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  1. Please give more details. Inverter type Battery configuration Solar panel configuration
  2. How many batteries do you have connected? It could be that when the load increases the battery voltage drops below the "return to grid" level. Have you set up the battery settings accordingly to your battery specifications?
  3. Drop the grid charging current to the minimium setting Change the charging priority setting to not allow charging from the grid
  4. Hi, That does sound on the low side. I have 12x 335w panels which are peaking just below 3500wh. It could that your Solar charger is running hot and thus degrading the performance. The King doesn't like 3 panels in series as this results in the MPTT running on the upper end of the voltage limits causing additional heat. Many on the forum would suggest rewiring your panels rather run in 2 panels in series
  5. No, 6mm GP cable is rated at 45A for 220V. Delivery 45A at 24V is a whole different ball game
  6. Sorry but I doubt the above extract is relevant. The above appears to be based on armoured cable in a 220v environment
  7. Well done on a very neat system. I must agree these Sunsynk units are awesome. I recently upgraded from an Axpert King to a Sunsynk 8.8kw unit. On the Axpert the best efficiency I could get from the panels were 70% however with the Sunsynk my average efficiency has increased to 89% of the rated power. This is a massive increase and well worth the paying extra for the inverter
  8. 2x 6mm2 cables would allow you greater flexibility in the future. Believe me, the bug will get stuck and you will most likely upgrade your inverter in the near future.
  9. Correct, it connect to the Ewelink website. There is an Ewelink app that you download which enables you to set up the timer function and control the unit
  10. Which version of ICC are you using? I had this issue with one of the previous versions
  11. Yes, it would need a wifi connection
  12. You could try SolPi as an alternative. With regards to it not setting back to grid in the afternoon, have you checked your inverter settings? It might be that the back to grid voltage is set too high causing the inverter to overwrite the request from ICC
  13. I'm I reading this correctly 1.2MW??? How many panels do you have? Check your inverter manual and settings. Inverter(s) most likely requires batteries in order to run in Off-Grid mode
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