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  1. Just a note, but you need to measure it twice (with Eskom power on and with Eskom power off)
  2. Because it is illegal to have a second permanent earth neutral bond. SANS requires a separate bond to be created only when the system is in islanding mode.
  3. Your sparky is correct in a situation when Eskom power is available, however when you loose Eskom power then you loose earth bonding. Hence the need for a relay to bond neutral and earth when in islanding mode
  4. I would recommend option 2 with Raspberry PI OS lite. As a 3rd option you can also look at using USR-W630 Modbus RTU at the inverter side. Home Assistant has the modbus protocol built in and you can poll the modbus addresses directly from HA. USR-W630 Industrial Serial to WiFi and Ethernet Converter Supports 2 E – Reliable Store
  5. That is weird, but I'm still on the old firmware. Haven't upgraded as yet. What I have noticed though is that when I can the value of register 243 via Node Red is that the tick on the Inverter screen doesn't go on, but through the inverter monitoring I can see that the inverter's behaviour has changed.
  6. Disable Priority Load. With Priority load enabled all of your solar generation will go towards the batteries until they reach full charge
  7. Function: var a a = (msg.payload.data / 1) if (msg.topic === "voltage_grid") { if (a > 100) { msg.payload = (1); } else { msg.payload = (0); } return [ msg, null ]; } else { return [ null, msg ]; } return msg; Register for Voltage Grid: msg.payload = { 'fc': 3, 'unitid': 1, 'address': 150, 'quantity': 1 }; msg.topic = "voltage_grid" return msg;
  8. You will need a Sub-DB or at least be able to split your DB into 2 sections. Based on the diagram above the inverter is feeding the whole DB, but because you only want to feed certain circuit you will be required to split your neutral bar between the loads which will be fed from Eskom and the ones fed through the inverter. The inverter will need to be connected before your earth leakage otherwise it is going to trip your EL each time it switches over
  9. Have you checked to ensure that your wiring is correct?
  10. Those errors are related to InfluxDB. Did you install InfluxDB? Based on the above the flow is definitely communicating with the inverter as it is receiving payloads
  11. For those that have upgraded to the latest HA version, they have changed the MQTT structure required for the energy module. It now no longers required the last_reset topic, but do require the state_class to be set to total_increasing. See snippet below of the change required.
  12. Have you tried restarting HA? I have not defined the last_reset on as a value on my entities, only defined the subscribed topic. See below screenshot
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