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  1. I know there is an item in the set-up to set this to zero but does it work 100%? There have been a few posts reporting hassles with this. It is particularly crucial for those of us who have modern pay as you go meters. I am not sure if Victron has a separate CT clamp or this is built into the inverter? I have just come across another inverter brand where their separate CT clamp is not stopping power going to the grid - and again upsetting meters which then go into negative territory .
  2. Jaco - Unusual request. I may have to mount panels across a sloping flat roof - one corner would be lower than the other.. This is to gain North facing aspect. There is a slope to allow for water run off. Is there a way with Renusol that I can level the panels? Also the trusses are too narrow to allow for drilling the normal hanger bolt . I chatted to a roofing expert who said you can get Hanger bolts which clamp around the trusses. I have looked on-line but can't find these.. Any ideas how best to mount the panels. (Please see pics in earlier part of this thread)
  3. Thanks! Does emptying the battery damage it - reduce cycle life as with lead acid? When empty occurs and there is load shedding would the Victron safely turn off?
  4. Thanks everyone for the excellent advice and the time taken to answer these questions. I am currently evaluating but have decided on 4 x 400W panels which is a good start.
  5. What a big loss for the ANC in the 2019 elections means for South Africa https://businesstech.co.za/news/government/315016/what-a-big-loss-for-the-anc-in-the-2019-elections-means-for-south-africa/
  6. A single Pylontech module 1200W - how would this limit me?
  7. Multi thanks for this info! I feel a lot happier now!
  8. Wow! I was not expecting Leisure batteries. Sounds simple! So I should go big on panels?
  9. 1. The Victron Multiplus 3KW would be my first choice for inverter quality wise (Applause!) but for me it has a major disadvantage - it requires batteries to operate. Now at the moment I am not concerned with load shedding but would like day time power independent of Eskom. At night I would like to be able to shut down the inverter system and use power from the grid. Is this possible with Multiplus? How small a battery set-up can I get away with and still keep Multiplus content. Even sealed Trojans are probably not ideal for a kitchen environment ?? which leaves me with Lithiums. Could one compact 2.4KW Pylontech handle this or will I be limiting its life span? I do have Budget for two if need be but would prefer not to.. What happens if the battery runs out during the day (extended load shedding) will Multiplus just safely shut down? Safety is a big concern with my install. 2. From what I have read on the Forum it is probably a waste to install too many panels to take advantage of MPPT Max. I was thinking of six 335W or 400W Canadians - my daytime load excluding geyser is not high - normal lights, dishwasher, kettle and their use can be staggered to keep the max. load down. Any preferences between the 335 and 400W?
  10. Who is betting on Sunday for the first power cut?
  11. eskom-chinese-loan-crisis Not good news. Thanks for posting Riaan!
  12. TTT - I agree with you. I wonder if ANC (and DA) fares badly in this election and EFF does well - as some polls are predicting - what can we expect in future ANC policy?
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