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  1. thanks alot for that feedback, i contacted the supplier and they said we can only change the control board. the model is Inverter 5kva-48-PAR
  2. Hi everyone, i have 2x 5kva inverters (working independently) and both inverters were installed on the same day am told however, a fault code popped up from no where and the two units stopped working with fault code 90 on the display which i believe is not in the manual book. both inverters were directly sourced from china and i do understand that fault 90 is related to the inverter firmware. any ideas on which firmware would work on this unit? its got 8X200Ah gel batteries and 12X 250w solar panels hooked to it. am unable to upload the actual specs because am not on site and will only b
  3. hi, any idea where i can get that solar carport structure in South African? and also 10kw 3phase infinisolar. thanks in advance


    1. Clement


      okay great thanks, let me check them out.


  4. Clement

    Axpert VM III

    okay great thanks alot
  5. Thanks alot for the feedback and recommendations. I appreciate.
  6. Thanks for that. Makes alot of sense and coming to lighting, the shelters 're made of transparent plastic material and it's not a priority at the moment since work is mostly done during day time
  7. Yes am in Zambia and I will have to source the equipment from S.A
  8. That's my concern with a GTI. I guess Infinisolar would get me around alot better.just need to understand better.
  9. Or Oh ok I get it.. meaning in this case I can use infini solar 10kva considering it can operate in grid tie with battery backup? I understand I can load it to about 15kw pv array. If I was to go by @pilotfish proposal of using 1500Ah 2V batteries (3000Ah) at 50% DOD I would get about 15hrs on battery backup and given 8hrs of sunlight meaning somehow 10.9kw would charge the batteries. While 4.1kw goes to the load. I would save on 5kw pv cost from @pilotfish's proposal of using axpert x6 units. Is that workable?
  10. Great idea.does the 5kva fronius have a battery backup provision? Grid tie will work perfectly when grid is present but he is also trying to avoid the use of generator when grid is not present.
  11. Just a quick one .I just noted that the 5kva axpert parallel configuration x6 units recommends 1200Ah battery bank and you proposed 3000Ah which is attainable by means of using 1500Ah x2.is it ok to have two groups of 1500Ah considering the recommended is 1200Ah for 6 units parallel operation? Thanks
  12. All the equipment are single phase and it's a fish hatchery so the equipment runs through out .
  13. Thank alot for that feedback and I will try to put figure together and see th total cost for the system. I will study through and give it a thought . Client is likely to get some financing from a bank and needs a proposal. Thank once again.
  14. Good morning. Apologies I wa offline. Hi Chris morning. Yes all the equipment are single phase. Let me study through @pilotfish' s proposal.
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