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  1. Not at all, just saying that what I read is you are consuming 12kWh per day on your geyser. If you use 12kWh per day over a 30 day period, then 12kWh * 30days = 360kWh for the month. (you mention 159kWh month) Just scared you prepare for replacing/retrofitting for 159kWh and actual is more that double that. (PS: My biggest reduction in consumption was by adding a timer, cheap and well worth it imo.) R
  2. Riaanh


    In general I would say Utility aka Eskom is cheaper that Gas in SA. Unfortunately the only thing in SA one can depend upon is change, so this might change as electricity price hikes etc kick in. When I did the tests (Boiling 1 liter of water from 19deg C to 90 deg C) it was cheaper to boil the electric kettle than the tin kettle on gas. Re-heating from 45 deg C back to 90, gas was cheaper, don't ask me why, just findings in multiple runs. But again it all depends on what you pay for gas and electricity. In SA the more electricity you use, the more you pay, but the more gas you buy, you might get a bit of discount.
  3. Hi Moose, this bugged me since yesterday, but only got around again to it now. If your Geyser runs in the region of 12kWh per day it gets to around 360kWh per month. Reason this bugged me is mine also runs on a constant monitor and run 6-8kWh per day (3kW element) and monthly around the 200kWh mark. R
  4. Korrek, hy is in Bloem omgewing, elke keer wat ek bestel het het Colette dit binne 2 dae by my in GP gehad.
  5. ChrisR might have stock and ship very efficiently. @Chris Hobson, you could also mail Chris R at Colette@unipos.co.za
  6. Riaanh

    Leoch Lithium

    Odd question from the side, Did any of you who bought the Leoch LiFePO's get an installation disk with some form of software in the box?
  7. No problem, found some specs on the inverter and they refer to Max Voc PV of 90V. Either way I would not risk more than 2 in series for 90 or 105V. Max Current 50A, would then also limit you to 5 strings.
  8. Good day and welcome Gerlach First off, those 4 batteries in series will equate to 190Ah and 48V, not the 760 you bargain on Just keep in mind this is Voc and not Vmp. So this might determine 2 or 3 panels in series. I have not seen the 5kVa in PWM yet, but take your word for it. R
  9. Agree with that, Keyword: Load-shedding for hours on end. Although 1000's of differences, UPS look for high yield, for a very short period, Eg just enough time to shutdown servers and or other equipment. Many batteries like CSB etc are advertised for a 15 min rating, mainly used in UPS environments.
  10. Hi Francois. If the issue persist can one of us have a look via VNC or similar? If you suspect the cable, I will replace it no questions asked. I found similar issue the other day on Infini, but let's have a look for you if possible. R
  11. Most of us in this boat, but personal opinion would then go for 1 X 3000, and add another later, makes better financial sense. I would rather bite the bullet and scratch the extra R9k out my ass somehow
  12. Do you have any idea yet as to what error state / alarm trigger was the cause?
  13. Only way I can think to get longer is to "extend" the cable, effectively meaning cutting and joining with two ferrules. Not ideal in my opinion, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do Alternatively, run both batteries with the "Long Cable supplied with battery" to a busbar to inverter, and only use longer comms link cables, same effect.
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