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  1. So I am using the following cables: 16mm cable from battery to Shunt, and shunt to inverter 1 x red power cables from each battery to Shunt, first one connected to top battery and 2nd one not connected. So in my world all should be ok. BTW, the BMS also keep on coming up with midpoint warnings, so I have disabled it. The concern is not so much the Inverter, but rather the difference between the BMS and the battery monitor on each the battery box. Btw, it has a "dumb" BMS/equalizer inside the box (LBSA BMS 120A 15S 48V LifePO4 Lithium Ion Phosphate) as install
  2. I finally have all my comms and management working on my installation. Recap: Inverter - RCT Axpert 5k Batteries - 2 x LiFeP04 (2nd life) 120AH 6Kwh BMS - Victron 712 Management - ICC on Raspberry Pi4 Panels - 6 strings (2 x Canadian Solar 410W panels per string) Issue: ICC battery SOC and Voltage differ from that displayed on Battery I did manually sync the BMS with the batteries when SOC of batteries was 100% What should I try next as this is a substantial difference in SOC
  3. Agree, although you can buy the Raspberry Pi from the PiShop for a lot cheaper. Manie sent me his banking details and the rest was easy. Be aware that if you go my route and download the ICC software from Manie, it will not connect to your inverter until you have entered the key that he will supply once you have installed the software on the Pi. So, order your Raspberry Pi, download (and pay for) your ICC software, install it on the Pi (you do need a 16GB microSD card - don't forget the adapter for your PC as well as Win32Disk Imager (download it from web) mail Manie the ICC-PI id an
  4. @Gerrie what settings do you use for reverting to ESKOM, and at what state of charge etc I have just installed ICC on Raspberry Pi to interface with my Axpert 5K and are awaiting a cable for interfacing my Victron BMS712 with the ICC tks
  5. @Jaco de Jongh in Darling WC
  6. I need to source a VE.Direct to USB cable to connect my Raspberry Pi4 to a Victron 712. Can anyone please point me in the right direction
  7. How do you start an Axpert 5K (PF1, V74.40) if the battery voltage is low, but it is connected to the Utility Any settings that should be changed?
  8. Hi Since I did not want conduit against the walls, all PV cables are in conduit except for where it connects to the panel, where glands are used. Red and Black cables in separate conduit. Conduit goes into the roof then down rafters and end up in the cavity wall from where it exits to the breaker board. BTW everything ends up in the garage and hopefully one day it will end in a dedicated utility room. I would say chances of water ingress is extremely low. Tks for the input though
  9. Well that confirms my experience to date 12 x 410w panels = 4920W 65% x 4910w = 3198W At peak I get around 3.4KW but take into consideration that the roof angle is 30% and that my panels are split - 4 face NE for early morning generation and 8 faces NW for midday/afternoon generation. Currently I peak between 12:309 and 2:00pm
  10. hi @RikH Tks for the compliment When we had the Axpert installed in PE, there was a ground-Neutral potential of around 23V if I remember, hence 1 The shaded panel will remain as is since it provides a supply early morning. That pic was taken around 2pm.
  11. @wolfandy they are the people that I am talking to as well. Also, they do sell a complete kit which includes the ICC and Pi for around 3K
  12. The max limit on mine is 5000, however each string is on a Noark breaker which means I can switch one off if need be. Also make sure your budget includes all those extras such as breakers, cable, change over switch, surge protectors etc - it all adds up. Oh, and don't forget the cost of the mounting system - shop around as it varies quite a bit
  13. Have just done something similar with RCT-Axpert with same limitation as Kodak MKII Real live experience 12 x Canadian 410 in strings of 2 (wanted to stay safe) - beware they are big Producing 3.17Kw at 12:30pm and up to 4Kw later in the day (good clear day). As we are on prepaid, I installed a manual change-over switch to ensure that I can access utility power when we have a bad day. Obviously it is one or the other. As to the geyser, we have installed a Geyser Wise and replaced the element with a 2Kw unit - you need to have a smaller element! Also looking at home au
  14. I finally managed to install all my hardware as detailed below, although the warning decals are still missing Just a few questions 1. Since I am using the utility earth, I assume I do a soft bond between earth/neutral on inverter 2. As per above, do I connect the surge protector to an earth stake or do to the common earth 3. same as 2 for PV panels Finally, as per another post I am still looking for a suitable BMS and management software - although watchpower gives basics, not that impressed Still need to do some plastering
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