. Thanks
  2. Hi Anyone else experiencing issues with the screen just being white every now and again and not displaying anything? I have to then hold the ESC button to reset the screen. Do I need an update? Thanks
  3. Nice. Is the RIOT incorporated in the battery housing?
  4. Where is your earth when running from the inverter?
  5. Hi Please enlighten me on the process of switching my COJ electricity account to PrePaid. 1. Where does one go? I stay in Fairland (Randburg/Johannesburg) 2. Costs involved? 3. Paperwork etc to be completed beforehand? 4. ??? Thanks
  6. My Sunsynk and Hubble is installed in the garage next to the db. You can probably limit your Sunsynk not to draw more than 5 if you get a single Hubble AM-2, but I think for warranty purposes your minimum battery needs to match your inverter, thus 2 AM-2 for the 8kW Sunsynk or 1 for the 5 kW. You're correct that pass through on the Sunsynk can exceed the rating of 5/8 kW as it will draw that from grid/solar. I don't have solar yet so can't comment to much. To overcome smaller areas you can use more power full (higher wattage) panels. I installed my own after buying from the Power Forum Store (Steve). He recommended @Leshen. Based on feedback seen on forum and pictures posted, I will be contacting him in the future to come do my panels.
  7. Or one of these 6.4A Power Supply Unit
  8. Can it be 25mm between batteries with 35mm from Inverter to battery?
  9. No idea. I used Frans +27 82 804 1294 whose team did an excellent job finishing off what I started. I'm close to Randburg, so I'm sure they'll be able to assist.
  10. Maybe some moth balls in some sort of container?
  11. Good idea with determining essential load avg as well as peak. All the bips and bops was about R2000 to get my essential load (all plugs and lights) moved from my main DB to a new surface mount DB. Diy job. This included a new ELCB, changeover, bi pole breaker, 40A trip breaker, case. Remember about R2000 for a electricity COC.
  12. Keep the Pi and connect it via RS485 for real time monitoring and automation or sell it seperate. R8k for the inverter sounds good.
  13. Will this cable work for the Sunsynk? Rs485 Cable
  14. Hi. Add screen shots of the display showing the loads and layout. Are there no errors being logged? Sounds like you might be exceeding the allowable pass through current. What else is on during this time?
  15. Lack of knowledge. I bought one of the pre-built earth Neutral boxes. Still in the box in my garaget. Plan on selling it to someone that needs IP65 rated housing. Went to AcDc and bought the same relay etc just a different box and saved R1000. 00
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