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  1. 7 of the 8 batteries in my current setup are out of warranty as I purchased it in May 2018. I went down from 3 to 2 banks Nov last year (only purchased one new battery to get to 2) The 2 batteries that failed are all the May 2018 purchased batch
  2. Hello So after 3 months 2 batteries again has gone bad. One in each bank. I have now contacted microcare to find out if I can get updated firmware for my Mppt's and to also get it ready for Li Ion. What size Li Ion would be the best for my current setup of 2x 60A mppt's and 9x 300W panels facing east and 9x 300W panels facing west? I am not worried about going off grid, I just want something that is reliable as I am currently spending all my capital on batteries. Thanks
  3. Asking myself the same thing now. Initially I measured the voltage on each battery during boost and some batteries was showing a higher voltage, and then I ended up setting it at 14.5V. With what I learned sofar, 14.7V would probably the best mid way looking at Battery info: Cycle Use: 14.6-14.8V Standby Use: 13.6-13.8V Maybe up the Float to be 13.7V aswell
  4. Changed both the Mppt's to boost at 14.6V (the AGM battery specifications indicate 14.6 - 14.8) and now the Morning Side Mppt seems to hold on longer before switching to Float, giving the Sun time to better shift over to the after noon side panels and giving the Afternoon Side time to still Boost with good input from the panels. Thanks again for everyone's input
  5. Correct, but what happens is that the one goes into float and then then other one again works harder and boost for another hour, working to build up again. isn't this potentially resulting in 2 absobtion charges being applied in the same day? I noticed this as well, if one in float and other boost, a big load I indeed see the watt picking up.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, will get into contact with the supplier.
  7. @Boertjie. Where are you based as I see on another post that you are trying to update to 72.70 from 72.40?
  8. I got hold of the cables that plugs into the serial port of the inverter (the RJ45 port). I still have a laptop with a serial port, which might make life easier as not all serial to usb converters play nice
  9. Just an update. I installed the balancers on Friday morning. Orange LED on for all 3 balancers and Alarm state triggered as well on one of the balancers. Managed to borrow a Victron Smart Charger and charged all the batteries linked to the balancer that was in alarm state (as mention in the documentation as one of the steps to remedy alarm) overnight. Started system again Saterday morning but the Alarm state just moved to the next balancer. Decide to run the system as is an let it do a full cycle due to the fact that I started the system on Friday morning basically fully charged. This morning at 5:15Am it as still at 49.1V and when the cycel started I only managed to get one balancer to switch on it's Orange LED when it was already on 58V and the amps was at about 15/16 on the Mppt's. No alarm state which I recon is a good sign. Interesting is that that extra negative to negative connection between the 2 banks for each battery as part of the Balancer install also seems to greatly help to get a better balance between the banks. I just now need to find a sweet spot to get the 2 mppt's to switch to float a bit closet to each other as the West side Mppt went into float at about noon leaving the East to still try and boost. Currently both Mppt's are set to 14.5V, 1 hour scan interval & charge < 6amps, 90% charge limit. I also installed the BMV-700 Battery Monitor. Thanks again for everyone's input
  10. The system is running on AGM 200ah, but might first need to get hold of another inverter before attempting it as it is an off grid system and eskom option
  11. Hello My father in law Solar is using Axpert 5Kw inverter. Once in a while the PV side just stops charging. The supplier supplied me with new firmware. Looking a the file supplied, it looks like it is version 74.40 (Folder name in Zip file is AxpertMKS5K74.40P) Anyone know of any potential issues upgrading from 72.20 to 74.40? Thanks
  12. Heavy load is usually between 13:00 - 16:00. Will make plan to change this. I am going to order a battery monitor this morning plus balancers. Will give feedback once I received and installed it. Basically from my understanding is that with a monitor I will get a better picture on what is happening at the charging side of my system as this looks to be incorrect. Thanks all for the feedback. Helps alot.
  13. The battery cycle use range is 14.6 to 14.8v. Gives room to up the morning sun mppt side. (With a voltmeter I have found that the mppt shows 58v but at the battery bank it is 58.4V) Also is the battery balancer a good place to start with as well? Planning on ordering it first thing in the morning.
  14. Mine is the following: https://www.sustainable.co.za/microcare-5kw-24-48v-bi-directional-pure-sine-wave-inverter-with-charger.html I work from home so basically if the sun shines I want to be able use solar as much as possible to reduce my carbon foorprint. Also loadshedding a big factor. What monitor would you suggest? The inverter also can go to 50v for back to ac. I will set to either 48v or 50v and start monitor with a volt meter until I get a monitor
  15. Yes, 3 panels connected and then the 3 strings into a fused combiner box, and then down to the mppt Are all your panels facing the same direction or are they like my setup, 9x facing east and 9x facing west?
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