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  1. Just an update guys, went through numerous installers and all were pathetic other than Gideon at solarpower.co.za I can recommend him and his company without a shadow of a doubt, amazing prices, quality workmanship and great service and supervision on site!
  2. Chris this is awesome, can you possibly export this flow so I can import and play around?
  3. Unfortunately Rubicon dont install
  4. Perfect, thanks Jaco, no rush
  5. Hi guys, The installer who did my system is quoting me a ridiculous amount to supply and install 2 Canadian Solar 335W panles. Can anyone recommend someone who can supply and install in the Joburg region for a good price?
  6. Hi Paul, How do you/have you, got the prepaid meter values into your dashboard?
  7. It would be great if the dashboard could be shared or published either via JSON or on Grafana too? Anyone manage to replicate the EMONCMS dashbaord on grafana?
  8. Awesome, thanks, 3) do you problematically check loadshedding or manually switch it off when you scheduled? 4) At what SOC% do you switch off, my heatpump is also on my solar and battery circuit
  9. Thanks Wolfandy, I mean dumb as it is isnt connected to wifi and therefore cannot manage it centrally but is a standalone system But yes, it does control the unit If you add a sonoff with heat sensor you will be able to monitor the geyser temp and switch on off via Home Assistant controls and NodeRED flows with different scenarios and variables. My issue is its a stand alone system which I would like to try integrate into my Home Automatons environment and thought someone may have done this already. The Sonoff POW will only switch the power on/off as you stated, which doesnt help "manage" the geyser temp
  10. The Heatpump already has the temp sensor in the thermostat sleeve, hence wodnering if I can reuse that current sensor
  11. Hi All, I currently have a ITS Solar heat pump ITS-4.7HDP which makes use of a heat sensor and control panel to control the on-off of the heat pump, whoever the panel is basically just a timer and is for all intent purposes, dumb. Has anyone either used the current heat sensor with a sonoff devices such as a TH16 to control the unit, or used the recommend heat sensor from sonoff such as Si7021, AM2301, DS18B20, DHT11 to control the heatpump with Home Assistant?
  12. Yup, I tried this yesterday and works well. its the ICC username and password
  13. Thank you very much, really appreciated!


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