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  1. Installed it anyway. It shows me the split between incoming from grid to Inverter and non-essential.
  2. These surge Protectors can only be used on Live as per CBI. Will have to replace it at some stage.
  3. Unplugged the CAN cable, re-plugged it. Working 100% now.
  4. IMy weekend project. 5.5 kW Sunsynk + the Hubble AM-2 no solar yet. Still need to crimp my 50mm^2 cable and connect it to the breaker. I have a few questions. 1. Bought 2 "CBi DIN Rail Surge Protector QFL-1(13)D 1P 275V with Indication - 40kA" and connected that on the LOAD N and L cables. Only the one on LIVE is lit. Is the other one defective or did I buy the wrong stuff? 2. SOC stuck at 89%. I used the RJ45 that came with the Sunsynk and connected that to the CAN port on the inverter and battery. What can the problem be? 3. All those exposed cables from the mai
  5. Working now. Might have been the pihole blocking something.
  6. Hi Did anyone have luck connecting the Sunsynk wifi dongle to a MikroTik router setup? My password contains special characters, so I created a virtual wlan wpa2+tkip Still no luck. Any suggestions on how to get this connected? My next option is to setup an old linksys wrt54gl in the garage.
  7. Yes that was the cable. Go to battery setup , select lithium, select CAN. SAVE Go to LiBMS. Done
  8. Hi. I have the Sunsynk. Came with a RJ45 (568B) cable. Is that to be used between the Sunsynk and Am-2? Do I plug it in the CAN port? And then? Thanks
  9. Awesome thanks. Will PM to make arrangements.
  10. Thanks guys. Will touch base and arrange something if I don't come right. Much appreciated.
  11. Thanks, might be cheaper to go to China mall and buy new cables.
  12. Hi Anyone in the Northcliff /Randburg area that are willing to crimp the 50mm^2 battery cable for me? Or knows of a shop willing to assist? I bought the cable and the lugs not thinking about assembly. Thanks
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