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  1. You MUST NEVER SAY THAT! The Victron die hards will crucify you....They're still stuck in the dark ages...The big plus for Victron is remote control which hopefully will be available soon for the sunsync, then there's no reason to go Victron if you are comparing price/functionality across the 2 brands...
  2. I have a Goodwe, BUT if i had a do over I'd go Sunsync...
  3. It sounds like the BMS has shut the batteries down because you have taken them too low. Set the minimum SoC to 20% (DoD 80%) and see what happens. There is an inverter setting that allows depleted batteries to be recharged, set this and see what happens tomorrow.
  4. Did they tell you what the problem was, and was it specific to LG battery?
  5. Limiting the discharge current on the inverter side is a really nice feature to have!
  6. A bit of a side question, Will RIOT work on any battery, I'd like to get accurate in/out power on my pylontechs?
  7. There is a discussion about this somewhere. IRC, the limit refers to the feeding back into the grid. If you disable (by software) or hardware limit the feedback it may not exceed the figures you have quoted above. So a 8kW inverter is acceptable as long as you limit the grid feedback. There is a list of inverters which CT finds acceptable, the inverter youo chose must be on this list. I'm sure more CT people will confirm/reply soon...
  8. Here's the software; https://www.dropbox.com/s/r97brpq9f3vflg2/BatteryView.zip?dl=0
  9. If you read their warranty, irrespective of the 5 or 10 years it only warrants that its good to 50% capacity up to 3000 cycles...So after 3000 cycles (irrespective of time, at 1C) they are happy that it will still have 50% of rated power. In contrast the Pylontechs warranty, specific to SA, warrants 10yrs to 60% (if you don't register your batteries with them you only get 7 yrs but its to 70%) of original capacity. BUT the Pylontech warranty point 5 , says must use on "daily cycle basis", what does that mean? It MUST be cycled daily or it can only be cycled once daily? Otherwise the warranties seems to have the same "non abuse" clauses etc.... Pylontech product warranty-US serie V1.1 SA20WS7055 South Africa.pdf
  10. Hi CEF, it looks like the Battery DoD on/off grid figures are not correct. Otherwise, at a quick glance, all looks good so far!
  11. So I checked my battery versions; I see there is a software Version as well as a boot version. Youngest Battery is 2.5 and 2.0 boot version (Dec 2020) All others are 1.3 and 1.4 Boot version. (2019) Will let sleeping dogs lie and not upgrade.
  12. Has anybody seen any real benefit to the upgrade? I'm hesitant to play if there's nothing wrong with my batteries.
  13. What is the impact of having an 2 strings (7,6) that differ on the 2 available MPPT inputs, 1 for each input?
  14. What is the correct update file for USB3000A, is it the same as the US3000B"?
  15. What size/ cost would a heatpump be to heat a geyser? How does one determine the specs required?
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