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  1. Hey Yellow. Yeah that’s so true. In this instance, the battery was defective however Hubble replaced it with no issues whatsoever.
  2. Good day guys. Had a client who contacted me on Sunday regarding one of his AM2’s giving trouble. For some reason the SOC on the defective battery was losing charge much faster. I tested the battery yesterday and found that the SOH was at 57% after 160 cycles. The other AM2’s SOH was 100%. I removed the battery and took it to Hubble who replaced the unit with a brand new AM2 as one of the cells was damaged. Will reinstall either tomorrow or Thursday. Great aftersale service from Hubble.
  3. Hi John. Did you supply the inverter with grid power before or after the EL?
  4. The effluent from toilets should actually go into a septic tank with a french drain provided you have a big enough property. By doing this, you can get rid of your municipal sewage bill. Grey water from showers etc should be used for irrigation. But if you don’t need the water for irrigation, I’m not sure why you would want to purify this water to drink?
  5. Hi Parrot. Unfortunately not. The non essential loads are shed when there is a grid failure as part of the anti islanding feature. What you possibly can do is to rewire the aircon circuit to the essential loads.
  6. Hi yes. E419 is the latest
  7. That’s all self consumption. We have a smart meter
  8. Great stuff Morne. I have had my 8kw for 12 months now and produced around 15000kwh. Never skipped a beat.
  9. Hubble also has an AM4 which is a 25v battery with a capacity of 2.75kwh. Maybe give that a look.
  10. I don’t think anyone on this forum can assist you in making that decision. You should do what you feel is best for you.
  11. Sunsynk has the best user interface and technical support. If you are looking for great pricing then contact Steve from the Powerforum Store.
  12. That’s the reason I asked if it’s a COCT regulation. Currently SANS 10142 doesn’t cover Solar. If someone can show me the SANS regs which covers Solar then I stand corrected.
  13. There is no legislated SANS regs on Solar PV installations.
  14. Yes it is however it’s poor practice to disconnect PV under load. You can cause permanent damage to some inverters. The hazard and warning labels we stick specifically state, DO NOT DISCONNECT UNDER LOAD.
  15. You should never disconnect any DC breaker under load
  16. Hi Tariq. I use the fuses that also doubles up as an isolator. You will need some sort of isolator in a combiner box.
  17. Hi Eugene. Of the 30 plus Sunsynks that I have installed, only 1 has failed on me. The unit switched off and had no way of turning back on we I removed it, took it to the repair centre and it was a factory fault on the inverter. We installed a new inverter for the client. You are well within your right to ask for a brand new unit as per the CPA. Just note that it’s often the issue with installer delays rather than the manufacture. Regards
  18. Steve from the Powerforum Store is extremely helpful. Always sound advice.
  19. Hi. We use a 10A/230V relay which is way more than you need. All you are doing is bonding earth to neutral, no load will be going through the relay.
  20. Hi Brander Thank you. Yes 2 x AM2 per inverter and panels as you mentioned. I use an ACDC relay with a backing plate placed into a 4 way DIN rail DB
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