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  1. Still going to build my own battery, but would like to know if anybody has experience with the following batteries... They seem pretty much the same, but I'll rather take advice from the people that actually use them than a salesperson.
  2. Thanks @excitedphoton"toasted" was not the word I used, but yes, they are pretty buggered If I could give anybody advice, rather get a lithium battery. The benefits far outweigh the extra cost. just for interest sake, check out this video on stolen batteries
  3. Hi @yani Really nice software. One question, is there a way to get it to switch to solar at 07:00 and grid at 16:00? I'm using agm batteries and the switch to grid or battery does not work. I assume the switch only works when you have Pylons connected, or is there a way to do it while having the agm's connected?
  4. @Louisvdw Thanks Louis, The more info we have, the easier it gets, and thanks @Coulomb, I've managed to get my battery bank running for 1.5 hours after changing the absorb time to 1 hour, so the auto function on the Axpert clone is crap.
  5. Thanks Coulomb, I love DIY. I remember my first.....(Sorry, nearly went off topic there) DIY. It was a crystal radio. No more than 4 parts. But when it actually worked, It felt very, very good. I was very young then. In a strange way you actually convinced me to go DIY. If Nikola Tesla, born in 1856 could do what he did, surely we can slap 16 batteries and a bms together. And don't worry. I will not blame you if something explodes. (That's what my wife is for ) If anybody else has built his own battery, please share your experience with us, good and bad, so we can learn and pass the
  6. This is getting interesting. Who wouldn't want a BIG battery bank for half the price. (Give or take). As most of you know, there are diy kits available like the following.... Now add this and this and this and a bit of common sense...... ..... and you have a 6 kWH battery for R19800.00 inc. (check my math), excluding shipping. As before, I'm in two minds. I said I should go for a ready built Pylon or Dyness. The warranty is flippen awesome (10 years). On the other hand, we have the power to actually build something that's more reliable than our favori
  7. Hi all. Just would like to know. on pvoutput.org there are for example 0.6kw solar that's producing over 1.0kw and 1.4kw systems that's topping 2.5kw. How is this possible?
  8. Thanks allot. Will take a look at all the info. Would love to run all night without grid, but that's way to expensive right now
  9. Thanks. The Dyness looks pretty good right now.
  10. Thanks Calvin. As I posted the above reply, yours came in. Now where did I put my balaclava again?
  11. Thanks for the input. Could you perhaps tell me what warranty we are getting?. I see there's anadditional3 year warranty upon registering. But I would like to know about the initial warranty as well. You can now register the Pylon US2000 for an additional 3 years of manufacturer warranty for free. Go to http://www.pylontech.com.cn/service/support and complete the information in the 'sign up battery' page. Found this at the Bundu Power website. Looks like 7years + 3 years if I register. That alone could be worth the R5000 in savings vs. DIY Sorry, just m
  12. Hi again. Explored allot of options, but getting a reliable battery bank is very expensive. So this is what I found on the internet. This is a result of my AGM battery bank going south. Did not expect this so soon, so $$$ is a big deciding factor. Option #1 (R10400,00) Looks like I need 16 of these to get to 51.2v and they are rated @ 160wh. Please help me if I'm wrong with what I'll be getting. 160wh x16 = 2560wh So, if I draw a constant 500w they should last about 5 hours until 0% SOC? Right? Or should it be 50ah? Draw 10 amps an hour
  13. Believe me, since I installed my system, I've been to many solar suppliers/installers. As this is corruptus maximus South Africa, if you walk into a store and agm is all they have, that will be the best battery ever, just to get rid of his stock. Had one guy tell me truck batteries are the best... (because they are big). Rather listen carefully to the guys on the forum. They offer their knowledge for free and that is priceless. You could put the big loads (Hair dryer, kettle, microwave etc... on eskom (or gas for kettle) It will cost less to pay eskom for that than the damage to your batt
  14. Thanks Coulomd. Actually an Axpert clone. when I bought it, I never knew that there was clones. As I said before, the salesman was there to make money. Searching the internet for inverters, no where were stated that "this is a clone" and "that's the genuine thing". Another guy at Solarmid (small solar shop where I live) told me that it's fine, but I should never use more that 50% load, otherwise it will pop the mosfets. Highest it goes is 35% load for my needs. This Node Red screenshot is at 10:00 in the morning with everything I need running, (including air-con @ 24 degrees)
  15. Hi Barryv. No, not with battery balancers. Actually never knew they existed until you mentioned it. Only thought they were used for lithium cells.
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