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  1. Funny, I also had a "DC/AC" error, usually on startup, but it was only once in a year. I discussed it with the Goodwe guy in Cape Town and he made a change to the "ARM" then he adjusted some or other setting. I agree with you re installers and support. An installer is the most NB part of the entire chain. Mine was useless and I approached Segen directly who sorted me out pretty quickly, I even did the reinstall myself. I suppose they have to deal with installers/vendors because otherwise it would be chaos. I now have an installer that has given me faith in humanity again, he's
  2. Its powered from the non-essential (Escom side) .
  3. Whenever we have an Escom outage, my Goodwe EZmeter goes off because its powered from the essential side, so no lights etc. There are no readings available then for usage of battery as well. Is this the correct behavior? Surely the meter can be connected to the essential side so it works when the escom power is off?
  4. You will find most DIY builders save e.g 40% in TODAYS Rands on a DIY vs as-built system. BUT, Pylontechs etc come with a 10 year warranty, that's 10yrs of peace of mind! (Tested to be pretty accurate and reliable in AU tests) The question you need to ask yourself is, "Will I be redoing my DIY battery build in 5 yrs time again, and can I afford it"... Once you've answered the above and decide to go DIY then consider the following point. The BMS is the most NB part of the DIY build. A crappy BMS will kill your batteries in no time AND your inverter must be able to speak to t
  5. The Goodwe can feed back into the household load without feeding back into the grid. Everything on the near side of the CT meter, geyser (all non essential loads) + essential can still be fed from the PV without feeding back into the grid..I'm sure the Sunsync can do the same or have I got the entire story wrong? The essential loads is only for when the grid is down, so then, yes your geyser (on non-essential side) will not get fed, but when the grid is up and you're feeding back zero into the grid, the household loads are still fed...I hope!!
  6. My panels are fixed so in winter I really get minimal PV power, I need to get some sort of adjusting mechanism in place... How do you adjust yours? Got a new peak of 6200W, just for a few mins though.
  7. So today I got the highest PV yield to date, 5488W (90% of installed PV) and charging batteries to the tune of 1537W...Id never noticed the DC side requirements before...
  8. What is your Voc for those 330W panels? Each mppt produces 3200W max, so 6400W total..7000W is pretty impressive..
  9. Do you put the "partial essential load" on its own DB?
  10. Hi, Are you talking about panels Watts at 5200W or AC produced by the inverter? The max power that the inverter can put out in AC is 5100W (Excluding pass through), so if you are generating 5200W AC then you are on the edge of the designed capacity. Nominal output is 4600W AC (excluding pass through power). The 6500 panel Watts is already oversized by 30% (compared to 5000W of inverter AC output), so if you're talking about the PV panels producing 5200W then you're doing pretty well; 5200W produced/6500W installed = 80% of installed panel power, on my installation I'm gett
  11. What is the load on the battery/inverter?
  12. Just buy a simple desk fan and have it blowing on the inverter constantly, less issue with warranties, wrong spec fan etc... I do that with my Goodwe which is fanless. The fan drops the temp by 10C from ambient.
  13. I don't see any surge arrestors in your DB. My install guy said they're required??? Your battery box is a good idea!
  14. Yes, from that site. I see nowtheyre quoting usd47 per cell.... That's a huge battery, you will need a huge array and charger to charge that. Also, what BMS are you going to use to balance the cells/batteries. Ask the boffins what charge current you will need to charge in e.g 8 hrs (of sunshine) and link that back to the inverter and solar panels...
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