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  1. Thanks a lot. Just happened to be in Pmb. I am trying very hard to get the batteries delivered tmr. If that fails I will definitely contact you.
  2. I have a site with a 8-kW Deye inverter connected to two shotos and solar panels. Recently I have removed the batteries for BMS repairs and the system is running with solar plus grid only. Lord behold the substation feeding the client has burnt down and now the client is only left with solar panel. I know most pv inverters need a reliable source of supply (battery or grid) to run, but I thought hybrids can still run with solar only. Has anyone experienced the problem and what can be done to resolve it?
  3. Can you plse assist. I have two sites where I have connected a DEYE inverter with two 5.12-kW Shoto LFP batteries and another site I have connected the Growatt inverter with same two batteries On site No.1 and 2 (DEYE inverter) The batteries are connected parallel, and communicate the inverter through a CAN system. When I connected the plant in September everything was working well. However, about 2-3 weeks ago, the customer called and said that the 2nd battery is now off. I went there to check and indeed the battery was off. I tried to reset it and was not successful. I increased the charge current to 100-A and still no success. Can you please advise. On site No.3 (Growatt inverter) From onset the CAN communication did not work. I eventually used the voltages. Everything worked well for a few weeks, and later I discovered that the same thing has happened. Battery No.1 is now dead and cant be revived, From my observation is that I may have set the charging current too low in all sites, and eventually batteries went dry. The question is how can I revive the batteris. I happened to visit a certain shop and they were showing me one charge that they say can resuscitate even a dead battery. I know there's a lot of questions and/or problems here but I would appreciate if anyone can assist where possible.
  4. Thanks a lot. I am sitting with the quote I will check the spec for the element.
  5. Hi. I am considering retrofitting the current 200-L electric geyser into solar, and I am stuck with two options. The first one is to replace the existing AC element with the dual element (DC and AC) and connect directly to the solar panels. This in my research is a widely used technology. The other option is to keep the geyser as it is and install a small specially purposed inverter and connect that to the panels. I have been told this technology is relatively new and it comes with its own challenging, mainly the frequent failing of the inverter components. Lastly is there any other technology out there, except the unsightly vacuum system? If there, which system is better and what to watch out for on the chosen system. Thank you in advance.
  6. I have an a current installation of a 8-KW Deye inverter with 16 420-W solar panels. I have installed an external earth leakage breaker but I saw a manual on another Deye inverter that says the inverter has a built in earth leakage protection, and that if I install an external earth leakage it must be set to 300-mA. I further checked the inverter manual and noted that it has a normal AC breaker between the Grid and the inverter (and NOT EARTH Leakage). My worry is that when you have bypassed the inverter, the earth leakage must be available for Grid supply, and if you remove it then you are defeating the whole protection purpose.
  7. Hi guys Just a feedback on my problem. I have a couple of installations using a Shoto/Deye combination, and I was struggling with battery communication. A couple of guys responded and offered some advice. One of them advised that I use AGM voltage settings, and it worked! It turns out the old Shoto does not work well with BMS, and probably the manufacturer noticed this and that's why the installed an external MCB on top of the battery. The new shoto however has a CAM bus so it works perfectly. Thanks a lot guys.
  8. I tried to use these settings but same thing happened. The temperature probe doenst work either. It reads -100
  9. The Shoto battery is made by Shuangdeng. I contacted the supplier and they sent me the communication setup which says I must use CAN and set it on 00. I have attached the document. Deye Inverter communication set up.pdf
  10. Hi. I have just installed a Shoto 5.18MWh and Deye 5-kW inverter and since March I have been struggling to get it working problem. The setup is used as loadshedding buster. During the Grid events, it works fine for a few hours and then trip after a few hours. The fault is "F40 Batt_Over_Current". I have since noticed that the inverter is not communicating with the battery and have tried a number of permutations to get it working. Kindly advise where I am making a mistake.
  11. Hi How to setup a Shoto LFP battery if you dont have communication. What voltage to use for float and discharging voltages. Regards Mphiliseni
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