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  1. Have you checked to ensure that your wiring is correct?
  2. Those errors are related to InfluxDB. Did you install InfluxDB? Based on the above the flow is definitely communicating with the inverter as it is receiving payloads
  3. For those that have upgraded to the latest HA version, they have changed the MQTT structure required for the energy module. It now no longers required the last_reset topic, but do require the state_class to be set to total_increasing. See snippet below of the change required.
  4. Have you tried restarting HA? I have not defined the last_reset on as a value on my entities, only defined the subscribed topic. See below screenshot
  5. I'm guessing that it is a vacuum system
  6. Managed to get it working via MQTT. Changed the Assemble config to the following Added a timestamp inject that injects every 24 hours. Date/ Time Formatter uses a pallete called moment flows (9).json
  7. Could do it with an inject function, timer and timestamp. And then set the MQTT to retain last value
  8. That looks awesome, will try it over the weekend
  9. There is a big difference between them. The one is mono crystalline panel and the other a poly crystalline. Due to the they have different operating voltages and current.
  10. As mentioned by the others, I would suggest to rather add additional panels to your current system, install a smaller element on the geyser and set a timer for it to heat during daylight.
  11. Hi, The settings are stored in the global context file in Node Red. In order to get it to work you will have to enable the global context to be stored to your local file system. See below link to assist: https://nodered.org/docs/user-guide/context
  12. Yes, I have used the waveshare wifi unit as my first attempt and didn't have any issues. The polling rate was slightly slower than the Raspberry Pi though. But we are talking miliseconds
  13. No on the Inverter instance. I'm also using the HA notifications, thought I might test the Whatsapp Bot for those without HA.
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