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  1. Our dishwasher has two heating cycles of about 10mins each over the 1h56 minute cycle. It then draws around 3kw to heat For around 10mins per heating cycle , and wash. Lg dishwasher. I recently investigated a newer dishwasher and found that our 8 year old one is still pretty close to using around 1.2kwh and around 13 liters per wash. So the expensive dishwashers seem to get that down to around 1kwh and 6-8 liters per wash, so not worth the cost for gautengers, but if in the western cape may consider saving of 5 liters worth the R16k?? The lg automatic washing machine setup favorite wash program is a short “cold wash”, with 1400rpm spin cycle, total duration 39min 15 for spinning, weighing, spinning faster, etc. it seems to draw around 3-400 watts during the spinning which is set to 1400 rpm, to reduce moisture content and drying time. pool pumps startup current is high and then The draw is around The size of the motor, so 0.5kw or 0.75kw etc no surprises here. pool pumps are where one can save the most if running them from solar - from the house, or if you go variable speed motors, or maybe even independently solar driven if you want to convert only your pump to solar. Personally I think that one should simply increase the solar on the house and use the additional power wherever needed rather than tying it to a single use like pool pump or pv panels dedicated to a geyser
  2. Arandoza

    Axpert problem

    Hi Dros, if the panels are in 3S4P configuration you could try to cover the 3rd panel of each string ? Effectively shading it completely. Until your installer could get to you? Not sure how practical this is? Good luck, hopefully the over voltage on the mppt hasn’t caused any damage? alternatively it maybe safer to simply isolate the array from the mppt altogether, to prevent any risk of damage.
  3. There are many models and variants of the AXPERT 5KVA, and as I recently found as well that models I had were not compatible with the newer versions on the market. I ended up having to buy three new units The communications cables were the same as far as the eye could see between the old and new versions. What makes and models of the axperts do you have ? check the nameplate on the side for the specs? Also both / all inverters must share the same battery bank. Also older units had a power factor of 0.9 and the newer ones I understand are now a power factor of 1.0 which can be one of the reasons for the incompatibility.
  4. Good Evening Arandoza

    Can you kindly inform me if the two RCT Axperts are still available as per powerforum classifieds

    I am also interested in the JA 275W solar panels

    Please PM for futher action to be taken

    Thanking you


  5. Arandoza

    Dyness powerbox

    Also curious if they work with the Axpert’s?
  6. What application would one use with an axpert inverter to read the inverter values and post them? Do you have an app to do this yet?
  7. I am running 2.88 version from centurion solar, and all is ok. It included Emoncms on the pi, and could be setup to feed both a local and cloud instance of emoncms. If you have a look on the centurion solar and then on the iccsoftware websites one almost gets the impression there was a falling out? If I recall correctly the ICC site talks about advanced reporting only being supported if you buy a specific version of the pi version including the pi and hardware from ICC? And the version numbers of the software are 2.9x, where as the centurion solar ICC software just states there are no further software updates, in the pi version when you check for updates? not sure of this is related to your issue? What problem are you having exactly?
  8. For the panels typically, 3 in series and 4 strings per array, per inverter. mppt VOC 145 v panel pmax 37.4v. X 3 = 112.2v just bear in mind to consider the pmax is at 25 deg c and in cold conditions the 112.2v will increase - refer to the spec sheet for the panels, if very cold and clear sky’s and pushing the inverter hard, it maybe possible that the panels per string get close to the 145voc of the mppt. Also a consideration maybe the discharge rate of the battery packs, each pack with 3 inverters that could potentially pull 12kva, will the packs be able to discharge at a fast enough rate if full 12kva being used? I see the maximum discharge rate is 100a for the lithium ions you mention above, which would equate to 4800 watts max, probably a bit less due to losses, per battery pack and. Inverter set of 3. This maybe an issue in cloudy weather, as clouds pass by and if the inverters are running hard over 5000 watt per inverter set of 3? Sounds like you have a monster of a system planned It’s going to take a bit of wall space for the 9 inverters Good Luck and I expect some of the experts of the forum will be able to give really good advice.
  9. Agreed, Am also looking for a place to get the Solar Spanners - The Plastic ones The crimper Also has a large range of DIE sets available, as well, for ethernet, RG59, and other various electrical connectors etc. I was quite impressed and the Crimp on the 6mm seems to be HUGELY better than the ones I did previously with other General Crimpers. The only thing I would like to find is a Crimper DIE set that can handle 10mm Solar Cable? but have not found that so easy to find.
  10. @Dougiedanger Haven't seen a crimp free MC4 connector. Share a link? Used to manually try to crimp the MC4 connectors with general connector crimper and the results over time showed with MC4 Connectors melting and the Cable getting a white powdery coating on it for about 2-3 Inches near the MC4 connector, Evidence of the cable singe. Poor contact on electrical cables is definitely a fire risk, I have seen this with the MC4 connectors, and also at a previous company I worked for. Where one of the phases coming into the DB board, over time and due to heating and cooling, caused a cable to not be firmly held in place, on the incoming phase breaker. We smelt what can only be described as a STRONG Urine smell coming for the electrical closet under the stairwell, and it took a while to figure out what the problem was... It could have easily caught fire and burnt the office down. Check you connections are are nice and tightly screwed down and or crimped I guess on lower voltage/amp cables this may not be as noticeable and as much of a problem.
  11. Just got one today at communica, around R700
  12. Any idea who or how any details would be appreciated. I figured one can use the mppt aspect of both units with the new ones, but apparently not the inverter aspect, due to the power factor. i guess if you also split your db board then one could have one set of the inverters powering one dB board, and the other set powering a separate board, probably off the same set of batteries? But this maybe risky, as the two sets of inverters will not know about each other? Anticipated there would be other forumites with same issue, and they may have been considering adding a second or third inverter, either for more capacity and redundancy, that maybe interested in purchasing?
  13. Is it possible that the ICC software time control feature is used and possibly causing the issue? Like in the screenshot below? and maybe the time on the RPi is incorrect?
  14. I wonder if the inverter power saving feature is enabled and maybe causing the spikes? I cant recall what the lowest wattage is for the inverter to go to sleep? when this is enabled. But it maybe a reason? However your graph does not show the load dropping and coming back on? Although if I assume the graphs green line is PV input, and the Blue = Load, it would appear that it drops the PV to under 100watts and then decides to increase the PV again? It maybe that while the PV drops, the battery's Dip slightly and then need the extra 400watts to charge fully? Once fully charged the cycle begins again? Maybe the MPPT charger is not able to finely control the PV requirement as well under 400watts or maybe the MPPT is retraining trying to find the maximum power point, and before it does, the battery's have recharged? I cant say I have seen something like this before with my parallel Axpert 5kva's?
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