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  1. I have an OPIC 3030S 48V 3kW inverter available. Was purchased in March 2018 from Sinetech and used only as a UPS backup system until December 2019. The unit is in perfect working order and come with manual, battery temperature sensor as well as a remote control. Datasheet: https://www.sinetech.co.za/assets/img/omnipower_inverters/OmniPower OPIC Inverter-Charger Combi Series.pdf Make me an offer. Rgds Hendrik
  2. I also have both Venus GX measuring Grid consumption via a CG ET112 and the owl attached to my incoming Live conductor. The ET112 is measuring 30W (0.1A) and the OWL is measuring 1.1A. On average the OWL will read 20-15% higher that than meters that read both current and voltage over an average measuring period. The OWL is especially inaccurate below 2 Amps.
  3. @DeepBass9 The maximum load the batteries have been loaded to is ~15 A over a discharge cycle. I don't log the individual battery voltages but the BMV does log the mid point voltages and they have been very consistent during each cycle. Assumption is that the two batteries per midpoint also had similar voltage responses.
  4. I have 4x 180 Ah Omnipower OPR Deep Cycle Rechargable AGM batteries for sale. Two units were purchased from Sinetech and two from Solar-shop in November 2019. They have been connected to 3 Victron battery balancers since commissioning and have done 34 Syncs and 8 charge cycles to ~65% SoC. Deepest discharge was -77.3 Ah with total AH drawn = -2041.1 Ah. Information from the BMV712. I have commissioned 2 pylontechs to replace them. The 4 units are three months old and in perfect condition and charged to 100% before removal. Price: R 2800 each. Neg. I also have a Victron Ba
  5. @Youda thanks for the information! It was a bit overcast today so the Pylons only charged to around 87% (from 50%) combined SoC as reported by the Venus. Around 1800 both bricks had 5 LEDS on so it looks as if some balancing took place during the night or during the charge cycle. I decided to make up a console cable and used battery view to query the 2 bricks: Battery Module1 SoC = 85% and Module2 SoC = 88%. I think if I leave them to balance all should be OK by the weekend. Also hoping for some proper solar charging tomorrow to get them to 100% SoC. I noticed that the te
  6. Hi everyone, I though I should revive this thread instead of a new one since there is lots of information already shared; I installed two new US3000 Pylontech batteries yesterday connected to a Victron ESS system that is working 100% albeit with lead acid batteries before I swapped them for the Pylons. After the install the Venus GX detected both batteries with a combined SoC of 64%. The one brick however had a lower SoC (based on the LEDs) at ~60% and the the other ~75%. So there was an imbalance between the two bricks. During the charge cycle today the batteries reached 9
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