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  1. Me 3.same using moving to 73.00e.Just bought Noctua 8cm R8 from Aws.They are supposed to be quiet. I am yet to install as the wiring for the 4 pin is different. Justin Case YT : and wiring diagram.
  2. It is perfect if the voltage of the destination inverter can handle the voltage that most Grid Tie inverters can handle about 400-500v. In my case the 4kva inverter is set to a maximum of 145v for PV.
  3. I have been contemplating disconnecting the Solis Grid tie Inverter and rewiring the Solar panels to divert power to the 2 x Axperts. I have them running as a UPS. Load Shedding is the reason as Grid Tie in SA atm IMO means nothing especially at Stage 4 and during the day when the is sun to be consumed and your GTI is shutdown as a result of a "No Grid" scenario. Am I doing the right thing ? I don't see things (additional power sources) solutions appearing on the horizon any time soon in SA.
  4. https://youtu.be/MDO0WkKWpsw
  5. Thanks to the post from @vlan_one mine is fast through a Mqtt bridge with from ICC
  6. Constant Load Shedding is where you got that idea no doubt..
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNXqozR_kAk
  8. Battery Management System i.e. Balancer or Battery Monitoring System
  9. Home Assistant. Using Mqtt from the RPi running ICC to get info for the Axpert and my Solis inverters. HA also does my Sonoff switching
  10. Using the ICC Rpi to get this info from the Axpert into HA.There is your " GUI: This will require quite a bit of time. "
  11. Can I assume this is the device's serial no?
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDO0WkKWpsw
  13. This is the reason your are giving it up.If the machine was running https://unraid.net/product it would have not being up for sale.
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