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  1. Another paid "product". *Yawn* No thanks
  2. Aren't you guys worried about insurance companies denying your claim because you aren't an approved installer (and not using approved products on your alarm system)?
  3. @Energy-Jason Any chance you could take a look at ^^ and just lock this thread? Its annoying having a company resort to this kind of BS to advertise their product.
  4. It keeps the batteries at float. What are you hoping to accomplish by disconnecting it?
  5. Then they are legally required to release the source code per GNU: https://github.com/emoncms/emoncms/blob/master/LICENSE.txt
  6. Definitely not. SANS absolute maximums below. And btw. the most common cable in SA made by Aberdare has even lower ratings than this. The recommendation is no more than 20a on 2.5mm, less if it is in a hot roof space. Both ambient and conductor maximum temperature rating causes these values to be derated.
  7. +1 got the same feeling. Plus the messages I think he sent me directly threatening me not to dare to look at his source code or steal his IP or something like that.
  8. No, only if they used the source code of a GNU related project themselves. Also I can almost guarantee you that both ICC and this new app SMH have used code from either looking at how Voltronics own software is written or the various Voltronic based open source projects. Hell they may even have straight up copied the code. I don't have proof of this but the problems people complain of in ICC are pretty trivial problems to solve which leads me to believe the software developers for those projects aren't the "best" around. ie. likely to have copied stuff and not bothered to test, fix, iterate
  9. Erm, cool and all but this isn't a SANS complaint installation. Any CoC you issue for this would be invalid because you can't just stick anything in a DB and call it a day. They need appropriate SANS ratings. If you install this for enough people and they start reporting you or take you to court, you can get in serious trouble. Device certification is much more strict than the actual CoC.
  10. They still haven't improved the no-load efficiency so I fully expect the internals will be unchanged. Won't upgrade until they finally improve their design to be more efficient at low loads.
  11. What is with all these 1 post wonders suddenly coming onto the forum praising this new "product", I have to say it looks like advertising by a business
  12. Just an update on this. My company deployed APC UPS (brand new) with extended run capability and extended battery pack to keep routers running during load shedding to a large group of our staff. Total cost of each unit based on my estimate is roughly R40k. The feedback on our local mailing list is, everyone hates the APC unit, the complaints were: 1. Very noisy fan 2. After a few months it no longer lasted more than 20 minutes. The decision was defended as by local IT as, we aren't experts and at the time options were limited. Use it, don't use it.
  13. I hope you aren't paying for these repairs. It is obvious the previous tenant messed up the DB. You aren't allowed to rent out a house that isn't complaint so the landlord has no choice but to fix it. Whether or not the landlord wishes to claim from the previous tenant is his choice. Also, I know you had an electrician over but I assume you have a double poll breaker for the main switch now? (not just the earth leakage) It is a legal requirement that single phase installations should be isolated with a double poll breaker.
  14. Haha no problem, maybe I came across a bit in your face. I don't own one but I also suspect it maybe obvious to you with all the context in your head right now but someone who hadn't seen it in a while may be like ???
  15. I guess what I'm trying to say is. Connected something like the Pylon battery to an Axpert King with it set to PYL. Then capture what communication is happening between the BMS and the Inverter. Then simply do the same thing as they are doing with your own battery parameters. Forget about help from Voltronic or a modified firmware. If you want it working, then you'll need to basically clone the Pylon hardware communication protocol as they do it. That way if Voltronic does something that updates their firmware, you are support because Pylon is supported.
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