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  1. Hi. Sorry i struggle with these posts. Might be a mistake. Skeerpoort. Close to hartbeespoortdam. I got my cable in the post this morning. So will see tonight. Hopefully ill come right
  2. Hi. Thanx. I think i got hold of the right cable now. Waiting for it. Will be here on monday or teusday. But if not working can you whatsup me. Then i can arange with you. Thanx. 0741111369
  3. Hi. The cable supplied with the inverter. It is possible csn we maybe have a chat on whatsup or so? 0741111369
  4. Hi. I have tried two different ones no luck. Let me maybe see if i can get another one. Thanx.
  5. Hi. Do you have the cables to do a upgrade?? I also need to do a upgrade. But cant find the right adaptors!!! Laptop does not pick up the inverter!!
  6. Is there anybody that succesfully upgrated firmware 72.40 to 72.70? I will pay! I am now gatvol! Cant get my inverters connected! Will drive anywhere and pay! Please!!! 0741111369.
  7. Got al the cables boards the works. Was planning on upgrading the 72.40 to 72.70. got everything already downloaded to my laptop. You get the usb cable witch is good to log and check data. The rs2332 cable you need a adaptor to usb. New laptops dont have a rs232 port anymore. That adaptor is the problem. You get them in different pin outs?! Already got 2 that is not working. So am thinking of using a normal network to network vable with a usb adaptor??
  8. Same models. Even made same year and month. One is 72.40 firmware and other 72.70. internet says i can upgrade. Cable to upgrade is a problem. Nobody can help with that. Seems nobody tried upgrade yet.
  9. Hi guys. Still struggling with the forum. New to me. My system is in two years already. Busy with a upgrade. System. Axpert 5kva. 16 x200 ah narada agm. 12x 300 panels. Added extra 5kva axpert inverter. Now my problem is they dont connect. The csbles they give you is useless!! Need to update firmware. Where do i get the right cable and info? Thanx!
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