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  1. As in, you sold it or you changed your mind about the swap?
  2. Hi @CobusK Please share photos. Thanks
  3. Wow that's a huge capacity! 33.6kWh...Where did you buy your cells?
  4. Hi, are these batteries US3000C or US2000B? How much are you hoping to get for each battery?
  5. Use DC output wattage, in this case it will be 24W. Check this: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/102990/ac-adapter-input-power-vs-output-power
  6. Hi 87,what is the voltage range of these BMSes?
  7. Hi Atti, if you are in the UK then you probably stand a good chance to buy from reputable sellers. Have a look at the links recommended by Will Prowse: Raw Lifepo4 deals All the best with your built.
  8. I think it is worth mentioning that @Anonymous_LIopi is from Spain, therefore, most sellers from Aliexpress are not shipping to SA and even if find those that ships, it might be expensive when you include shipping costs and taxes. There's a group of people people from another forum who have successfully placed an order and are now awaiting delivery. Apparently shipping by sea is more cost effective than air freight and bulk buying cheaper than just buying few cells as there's restrictions of how many cells can be transported by flight due to safety reasons. If interested PM me for details on this group buy.
  9. I see lots of posts about this ICC software, what function does it perform?
  10. Maybe you should consider it, I'm sure there will be plenty of people interested in getting one of these especially with the current loadshedding season.
  11. Hi edp, Thanks for your reply. Would you be willing to sell them individually?
  12. Hi, why are you selling them and where are you based? What is the remaining measured capacity of each battery?
  13. Where do you get them so cheaply?
  14. Nice setup. Where did you buy the cells and how much?
  15. I'm also interested in Hoselect brand, saw a 12V 100Ah lifepo4 for R4.6k at Electromann SA. Has anyone shopped with them and how was the experience? Hoselect 100ah lifepO4
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