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  1. Busy with a 3 phase installation with 3 x 5kw Sunsynk and 3 Hubble’s. Will post pictures when it’s complete.
  2. Hi Can you also put the AM2's in a server rack? Yes you can. See pic Are there comms between the batteries? (Cannot find a manual like you get for the Pylon's) Is is the same as Pylon's that have a master with slaves? You need to purchase a CAT5E cable to link the batteries together for comms on the RS485 port. You get a manual when you purchase the battery. The master battery will have the CAN bus cable linked to the Sunsynk, DIP switches need to be set correctly. What would be the best way to link 3 batteries (hence thinking about a cabinet) Personally I like mounting them
  3. After we complete an installation, we handover the COC to the client and explain how the system works. Balance of payment normally follows a day or two afterwards. If a client can pay me an 80% deposit then I trust that he will pay me the balance after I issue him with a COC.
  4. Correct. It’s the anti islanding feature of the inverter required by law.
  5. Sunsynk 5kw, 2 x 5.5kwh Hubble Batteries, 14 x 390w JA Solar, 2 in/2 out Protection box, control box and earth neutral bridge.
  6. Much lower voltage with warmer panels
  7. Lol amazing what cold panels can do
  8. Totally cloudy day today in Jhb. Sun was out for 2 mins and production from a 9360w array reached 10400w.
  9. It definitely doesnt pull in extra PV from the grid. What it will do is use the grid to supplement anything over 8kw or 5kw which is the passthrough function. This passthrough is on the essential side.
  10. When I built my new house, I contemplated installing 2 x 200l Solar geysers with Evac Tubes. The quote I received was R46000 for both. I went with the second option which was to install 2 x 200l electric geysers which costed R11000 and I used the R35000 on upgrading my main solar PV system which supplies the entire home with power. I changed the 4kw element in each geyser to a 2kw. Both geysers are powered by the Sunsynk 8kw and are on timers to come on at 9am and switch off at 4pm. And when it’s cloudy then the batteries and Eskom supplement the load. We never run out of hot water e
  11. Hi. The inverter info is probably displaying 119w load with 3A (battery current) which is at 48v give or take the losses. Theoretically if you have 4 x 200AH 12V batteries, you cycle them down to 50% depth of discharge. That equates to 4800wh or 4.8kwh. A constant 600w (12A x 48V) load would then last 8 hours. Definitely not 66 hours. Hope that makes sense.
  12. Just a quick demo to show the passthrough function of the Sunsynk 8kw. Inverter is maxed out at 8000w and it uses the remainder 1200w from Eskom. This passthrough occurs on the Essential side of the Inverter up to a max of 90A. We powered 2 kettles, 2 microwaves, a hairdryer and a DAB booster pump with a total of 9200w for the demo.
  13. Yes unfortunately. It’s an anti theft feature of the Hubble X100.
  14. Hi. Did you mistakenly enable it. It’s a Gyroscopic sensor. Once enabled, will need software to disable.
  15. Another Sunsynk/Hubble installation
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