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  1. I have recently purchased the MECER 3kW 24V inverter (SOL-I-AX-3M-24) for a non-solar work backup / UPS setup and it seems to be behaving strangely. I have installed many 5kW inverters, mostly solar and connected to the Pi ICC monitoring software so I'm familiar with the bigger brother inverters to the 3kW. I am also familiar with the screens and programming an all these units, but this one has stumped me... My question... When this inverter is charging (I measured with a clamp-on amp meter to make sure it was charging), the inverter display for battery amps shows 0A even though it is del
  2. You are braver than me... I would think that the units need to have the same firmware version when using in parallel. As some of the settings carry through to both units when paralleled, irrespective which unit the setting is applied, it would be logical to have both units' firmware the same. There may be some reporting protocol difference between firmware versions, hence your PV data reporting issue. Unfortunately, I'm no Axpert at the data protocol level
  3. I'm running 2 units in parallel which have 71.50 firmware and everything works perfectly
  4. After my initial upgrade issue and Mustek generously replacing the control board under warranty, I frankly don't have the guts to do any upgrades. Also changed to Lithium batteries, so the inverter works perfectly with the original firmware. Would be good to know if there is a new firmware though.
  5. Firstly, thank you for the continued follow-up and interest. I appreciate the support. Yes, I asked a buddy of mine who has the same inverter to send me a pic of his stock version. It is 71.40. If you have any idea where I can source this, then I can try to load this version back to revive my inverter before I try to buy a new control board. I have also attached pics of the control board for reference.
  6. Sadly, yes. Luckily i have a second inverter. Just to confirm then... Is the firmware http://forums.aeva.asn.au/viewtopic.php?p=70004#p70004 also NOT SUITABLE for my inverter?
  7. I have used 18K resistors to replace the sensors (all 3) but no change. In fact I think these are not even read as the temp display remains at an exact 112 deg C. This would imply that it shows some default / fallback value (112) irrespective of the sensor probably due to the firmware not being suitable to process that data.
  8. Thanks. This only adds to the challange as these are higher than mine. So if I increase my resistance, then the unit will think it's even hotter (higher temp normally increases ohms?.. I vaguely recall from a decades old electronics class). Worth a try?
  9. I am still persevering... I have the correct firmware now (I think) for the HV, 1.0 PF, 64v unit which I found here http://forums.aeva.asn.au/viewtopic.php?p=70004#p70004, thanks to Jaco. Tried a lot of things: Tried the recovery options in 'Bricked' post http://forums.aeva.asn.au/viewtopic.php?title=pip4048ms-inverter&p=59897&t=4332#p59897, no luck... Disconnected the temp sensors, same noises... Isolated the control board, nothing... Changed port numbers and baud rates... Used the same cable and port setting that got me into this mess in the first pla
  10. The thermocouples are 12.5k each. Measured the 3 I can find, 2 on the big heatsinks (mosfets or power transistors, I think) and one somewhere inbetween. What are the typical resistance values in the standard MKS units? Maybe I can fool the processor by inserting resitors in place of the sensors.
  11. Also tried that, no difference. I have also disabled alarm (18). It looks like the error just blocks everything. I have also diconnected the Control bBoard from the main board, but no difference. Not sure where the control board gets it's power from., but looks line it comes from the main switch (48v) to the comms board then to the control board.
  12. Thanks for the advice, but have tried that already. I opened it up yesterday and unplugged the 3 sensors (thermocouples), but same result. I think the issue is that the sensors don't register at all with this firmware rather than provide an incorrect value.
  13. Thanks for your reply. I agree, it is quite a mess. I have searched the net for suitable stock or compatible firmware, but without success. I was also pretty sure that the upgrade wouldn't work if there was a firmware mismatch, but the process was smooth and flowed exactly like the proocess outlined so I was quite pleased with the outcome... until I switched the imverter on again. I saw the 'bricked' post and will try the timed recovery steps as soon as I find the right firmware. But this is proving to be a challange. I should try doing this in a freezer to compensate for the Temp scaling
  14. I am new to this fantastic forum and having recenlty upgraded my years' old solar installation to a more intelligent system, I decided to join to get insights from fellow solar junkies and am seriously impressed by the generous sharing of information here. Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but I was unable to find a related thread on this forum. I have the Axpert MKS II (5kW) inverter (Mecer brand). This is the one which can take PV voltage up to 450v, thus allowing thinner cables between PV and Inverter. So ... I decided to do a firmware upgrede to the Patched 73.00c found here ht
  15. The MKS II can take 450V PV input. I use this as it allows for low current cabling between the panels and Inverter.
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