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  1. So you bought a 1C battery and now you are limiting current, why? You're killing Lishens 1C argument. I wonder why Hubble chose to put the cable input ports, button etc on the bottom of the battery...Now one has to crawl around on the floor to plug in cables, turn on/off? I must admit, I'm envious, Sunsync has a lot of very nice config functionality/options.
  2. Where did you get this report from, is it something you made or from the std reporting interface?
  3. It would be good to know what the updates were....
  4. At 3.6 V you will get an "High" voltage error. Higher than that the BMS gives an "OV", over voltage error...This happens for a day or 2 while it balances when new. Download Batterview.exe and interrogate the battery directly.
  5. As per the AU study you can expect approximately 4000 cycles and then your batteries would have "faded" to about 60% of new power. This is an extrapolation, assumes a linear fade over time/cycles. I think this is probably the most realistic view, and all the LiPO4 batteries will probably perform the same, despite what the marketing teams claim, says and promises!
  6. What is your software version, it may require an update. I had the same issue, they updated the inverter and problem solved.... Log a call for them to look at it. Https://support.goodwe.com/portal/en/home
  7. No, the USB side goes into your pc, the other end into the battery...Ill send a pic when I'm home.The software just reads from the battery, you can't break the battery.
  8. Down load Battery view.exe, then download putty. Install both on Windows. You need a serial to usb cable as well...then you can use CLI to see exactly what's going on.....You can see how the the battery settles/balances after installation. It has Over voltage, high voltage issues on some cells but after 2-3 discharges to 30% DoD and recharges it settles down and balances.... s going on with the battery...I'll add examples of output in 5 mins.
  9. "Most people going solar, do so to be loadshedding proof - I offer the grid-tie version but once it's clear it has to switch off when grid is down it's mostly a non-starter" Only if you dont have batteries.....
  10. Re cable size, I'm still confused! Is the std pylontech cable good for 4 pylontech batteries?
  11. This is on the forum somewhere else as well. I'm not sure if what's depicted is even valid! Use at your own risk... Maybe an elec engineer can look at it and provide an opinion... Connection-2-hybrid-inverters.pdf
  12. The reason why there's not much on the forum re the Goodwe is that well, it just works! There was an issue with the WiFi but that has been fixed. The goode 4.6 is a 5kW inverter, the non essential load for backup is 4.6 K W. There is a post on the forum where someone opened the goodwe up and their impression was that the internals were top quality parts, better than the more expensive Victron. Try search for it. The support is OK...Most importantly, the Goodwe talks seamlessly to pylontech batteries, no issues there, unlike many other inverters. So you should consider
  13. While this thread has a lot of interest, who has a copy of the latest batterview.exe so I can actually see what's going on with my pylontechs? What is the latest, working version?
  14. Yes, that's why the AU testing is a good indication of what can be expected from a battery. The Pylontechs were measured and came out at a much lower cycle than advertised, as did most of the batteries tested. The Hubble and Bull people should have their batteries tested, simple, then we can make an informed decision as to what a "good deal" is.... Advertising is cheap talk until the batteries are tested and their performance confirmed. In fact a regulator should force this ........
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