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  1. Pleasure.... Just went from Pb to Li Batteries this weekend.... This solar "forecasting" method is still doing its thing, very well in fact, not switching things in as much with the Li as with the Pb... But still useful nevertheless!! The graphs I was using on the Pb now look a little "disconcerting" with the Li... The Li can soak up the "excess" power for charging way better... I was very gentle on the Pb, limiting charge and DOD on them to keep them healthy as possible for as long as possible... They are topping 2 to 3years now, still about an average of 80% health when checking them wi
  2. @Coulomb You hit the nail right on the head... Was wondering when someone would notice that! Being a sourcing type regulation system, if I understand it correctly, the actual panel voltage has little to do with the panel current as reported when it comes to actual panel power calculation... The charge regulator only passes sufficient voltage to maintain the charge current(and of course, the panel voltage is normally measured before the charge regulator)... This is limited by a few things, amongst which are: the preset limit as factory set by the manufacturer as to maximum panel curre
  3. Okaaaaaaayyyy.... So let me see if I understand this correctly.... During today's run here... My panels were at one point: 50A and 66V - That equates to 3.3kw..... But PV charge power at that exact time as registered by the inverter was only 2729W (Which coincides pretty closely with the battery power calc of 55V x 50A giving a total incoming at that point of 2750W) ..... Based on that, I am pretty sure your understanding of the calculation of the rated MPPT input power is flawed, unless I am wrong, of course... Ed
  4. As far as I can read it... MPPT charging power is battery voltage x MPPT output current.... Go Check and correct me if I am wrong....
  5. Incidentally, the manual for the King specs it as 80A 145Voc with a working of 60-115V.... My panels were about 100V and 45A when the mppts died according to the logging system.. Had I known about it at the time, I probably wouldn't have gone this route... But, looking back, the King does seem to be saving me a bit more bux in the long run... As to if it will last... Well, time will tell.... E
  6. Here's some food for thought: I had an Axpert MKs wired 3S 4P - 125VOc running for years.... No problem... Took a bad, really bad, lightning hit, besides the rest of the place that was in ruins, the Axpert was stuffed too... Bought a couple of 5Kw Kings put in... The first lasted a week, then the mppt packed up(First bit of decent sunshine since installed)... called suppliers, they told me to install the second one I had on hand still... That lasted 48hrs, same problem... By this stage the first one had been replaced under warranty and I invited their techs over to come an
  7. Hot Water and DeepFreeze Graph... Today... Yellow-Deep freeze on/Red Geyser Temp/Blue Deep freeze temp/Orange Geyser elements in use, ie just after 9am is step 1, just before 09h30 is step 2...etc... Deep freeze temp is measured within 100mm of the top of the freezer, at -10C the bottom of the freezer is around -40 to -50 or thereabouts... Green dot-Deep freeze compressor running/Blue border means under Auto System Control, the thermostat in the deep freeze is for safety/manual only... E:3 denotes 3rd element step in geyser operation running at 933W Output... To
  8. Speak to Murray of "Industrial Thermal" in East London.... Regular Thermostat is still in place, so no worries... I Discounted that Idea.... I wasn't happy about the possible choppiness of the signal influencing the Inverter output... Read This: https://powerforum.co.za/topic/8728-how-much-surplus-solar-power-do-you-actually-have-and-how-to-find-out/ Cheerz E
  9. With the average and reasonably well planned solar setup, there should be an excess of solar power on a reasonable to well lit day. This actual "excess" power is hard to determine and goes to waste, once batteries are full, the fridge is cold, etc etc etc, the system then starts drawing less from the panels via one means or another, waiting for load conditions to change... How do you know when, and how much, can be loaded onto your inverter at this point? Remember, this "point" that I refer to, is a dynamic point - This is what makes it tricky - Nasty things like clouds, mist, dust, sun a
  10. Faced with the costs of "Wonder Gadgets" to heat water from excess solar availability, I have come up with a different way of doing it.... I have already had, for some time now, a raspberry pi hooked to my inverter monitoring and controlling various bits and bobs around the place... One of my greatest frustrations is the "lost solar" power that is often available during the average day.... This hot water system but one small addition I have made to try and utilize this unused power. I put in an order to a local (EL) company for a triple 220V geyser element. It wasn't as pricey a
  11. Nothing is ever finished... Lol.... Plenty more been added, switched loads on solar availability, solar availability tracking, 433mhz rf remote fob support, more household integration.... E
  12. The little project is coming along quite well now... Giving me all the info I have needed.....Anybody interested can take a peek at: http://www.digipoint.co.za:85/emoncms/dashboard/view/&id=6 Cheerz E
  13. If anybody is interested, I have modded a few of the gauge widgets in both looks and function, along with some customized backgrounds for them...Small stuff, I know, but they seem to work quite well... If anybody wants a copy, shout and I will post them here.... The gauges are semi transparent, allowing for easily changing the backgrounds.... On the dual-needle gauges, I have made provision for dual units to be defined as well... Now you can have Volts/Hz for instance on the same gauge with the correct units displayed for each...
  14. Another couple of screen shots, there are more dashboards, but these are the lekker ones I have almost finished with...
  15. If interested, take a look here: http://www.digipoint.co.za:85 ...this is a gateway into the little system I am playing with and putting together...
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