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  1. Thanks for that @louisjvdw, Agreed, but on the axperts those do not do the job. The 4 wire has an additional PWM pin and a sense wire vs the standard 2 wire single speed fan. So the inverter see a fan failure even though the fan might be spinning OK. The Axpert 3kW for example has the 3 wire, so basically only additional PWM for speed control.
  2. Morning @francois Nope, of the 2, one does not work spin or anything, the second one by swopping the 2 control wires, can get is to either not start up, or to spin at full speed. I will look for the part number on the 1st fan, the second fan was: 781-5089 Sanyo Denki San Ace 9GA Series Axial Fan, 92 x 92 x 25mm, 116m³/h, 3.36W, 12 V dc
  3. I am looking for Fans for Axpert. Maybe someone here knows where one can buy these? I have already bought 2 similar 4 wire fans from RS Components at their astronomical pricing, but to no avail. Eagerly awaiting any pointers of where to get, or maybe someone has one or so Axpert beyond economical repair that could assist? Thanks in advance Riaan
  4. I believe a good start would be to share 2 screenshots, under ICC you battery trends, and the load trends. As these two would give a good overview of what is happening during the night.
  5. Morning Oom Chris. I only had a 4kW Infini repaired thus far, and Mustek did a pretty quick and decent job. R
  6. I have used them on 4 separate occasions in the past 8 - 12 months, Can only speak HIGHLY of the service. Get updated on mail all along on progress etc.
  7. Not to come across insensitive, but I believe from other sources, and reading the article/watching the MTN Sponsored videos, this will NOT stop or decline any time soon. If SA cannot tackle the root cause of this issue, I do not see any decline in these thefts in the foreseeable future. For as long as our Government and it's allies (read SOE's/ESKOM) continue with their inability to provide power, the status quo would most likely remain unchanged. YES, by catching these criminals stealing and damaging, or prosecuting the end user will give some satisfaction, but in the end will only amount to a minuscule percentage advance. Then also with this thief out of circulation, his place will be taken up by the next in no time. Even MTN admit that our "Load Shedding Schedule" enables these thieves to know exactly where to hit, and when to hit, all under the protection of the dark situation that Government and Eskom has conveniently provided for their trade. If they can get their act together, this issue is addressed on so many fronts: The cover of darkness will be eliminated, The market requirement for such batteries would decrease, although not totally to zero, The Economy should pick up and people would rather procure batteries at standard prices rather than "I can get batteries cheap cheap" ? R
  8. In our area prepaid works exactly on the same gliding scale as post paid. This confuses the living hell out of those users. eg. buy R 500, so first R 500 would get them as example 500 units or kWh. So during the month they add another R 500, but then they only get lets say 250 units. What the munic does is not suddenly charge them double, but apply the distribution to the first purchase as well, so for the R 1000 you got at R 1,5 per unit. They work on calendar month. and PS, over 600 units/kWh per calendar month is like R 2.28 incl. Options are 0-100, then 101 to 400, 401 to 600 and over.
  9. Sam, discarding all the influences, You can typically expect a Maximum value of around 8316W, but on normal clear sunny day it should produce around 5775W during peak time.
  10. @Crankshaft I'm all for getting a cheapie rather than buying some expensive kit if the same can be done. My concern here for your part is what happens if that DC-DC fails. Many Voltage regulators will simply pass input through if they blow/fail. (Internal short circuit) Lost a couple of pieces myself with the older LM3xx series. Luckily all during development phases, so no real biggies. My concern if that happens you buy a new Pi which makes the Meanwell or even PULS seem fairly priced. Alternatively maybe clipping with Zener or some quick protection circuit?
  11. Please note your link is incorrect. Link refer to: https://www.webmail.co.za/rc/?_task=mail&_action=get&_mbox=INBOX&_uid=39339&_part=2
  12. The blue sticker in the middle is still there and Leoch sticker
  13. My first observation as well. I have one that burnt the tracks below on a 3kW load after about 6 months. I now rather use the Sonoff to simply switch a contactor. No need for 12V supply or the likes. Contactors are made for that. The only issue is yes you loose the Power consumption graph and log functionality.
  14. I got my ET112 from Sonop Solar, fast and efficient service. (And works well)
  15. Depending on your make/type inverter, the following: ( seems like Axpert/similar) They report PV a little different than your calculation: Battery Voltage X PV Current = 1176W They use the "post" mppt Amps and battery Voltage, If you had the pre-mppt amps it would work out the same.
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