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  1. Thank you. Is there any added benefit of using Mersen vs using a circuit breaker?
  2. Do you still have the Mersen 160A disconnect switch?
  3. Thank you for your input. The tester and sockets are still brand new. The last sentence is a likely possibility and I will investigate further.
  4. Almost a year later and I have a similar problem except in my case the fault is in only one of the socket circuit, all other sockets circuits are fine according to MT310 Socket Earth Tester. Initially I was measuring 24V between Neutral and Earth and later it was 97V! How did the OP overcome this problem?
  5. Hi there, excellent job, can you please share the DB wiring diagram? What is the brand of your circuit breakers?
  6. I meant 3kva Axpert inverter with built in MPPT charge controller.
  7. Greetings all, I'm looking for a pre-owned Growatt SPF 3000TL-24 inverter. It must be less than 3 years old in use. Thank you.
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