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  1. If you want them at wholesale, then buy them from MUST at wholesale. If your quantity is high enough I don't see why they wouldn't. If not, why would anyone with a business sell at wholesale, defeats the entire point of their business.
  2. Well it just means that they are making pure profit. They aren't investing in R&D. From a design perspective, something newer with surface mount components would be much cheaper to build and require fewer components. It would also allow them to do things like respond to transients faster. With a huge transformer like that, it must have a lot of surging/sagging when a huge load is turned on, the inductance is insane. GaN based inverters are going to catch on in the low cost sector sooner rather than later at which point they'll be hard pressed to compete anymore. I expect at t
  3. I've noticed on my Axpert King, it does not deal well with cheaply designed electronics. Specifically ones that have very low power factor and rely on things like a TRIAC. For example plugging in one of these super low budget hot air "stations" makes the lights pulse. When I opened it, it was controlling the hot air gun with a TRIAC and basically nothing else in there. I don't even think this is a problem unique to the Axpert, probably this will be an issue for any inverter. If the AC relies on TRIAC to drive the fan (or god forbid the compressor) you are out of luck. This wo
  4. Not sure about all this marketing [email protected] but that topology is exactly the same as APC used roughly 20 years ago. They are using a lot of discrete components. Not only that, they are using discrete components from the 1960-1970s (package type) rather than more modern surface mount components. It is unlikely their design has changed in a very long time.
  5. Don't take this the wrong way, but your refund would be at the cost of someone else. This guy has long since spent the money you paid him. Some of these guys will pay back the most persistent people that does the most damage to them to get them out of the way, but they never stop.
  6. Looks like they've switched the vendor for their USB->Serial chip. What do you get when you run: ls /dev/ EDIT: I see this post is really old, but still curious if it shows up under dev with the different chip. Or maybe the inverter is a fake/clone?
  7. Oh I didn't even realize it had a password, I'll add the non-password version.
  8. Nice. Alternative download link for those in South Africa: https://s3.af-south-1.amazonaws.com/voltronic.inverter/AxpertKING5KW71.93P.rar https://s3.af-south-1.amazonaws.com/voltronic.inverter/RemotePanel_Reflash_MCU(02.60).rar
  9. I had one of the first models. So old that the only reference I could find to my firmware version when I google is the posts I made. (main firmware was 71.40 and display firmware was 01.00 IIRC). I was able to update successfully to 71.93 and 02.49 So if there were hardware updates, it didn't seem to matter.
  10. I think the moral of the story is, buy batteries from a reputable source. In fact just buy from a reputable source generally. There are no magic deals out there unless it is 2nd hand on Gumtree (probably stolen if the deal is too good).
  11. Warranties generally speaking are hit or miss. My GF works in the construction industry as a mechanical engineer designing the HVAC outlay for buildings. And they only buy certain brands and from certain suppliers for this reason. For example, LG closes down their local presence like clock work every 2 years and then starts up again under a different company. So they never honor their warranties. Practically speaking, you can't just look at warranties, you need to look at who is providing that warranty. What does their track record look like, how long have they been around and wh
  12. I suspect you are wrong on this one. The Axpert King is double conversion. So your summary doesn't really make any sense. To give a break down of how I expect it works: AC -> Rectify -> 400v DC bus MPPT ->400v DC bus 400v DC bus -> Inverter -> AC output Axpert King is at no point connected directly to grid unless you run it in bypass/eco mode.
  13. Thing is, this is going to be true of any inverter with fans. Notice how all the responses here say "Quiet generally fans go on with load". Not sure what you'll advise your client but without dBa ratings, it is likely he could have an even noisier setup because everyone here's opinions are subjective. The general fact is, if you turn on a high load, especially an oven (2.5kW load), the fans are going to run at higher speed and be noisier.
  14. Is the source of the noise your AC side or HF emissions through air? My first attempt would be to use a ferrite with wire running some loops through it for wiring (internal to the inverter) going from the MPPT to the Axpert inverter board. Also are you using multiple loops around the ferrite or just putting it through the middle of the ferrite? Your inductance will be really low if you just put it through the center. In which case I would wrap a few turns. Btw. this increased inductance may have other side effects so best be careful about this. If the emissions are radiat
  15. Do you perhaps know what the point of the transformer is? I'm guessing they are either trying to use as isolation in part of a DC->DC converter Or more likely an AC->DC converter? If it is the latter it is a much easier fix to just buy some pre-made AC->DC converters from Banggood
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