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  1. Battery type is set to lithium. Not sure what I am missing
  2. Hi, I've got an interesting issue. I've got an 8kw Deye inverter with two 5.12Kwh Shoto batteries. BMS comms seem to be working as I get SOC readings as well as max charge and discharge percentages etc. when going into the battery settings. On the Time Of Use menu I get voltages and not SOC. What could be the reason for this?
  3. I think I answered my own question. I was afraid to tinker with the wifi connection as I struggled my ass off getting it to sort off working. The logger never played well with my Mikrotik access points. It keeps dropping off randomly even with excellent signal. I found an old TP-link and that worked. Local mode can't be configured as a permanent solution. You connect your phone directly to the logger network and get as-at-now stats, no graphs or historical info etc.
  4. Hi Gurus of the Solarworld, I recently had a 8kw Deye inverter, 7kw Panels and 10 Kwh batteries installed. As luck would have it I haven't had a good sun day yet. That said, it managed to charge the the batteries to fill or nearly full every day. The installer did not install the CT coil in the right place even after repeatedly telling him that it wasn't. It only measures essential loads. Low and behold, he is coming back to fix it as I still owe him some money. To my actual question. I found bits and bobs around the Solarman Smart app and local mode. If I configure it to local mode does it mean I loose the cloud monitoring or can both be active at the same time? The lag on Solarman is not good enough in my view. Is there a way barring SolarAssist and Raspberry Pi to get real-time stats directly from the inverter or wifi logger? Homeassistant integration would also be a massive plus.
  5. Hi, Did you get these two play together in the end. I am about to have a Deye 8kw with 2 Shoto 5.2kwh's installed I questioned the comms issue with the installer and he assured me that this is not a problem, but I's like some confirmation.
  6. Thanks for the info. The ups seems to charge at around 1 amp, so it will take around 2 days to fully charge a 44ah battery. Would it be possible to add an additional charger with the ups or paradox alarm built in charger?
  7. Hi, I have a small 650va Eaton ups. I use this to power the TV, decoder and WiFi routers during load shedding. The standard 7ah battery is on its way out. It used to power this setup for 30 minutes plus, but now barely last a minute. Could I replace the battery with a Bluenova or Freedom 12v lithium battery of the same or larger capacity. They sells these as drop in replacements for alarms, ups's etc. This would obviously use the internal charing circuit of the ups/alarm. Would this work optimal or would the voltages be too far out of wack?
  8. Hi, I am in the process of completely re-doing a part of my roof. I plan on installing solar panels later in the year. Would it be possible to install the solar panel mounting brackets while they working on the roof instead of having to lift tiles again later. Is the mounting spacing etc the same for most panels or do you install mounting hardware for your specific panel dimensions? Hope to get answers soon as they begin with the roof tomorrow.
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