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  1. So the sparky opened the municipal electrical box and found the earth connection was loose. Now that these connections are fixed the dips on source changeover have stopped
  2. Thank you @Coulomb I think this is a useful setup for those who would like to conserve their lead-acid batteries. The voltage dips between mode changes are causing the TV and HiFi to turn off and I have asked him to get the unit swapped with a 5kw King model, apparently they operate in a more smooth continuous mode without dips during mode changes.
  3. I'm trying to figure out the best way to figure out the best way to get a benefit out of a bad install at a relatives place. The inverter is a Mercer branded 5kw SOL-I-AX-5P with 4 * 105Ah non deep cycle batteries and 5 strings of 2 * 380w panels with panels are facing west (don't ask why). The inverter doesn't seem to blend power sources and jumps with a noticeable dip between sources, enough to turn off the HiFi, so I would prefer it not to bounce between sources Inverter specs DC input 48V 117A AC Charger Mode AC input 230V 50Hz 35A DC Output 54V Max 60A Default 30A Solar Mode max current 80A System voltage 48V DC min voltage 40V max voltage 145V VOC I'm aiming for maximum battery runtime while load shedding then using offset some utility consumption when the panels get sun. I'm thinking of using the following settings to try force the batteries to stay as full as possible and use solar as much as possible when available. 01: SOL Solar energy provides power to the loads as first priority. If solar energy is not sufficient to power all connected loads, battery energy will supply power the loads at the same time. Utility provides power to the loads only when any one condition happens: - Solar energy is not available - Battery voltage drops to either low-level warning voltage or the setting point in program 12 12: 54v Setting voltage point back to utility source when selecting “SBU priority” or “Solar first” in program 01 (currently 50v) 13: 54v Setting voltage point back to battery mode when selecting “SBU priority” or “Solar first” in program 01. (currently 54) 16: CSO Solar energy will charge battery as first priority. Utility will charge battery only when solar energy is not available.
  4. Have you noticed any issues with the transfer time with the SOL-I-AX-5P ? I'm trying to sort out my Dad's setup and the every time it changes mode the HiFi receiver turns off and all the lights noticeably blink off/on. Given this is occurring every 30 mins (even on utility power) the inverter does not seem suitable for blending in solar power
  5. I have a 5KW Must PV1800 VHM Series Inverter spec sheet Currently its only used as a battery backup with a Pylontech battery pack and working well. The settings were a bit fiddly with the LiFo battery as it cant communicate with the battery pack otherwise its working well. I hope to add a few panels soon and test the hybrid function
  6. I used small shelving brackets from builders to mount my battery flat again the wall, buttons up. Saves space in the garage and its pretty securely held in place with just friction
  7. I'm looking at adding Solar power to my existing Axpert knockoff inverter + Pylontech battery setup that's already running and protecting me against load shedding. Since the MPPT voltage range is 64v - 130v I'm considering 3S3P of sixty cell panels (depending on my roof) with the following specs: Pmax 310W 60 cell Vmp 33,1V Imp 9,37A Voc 40.0V Isc 9,94A I'll buy the components and have my roof guy install the rails and bolt in the panels the rest I would like to do myself. I looking at getting a decent combiner box that would be bolted next to the inverter and simplify the install. As I understand it each string of panels should terminate in the combiner with DC breakers for each each string capable of handling 100V 10A per string Surge / Lightning Protection Fuse for each string The MicroCare combiner box seems to have the best specs https://www.megasolarsa.com/product/microcare-low-voltage-1-6-series-pv-string-combiner-units/ Questions: Is all the above necessary or is it overkill? if so what other connector box suppliers did you use? Who would you buy the connector box from? MegaSolar seem to be one of the few MicroCare distributors Do I need to earth the panels & rails and if so can I use my existing electrical earth? Thanks
  8. I have an Axpert clone and initially had the stove wired through the inverter, with the stove and a kettle on, in bypass mode, it was easily exceeding the 5kw with the alarm beeping away. It is now wired just to my lights and plugs and its far more happy, although I won't be able to use heaters and kettles at the same time anymore
  9. I used Solar Shop in the end as they were one of the few to accept card transactions. No issues apart from being slightly later than originally promised
  10. A solar tube geyser retrofit is the way to go if you have a north facing roof. My geyser has run on electricity for about 8 hours a month since my install in Johannesburg in March
  11. Is it not more economical to add a solar heater tube retrofit for your main geyser? I did retrofitted my 200L geyser for around 15K and the element has only run for 7 hours in that last two months. The physics of the conversion from light directly to heat is far more efficient than going via PV and batteries.
  12. I'm looking for a solar installer recommendations for small residential system based in Gauteng The installation would need to cover: Axpert type inverter setup (already bought) PylonTech Lithium Ion 3.5kW US3000B battery 3Kw panels to be mounted on a pitched roof Breakers and wiring into DB board etc Electrical COC
  13. Hi all I’m looking at buying a pylontech 3000B 3.5kwh battery I’m a bit weary as there numerous online merchants but they only take EFT and seem to function only as order takers for the distributor. Does anyone have a recommended retailer who can be trusted with a 30k EFT?
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