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  1. HI Wayne Sure no problem, I can not say for sure what will cause all of them to fail. have you removed them from the board? I have had some of them measure short when in circuit but ok out of circuit this is because the all run on the high voltage bus. from what I can tell the 4 x irgp4066 igbt's functions is to generate the 230V sine wave in inverter mode. The 5 x Stwg80h65 are used in two ways, in inverter mode they act as a bridge rectifier, when the unit is in charging mode they act as a power supply to charge the battery. I had a unit fail because of two smd resisters 2x10 ohm a
  2. Hi Wayne I would use the "irgp4066d" as a replacement for the "gp4063" and "stgw80h65" as a replacement for the "GW45HF60WDA ". They have a better rating. I use them on the 4kw inverters I repair with no problem, remember to check the igbt gate drivers as well. hope this helps regards
  3. HI Henwilsch Sure please see attached, I am in Roodepoort
  4. I have a Axpert inverter for sale, fully refurbished and working 100% Looking for R4500
  5. Hi Guys, I was browsing the web and came across your post, I will gladly look at your Victron inverter for you. I was given a faulty multi plus that I have repaired successfully. its been running for almost two years since the repair, drop me an email if you want me to look at it. I am based in JHB. Regards Dewald
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