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  1. Issues such as an inverter having a factory fault and not powering on. Another inverter had a faulty connector block which was sorted in a day. So I have always had great service.
  2. Whenever I have had an issue with a Sunsynk, which was twice in 18 months, the inverter was repaired within a week. So I have never had any issues with their after sales support
  3. Hi Dean. What's wrong with your inverter.
  4. It's a pleasure. Glad I could help
  5. Give me your serial number at the side of the inverter and I'll do the upgrade for you
  6. And that's how the majority of the consumers understand it except for a simple few.
  7. That's all well and good however the comment was about a warranty that cannot be transferred to an owner because it was already transferred to the retailer by the supplier.
  8. Just trying to understand your post on transfer of warranty from Hubble to the Powerforum Store. Have a look at the CPA which is clear about retailers honouring a warranty and the PF Store is a retailer.
  9. Have a look at Atess inverters. 100kw full Hybrid
  10. Is this for only electronics or is this for all products sold in South Africa?
  11. In all my installs, I have never seen the essential and non essential neutral bonded and everything work normally.
  12. Is there no way that you can take pictures of the actual DB as well as the installation?
  13. Please can you share a pic of your main DB. And do you perhaps have other DBs in the home. Also pics of the install
  14. If you open your DB, you will see that there are a minimum of 2 neutral bars, one neutral fed from the grid via the grid earth leakage, the other neutral via the essential earth leakage. On top of the breakers, will should have a copper busbar that's split with a live from the grid and a live from the inverter. Each of these live wires will have their own corresponding neutral which cannot be linked.
  15. It will just cause the earth leakage to trip. The neutrals have to be separated.
  16. Can you send pics of all the settings on your inverter
  17. It's because you have Limit to Load ticked
  18. Commissioning a mere inverter and it functioning perfectly at the onset is something I don't deem as a life changing moment. But I guess it's special for some.
  19. You are being petty. No INSTALLER completes an installation without running tests. There is definitely no need to REDO an install. It's a simple matter of swapping the CT wires around in the inverter, you don't even need to change the direction of the CT in the DB.
  20. The only issue with the parallel East/West config is you double the current which takes it up to 20.68A and the 5kw Sunsynk will only allow 13A through its MPPT. 20.68A less 13A is 7.68A x 38.7V x 5 is a loss of 1486w. 1468w at R6 per w is almost R9000 to just throw away. Try installing possibly a higher wattage panel on the north and West
  21. Hi. Seems like the grid is offline as the AC light on the inverter is off.
  22. Hi. On the battery type page, select AGM V, select OK then leave it for a minute to run on voltage and then select Lithium and then OK. This might help
  23. Hi Joe Can bus from the Sunsynk to Can on the RIOT. Then RS232 from RIOT to RS232 on the Hubble.
  24. It specifically says that if there is a negative CT value when importing from the Grid then it's the wrong way around. So don't understand your confusion
  25. Did you read page 25 of the Installer Manual Version 7.0?
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