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  1. EzManage is reporting v1.0. I want a later or latest version please. Where can I download and Flash the unit? Thanks
  2. I would be perfect if I could use a solar tracker for the job of heating. I would use less solar panels for heating.
  3. I did. The element is the 900watt dc/2000watt ac .
  4. I have 2 Geyser Wise units. One old dual HWC and one new single HWC kit. Both work well in Summer in Cape Town. With less sun in winter, the main dual unit still heats the HWC to desired temp(has ac backup). My panels are all north facing. I have the PTC dc/ac elements in both of the 2 x 150lt HWC's. It heats up very fast. My main system has 4 x 325W in series/parallel and the secondary 3 panels (275W) all in series. I have had my share of evacuated tube troubles (pumps and non returns ) which the PV system does not have.
  5. @vlan_one shows you how to connect the HA to ICC to use the stats to automate a Sonoff device
  6. https://youtu.be/n6DVS8lLgjw I have this scenario without panels on the Axperts. I am moving the majority over to the Axperts.
  7. Load Shedding shoves all GTI's out of the window. Cash down the drain. No power. Feels like 3rd world not 1st world we live in here in SA and GTI does not fit here right now.
  8. What does it cost to get to this point? What are the hidden costs? I am not convinced that the COCT is doing this for nothing.
  9. Yes Yes .Build in a changeover , be it auto or manual. Soon : Zim2 :Season 2 at a Theatre near you.
  10. Please do homework. I have a grid tie inverter. Useless when load shedding. So sorry I bought one. Put all my panels on GTI. If you in SA go offgrid or hybrid or split panels between the inverters. Reduce solar panels to a minimum on the GTI. GTI only work in 1st world countries where you can use the grid as a battery and your grid runs 24/7/365. Load shedding will not end in SA IMO.
  11. Hi Does your ICC App start automatically or must you trigger the start button? Version prior to 3.1 did start. I want to add my own BMV version to monitor my batteries. I bought Peacefair PZEM 13,15,17 device to monitor and collect data(RS485) from batteries. ICC is not adding this to the suite. The more expensive Victron BMV seems to be the only choice. Is anyone else using other means to monitor the Axpert inverters and batteries (app) ? Thanks
  12. Someone on the forum had done this with a couple of CT clamps and a RPI
  13. Need Advice I am replacing a Lead Acid 180ah Battery Bank with 3 x lifepo4 banks in parallel (using busbars) , 2 x 16s 120amp, 1 x 16s 100amp in parallel using 3 x Daly BMS (no Bluetooth i.e. not visual display of each individual cell voltage in the bank) . These battery banks will be coupled to a BMV 702 (shunt 500amp) (currently used by the Lead Acid bank) by means of 1 busbar on each pole (rated by "https://www.electrical4u.net/calculator/busbar-current-calculator-online/ ") @ 165.6 amp for copper. According to the BMV 702 manual I can do a midpoint reading (current used with the Lead Acid bank) on the 9th cell negative pole (and in parallel i.e. each battery bank in parallel). Given that I only have a PZEM 15 (300amp shunt) voltage/current/watts display each to read the 48v battery bank and given that the DALY BMS is not a SMART BMS, would it not be the best 2nd level of monitoring (midpoint reading) to use in my case? Is the busbar rated at 165.6 A under or over spec'd ? I have 2 x Axperts rated at 0.8pf and 4KW in parallel.
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