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  1. The guys at https://independentelements.co.za made it up for me. Sadly the element failed and I have gone back to the standard element
  2. I wound up having to replace my pump shortly after and have never bothered connecting it to the inverter. I got a DAB easy box mini I do have a bypass valve on the municipal supply so during load shedding I can use this valve to supply the house with water straight from council (bypassing the pressure pump and tank) I have only ever had load shedding and a Joburg water outage once. What I wound up doing was running an extension cord from an inverter socket and plugging the pump into this and it worked 100%.
  3. I know that Current Automation in Kya Sands supplies Blue Nova https://www.rectifier.co.za
  4. Blue Nova does a 24v lithium unit, I have one connected to my Axpert https://www.bluenova.co.za/files/datasheets/2019/26V/BN26V-154-4k_Classic.pdf
  5. Got sent this photo yesterday. An apartment building in Cape Town had a fire which was caused by batteries. I wanted to know what forum members were doing to safeguard against/extinguish fires in their battery cabinets. Is there a cost effective gas suppression system out there for residential use?
  6. Thats pretty much what I did, I swopped out my 4kw element with a 1kw element and put my geyser on a time switch to only turn on during daylight hours. The water takes longer to warm up but is warm by the time I need it, works fine for me
  7. I had independent elements make me up a 1kw element: https://independentelements.co.za I supplied them with my existing element which was dead and they used the flange and base and fitted a 1kw element to it. I guess they could make the element any size you like I think they charged about R500
  8. I was also very keen to do this but then I thought: why not just install a grid tie inverter and a couple of solar panels and fit the geyser with a 1kw 220v AC element? This way once the geyser has reached temp your element will switch off and then the surplus PV production can be consumed by other appliances in the house (TV, Wi-Fi etc.) Worked for me
  9. I don't think that flat twin and earth comes in 10mm, the largest I have use is 4mm. Why not get 10mm GP (general purpose) wire and put it inside conduit/trunking? The earth cable for this 10mm cable in conduit should be 6mm diameter (the earth cable must be at least half the size of the largest current carrying conductor)
  10. I'm not sure how the Goodwe works but shouldn't the CT clamp be on the grid/municipality load supply live cable and not the back up loads live cable?
  11. Noobie

    Blue Nova

    Hi @Coulomb The Axpert I have only has a USB B port at the bottom of the inverter, not sure if this is a deal breaker? Heres the pics of the data place and firmware, any assistance would be appreciated.
  12. Noobie

    Blue Nova

    Thanks @plonkster I don’t have any panels connected to my Axpert, they all connect to a solis grid tie inverter. The Axpert is purely for backup power. I see that there is a 24v multiplus-II on Victron’s website: https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/MultiPlus-II-to-MultiGrid-and-MultiPlus-comparison-EN.pdf But I don’t see it on the 2019 Q2 price list. I will keep my eyes peeled.
  13. Noobie

    Blue Nova

    @plonkster this is the issue I am having with my 24v Axpert and Blue Nova battery. My inverter doesn't take the battery to absorption voltage (28,1v) if the battery voltage doesn't drop below 25v. So at the moment when the inverter charges the battery it does so at float voltage only (27,7v) because the battery voltage doesn't drop below 25v when I discharge it. The nett result is that the battery's SOC doesn't ever reach 100%. Unfortunately I can't upgrade the firmware on my inverter to work witj lithium batteryies because its a 24v Axpert and not the 48v unit. Would I hav
  14. Thanks so much @Coulomb Am I correct in assuming that if I do not have any PV panels connected to my Axpert that I shouldn't have this premature float issue? I am afraid that my inverter is a 24v 3kva unit so I can't upgrade my firmware
  15. @Coulomb please excuse my ignorance but could you elaborate on premature floating on the Axpert inverters? The reason I ask is because my LA bank didn't even last 3 years and was only cycled during power failures and I think that premature floating it may have something to do with this. I have ordered a new lithium bank and I would hate to have this same thing happen to this new bank!
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