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  1. Very well done - thank you so much for this. Very impressed
  2. This is great - thanks - don't have to use SEMS for live data.
  3. No thats still there - I would not worry about it
  4. Nope , no LCD screen - the EZ Meter was replaced and the problem disappeared. Firmware also upgraded last week to 1818
  5. Received email from Goodwe that they are doing an OTA firmware upgrade for ES inverters between 15 Apr and 25 April to firmware 181809. My firmware was the updated on 15 April.
  6. Grid LED stays on if grid is connected (blue). Please check your connections - something is connected incorrectly - the Grid LED should be solid at night when drawing power.
  7. You can use the EzManage app to view - but don't do settings with it and PV master - it will jumble your settings if you use both for settings.
  8. Hi - yes the power to the 'back-up' output. The normal grid connected stuff is not affected like the stove, aircon, geyser and the garage. I will check on the connection of the EZMeter. FixAMess - I'm all for going to that firmware version but lets wait and here what Goodwe says. EZMeter test runs successfully. I will report back here once things are sorted.
  9. So after about a year of smooth running the Goodwe 5048ES is starting to cause issues. It cuts the power to the house even if grid and backup is available. There is no error light on the Goodwe or the PVmaster app - it just has zero power to the house. All the lights on the Goodwe are normal but the EZMeter has no led's on and the small screen is blank. A log from SEMS indicate the work mode as 'Fault' but there is no indication what the fault is. If I cut the AC IN to the inverter and switch back ON - it restores the house power and works normally until the next time - 3 days ago I did t
  10. HI - you can get it here https://github.com/markruys/gw2pvo - it runs on a Pi
  11. If you want to stop climate change, go vegan - cows are the culprit - http://timeforchange.org/are-cows-cause-of-global-warming-meat-methane-CO2/ ..and no. I'm not vegan
  12. Myself and neighbour had same issues with SEMS portal - PV Master has no issues on my mobile. interestingly - I have a little utility on a PI that grabs info from SEMS and uploads it to PVOUTPUT.org - this did not have the flatline on Monday
  13. just to update the thread, the display came right after a while
  14. Any one here that has experienced this: Sems portal graphic only goes up to 50% SOC for batteries even if they are charged at 100%. Now with bad weather they are showing 40% but the graphic shows 20% - see pics below. Should we maybe try a soft reset on PV Master?
  15. Currently using 700w to charge - so not raping the grid to charge the batteries - will leave it as is
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