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  1. Thanks WannabeSolarSpark, Ill definitely give this a bash. Very excited!!
  2. That is absolutely brilliant!! Can you share the JSON query for it or export somehow so I can try import it? I have tried making kine like this but nowhere NEAR this level and I dont think I will get to this level
  3. Ah, hit the nail on the head, it was set to source priority Utility - thanks
  4. Hi All, So we had loadshedding from 3-7 yesterday afternoon. By 7PM my pylontech was on 20% battery and I feared that it would run flat to 10% and automatically switch off as its has done a few times if we have had loadshedding and cloudy days. I therefore switches as much off in the house as I could so try preserver it to the morning when PV would start charging. To my surprise, it was at 100% capacity this morning. Surely Eskom didnt charge the battery when loadshedding finished? I have a Axpert 5KVA-48DC running the ICC software, I didnt know this was possible? Any insig
  5. Hi @Parky This is great, however I am using ICC - I assume the two can run in parallel and wont affect either?
  6. Hi All, Just putting feelers out, what is the 2nd hand market like for a Mecer 5kW-48V Hybrid Inverter (PF1), one year old and the ICC Pi and cable? Where would it be best to sell this and what price could I expect? I am looking at changing my inverter to a Goodwe
  7. Love this topic - asked a few times about ITS heat pumps and no-one really knows or wants to venture down this route as yet. Waiting for ITS to come back to me with some questions and will try a few ideas too
  8. Nice post Bobster. Fully agree with the statement above, this is my only frustration at the moment. I have had a ITS (as previously mentioned) for the last 7 years and services it last year. Still going well and ROI was roughly 4 years ago already. Anyone know, or have any thoughts on, how to change the control panel to make it "smart" IE: get it into HASS.IO with a sonoff device or DI mini or something similar to such?
  9. Thanks @Cozy35, I upgraded the inverter USB and slightly improved dropping rates, however still continues as per your observations. Looking forward to the results of your test above, please do keep us posted
  10. @MockTurtle this is brilliant! Does the Docket link you sent have the Grafana and LoveLace cards in or can you export so I can have a look at how you did this?
  11. @cozy35 is the cable the one between the Pi and inverter that you replaced?
  12. I must say everytime I reach out to them they are extremely helpful and always assist
  13. To add, you can see in the below the average runtime for ICC over the last month is under 10, with the current runtime sitting at 8 hours:
  14. Hi Cozy35, I have a similar issue...only realized it when I added it into my HomeAssitant to monitor Eskom pwoer failure then put it together and also saw that the runtime reset constantly. See below the "dropped spikes", and this happens no matter what the SOC sits at Glad its not just me Hopefully there is a solution out there
  15. ..and this type of post will prove that you would be the right installer to service clients going forward, well done Sir
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