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  1. Ah, now I know which Paul in Northcliff this is That reminds me I need to renew a certain something!
  2. Hmmm, not sure if I did? I read a lot of threads here about it. Would you mind pointing me to it? I’m aware of the unmarked earth on the backup side, with the internal bonding relay. I’m making use of that unmarked earth in my system for bonding when grid goes down
  3. I'm genuinely sorry to hear that bud. More than you can ever know!
  4. Yeah, thanks for the offer @Saint. Honestly, I really like the actual inverter. It does what it says on the box. But my issue was related to the latest firmware (I know many others that use Goodwe without issue, hence getting myself one). But like you said, Segen and the local Goodwe rep can go suck a turd. I wouldn't piss on them if they on fire. It's a pity that the local guys pretty much kill the brand for me. I did manage to get hold of international enthusiasts of Goodwe by way of developing the UDP protocol driver for Home Assistant and they were much more help getting the inverter
  5. Hear hear. Although my crusade against Goodwe is getting pretty old now. In any case, the Pylon's BMS will cut off at around 11% SoC (89% DoD). In fact, you can't change the DoD value above 89% in the Goodwe PV Master app. Most nights I've run my max DoD to 60% (SoC of 40%). In a few cases I've had the SoC sit at 38% in the morning. It's as if it sometimes does tap a little from the battery past the set DoD point. Running the DoD close to 89% during the night will likely result in the odd case where the Pylon BMS will cut the inverter off.
  6. If wired as per the installation instructions then yes, it’s normal behavior. To be honest, if the grid is down the meter adds zero value to the stats anyway. I would imagine that SEMS and PVMaster should still show battery consumption with the ezmeter disconnected, although I never tested this myself. I seldom open SEMS or PVMaster these days.
  7. Wow panel prices came down. Those 455w panels look like incredible value
  8. I should edit what I said above. I believe it is possible for the above battery to be integrated to an inverter. Not sure if it’ll work with Goodwe though
  9. Any chance of changing your mind on the Goodwe inverter? Yes, I know I’m sounding like a broken telephone. If you insist on the Goodwe, it wants that BMS integration to work properly. Non integrated systems aren’t recommended by them. And, ideally, you want that if you want an install and forget solution. That goes for pretty much any inverter. Even the guys doing their own battery packs are engineering interfaces to get intelligent interaction between the inverter and battery, as opposed to a basic BMS style setup. ‘Again, it all depends on how dirty you want to get your hands with
  10. Solcast is what you want if you want to ‘predict’ potential PV for the day. You seed their algorithm every 5 minutes with your PV production over that period and based on that, plus your location and panel angle/direction, it starts generating forecast after a week or two. Another user put me onto it and it seems reasonably accurate so far. I’m using Home Assistant though, not sure if this is available for OpenHab
  11. Ah ok. The Astute doesn’t use a clamp, it has a shunt internally to measure current. It then take current and voltage to calculate power and factor with a neat little chip. My problem with an App based system is that it talks to a service in the cloud (like Tuya) and, should internet go down, so does all your automations. Us “die hards” flash these (and many other) devices with Tasmota, giving you a nice, common platform for stuff from various manufacturers to talk to each other. And to make it pretty, we use Home Assistant to display/control all this stuff, although it’s mostly not
  12. ASC? If you mean the CBI Astute then it doesn't detect anything on its own. It's just a really big relay, with power monitoring and Wifi capability. You can use the CBI App to program timers for it and measure power, but that's pretty much it. If, however, you decide to flash it with Tasmota (fiddly in this case) then you can make it really smart. I should make a post somewhere on the benefits of flashing proper smart firmware to the 'smart' switches, as opposed to using the dumb apps these come with.
  13. Like the previous poster said, your best option for whole house monitoring is a clamp based meter. It's not 100% accurate, but it will give you a very good idea of your average consumption. I happen to have an unused one if you interested; I based my inverter specification off the data I gleaned from an Efergy clamp on type system.
  14. I still need to do this with mine at some point. As it is I want to change the 3kW element for a 2kW one.
  15. I see this thread now again and, as much as I hate Goodwe right now, the wifi connection has been rock solid. My home automation connects to it and it gets polled every 15 seconds and I've genuinely not had a dropout since my last post above a few months back. I'd love to know what's the difference between my setup and those of others. I can mention I have a pretty high end Ubiquity wifi installation throughout the house. These cheap wifi routers you get with your internet provider are mediocre at best. That being said, I've had to make changes to my wifi network a few times and the inverter g
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