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  1. Riaanh

    inverter warehouse co za

    Sent to you in Msg.
  2. Riaanh

    inverter warehouse co za

    Also happy with Gary and team's service
  3. I believe that it all depends on your mppt device. Many of them will allow an overrate of 15 to 25%, but that is always a risk. If memory serves me right, @plonkster might also comment here, as he has on numerous occasions to my recollection explained this type of Over Voltage.
  4. Riaanh

    ICC and 2x Pylontech.

    Rob, could you perhaps attach an image of your connection? I believe this will atttact way more realistic advice?
  5. Riaanh

    ICC and 2x Pylontech.

    Hi Rob, the Pylon cable should connect to the "Master" This will be the one with the link cable from Port 1 to battery 2 Link Port 0 (Slave)
  6. Riaanh

    Low cost radiation sensor

    I believe it is the only avian species with a fear of hights. Once on the ground walking, not a peep. Once they get airborne, and gain some height, Kaaaaa!!!!! Kaaaaa!!! :-)
  7. Riaanh

    Low cost radiation sensor

    Thanks for Sharing, nifty little bugger.
  8. No problem Jaco, although it is claimed to operate like that, we all miss some small print somewhere that might prove you were correct ;-) " BMS Communication port: CAN and RS232 or RS485" This "indirectly" implies that the VMIII can communicate via CAN or RS232 or RS485 with the Pylon BMS. What this entails in a nutshell needs to be seen. As we all have experienced with the myriad of terminology, is that manufacturer and user understanding of term or function sometimes are worlds apart.
  9. From what I've heard (and note this what I've heard) the VMIII have the capability to communicate with the Pylons. I must admit, that there are not that many of them here in SA, and personally have only seen one in action so far. So I would suspect you might have a bit of research ahead of you to get the SOC going the way it should be. R
  10. Riaanh

    axpert woes?

    Pylon BMS defines 53,2V as 100%, 50,0V as 10% and 49,905 as 2%. Further down I cannot assist as the battery switches itself off then ;-) The rest in 10% increments I have noted down somewhere, but will first have to look for it.
  11. So Ford is in the lead here?
  12. Riaanh

    2.9kw from 2.4kw pvs?

    Also keep in mind that the "max PV" you are referring to have not necessarily been continuous. As Plonkster noted, Even I had very good results on clear but COLD days. The maximum for "day" many times from my experience happens on good day, and with what I call edge trigger. On a clear day, with one or more lost clouds floating around once that cloud edge gets to the PV "sight", you see a huge spike and again on the other edge when the cloud leaves. Typical in the range you an Plonky re referring to.
  13. Riaanh

    axpert woes?

    Morning Gabriël After switching o battery, did you press the little red button at the bottom? On press all the LED's light up and then blackout again. Just switching on at the main on/off switch doesn't "kick" it into gear. Shout if you still have problems R
  14. Riaanh

    Electronic Component Suppliers?

    As you truly said, Communica most likely the best option, but your location I think is against you I use Digi-Key about twice a month. Just need to keep in mind they supply from USA. So if below R2k shipping will kill you, mostly 3 day delivery. Depending on what you need, there are surely other plans to be made, I am shipping to your neighbor this week again, so shout if I could try to assist.
  15. Riaanh

    Final Upgrade

    Thanks Jaco, well planned


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