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  1. Yes, i'm not aware if its actually being enforced yet. One can have more than 3.5kW generation capacity on a 60A breaker provided you can limit the generation by either reducing panels or software. Only the victron and sunsync have the ability to limit production via software.
  2. I asked pylontech the same question.. Their only issue was to make sure that dust did not get into the connectors/plugs. When you register your batteries for warranty on the pylontech site, they ask for a picture of the installation...
  3. So please enlighten us, we are after all here to learn. If there is such a big difference then why not explain it to us, its not about arguing for 1 brand or another, its about understanding the options and technologies involved...Most people are brand agnostic, and just want the best bang for their buck! Most people know that you cannot compare the obvious difference in configuration options between the 2 brands, so if this all that separates them then its really a nobrainer. What are the other differences? If you're going to go the whole hog, then compare the sunsynk to victrons, they are compatible as far as configuration options go.
  4. Apparently it applies irrespective of exporting or not....< 3.5kW generation capacity you require a 60 A breaker, > 3.5 you require an 80A breaker.. I don't know of anybody who has actually registered in JHB, we all tend to ignore it....
  5. So the big question is, has anybody in CT had a Goodwe installation FAIL because of this? If no, then (and since CT is still somewhat civilized) we can all assume that it should not be problem....Yes,No,Maybe?
  6. I checked the Sunsync "Max Continuous AC Passthrough (A)" = 42A...Not too shabby either. I will be replacing my Goodwe with a sunsync. Its a straight swap, same wiring, but victron like configuration and 15% cheaper
  7. Thank you very much for that lesson.....I did not even know it was an issue but it makes sense.... My goodwe have never tripped, which still surprises me because last week I hit a draw of 10kW (43mps) ! This was on both the essential and non essential loads (I should probably go see what report I can draw to see what the respective loads were) so I was rather impressed and worried at the same time! I'm not sure my family has the fortitude to ever go off grid, so i'll be married to EsKom till the day I die. Without actually opening the inverter, how can one tell from the specs what the actual usable power is on the essential side?
  8. Please explain. The goodwe does not have this issue (or does it?) , how did you determine that the "Essential" side is impaired?
  9. Consider the Sunsync, its R+-21K+vat, nothing else required, no additional add-ons, and it provides the same functionality as the Victron with much easier installation; 1) Panels can be added in series (500V, 11 Amps), no combiner boxes etc required like for the Victrons, 2 MPPT's for 5kW version, 8kW version has 2 MPPT's , 4 strings. 2) Is parallelable and binds earth and neutral on grid loss. The Goodwe is a "install and leave" inverter, no fiddling or fine tuning required. Talks seamlessly to Pylontechs and a lot more battery types as well BUT is does not compare to the Sunsync or victrons which are both more configurable. So if you want configurable and cheaper than Goodwe, with Victron functionality, go Sunsync. PM me for the guy in CT who will sell and install the inverter for you.
  10. Goodwe can take a max of 6500 PV power, your 3.5kW can still be expanded to the 6500 without any changes to the system. In JHB, with the Goodwe, and 6500W PV you can get between 20-30 kWh/day if the weather is half decent (and its often NOT) Here are my real life results with 6000W PV. Month Avg kWh Max Kwh March 19 32 April 21 29 May 25 28.7 June 21.5 25.6 If you need more than that consider the Sunsync inverter, it gives the same functionality as the Victron with much easier installation and can be paralleled. There are 2 units, 5kW and 8kW, very good units but support is sparse...
  11. Zero export to CT.... In the time settings have you set allow to export?
  12. Ok, so its confirmed; the SA unit is the same as the EU spec, 6500W PV input @ 11 amps.
  13. Be careful that your load does not exceed the max Amps that the battery can provide, it may affect your warranty. Ask the knowledgeable people on the forum how to "balance" your system in terms of battery power .... It was mentioned somewhere that for the Goodwe 5308, the minimum number of batteries required is 3.. I'm not sure how it all works, but I have installed 3 batteries and the system can easily pull 50-80A from the batteries, where 111A is the max.
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