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  1. [email protected] (Goodwe support China) or: [email protected] (Southern Africa rep)
  2. I just had a look at my SEMS station (see below). I am not sure why SEMS looks different when it displays your station. Maybe other Goodwe users can check ( @Bobster?). You can also consider contacting Goodwe support to get to the bottom of this. .
  3. disappointing . @Rautenk do you maybe have Ryno's tel number? below are the contact details of the people who handled my registration: Shiraaz Swartland (Pr Tech Eng) Principal Professional Officer: Service Connection Planning (SCP) – North Tel: 021 444 2177 | Fax: 086 696 6068 | Cell: 083 324 2908 | Email: [email protected] | Web: www.capetown.gov.za Fadeelah Kenny Service Connection Planning PPO - East Tel: 021 444 0064 | Email: [email protected] Yonela Makuleni Distribution Systems Development - EAST Electricity Services Head Office, Bloemhof Complex, Bellville Tel: 021 444 8532 cell: 073 605 7988
  4. have a look here: https://powerforum.co.za/topic/5165-circumventing-the-coct-35kva-limit/
  5. in the window showing the total generation (big blue circle) there should be a field (on the left) where you can choose "Energy Flow" or "Devises" to me it looks like you are displaying the "Devises" and not the "Energy Flow". So if this is the case just click on the "Energy Flow" tab
  6. yes it is. Without the EZ Meter (Goodwe name for the current measuring devise on the grid supply) the inverter will not be able to determine the current flowing in or out of the grid.
  7. I agree. In this situation it makes financial sense to go "off grid" with a PV system and a back up generator.
  8. My advice is not to invest into a PV system of any kind at the moment (except if it is your hobby or you passionately feel about your CO2 emissions). The ROI (even for a GTI without batteries) is at the moment simply to long. To combat load shedding is however a different story. We will have years (maybe decades) of load shedding ahead. So to invest into a small back up system I think is essential. I would install a small Axpert type inverter with about 2kWh of lithium batteries. There is also a good chance that some kind of government or municipality residential PV subsidy program will be launched soon. If that happens and ROI becomes attractive you can sell your UPS inverter and upgrade to a proper grid tied Inverter and solar panels.
  9. based on my experience they will. To make sure you are not running into problems I would however contact the CoCT to confirm. [email protected]
  10. I have a Goodwe 4.6kW ES inverter. As a result of the SSEG registration problems I experienced (inverter > 3.5kWA on a single 60A supply) I almost considered changing to Victron because you can software limit the maximum output. This is not possible with the ES Goodwe inverters at the moment. So this is another issue potential buyers must take into consideration. Another difference is the higher maximum DC voltage input the Goodwe has compared to the Victron MPPT's. The longer panel strings possible with the Goodwe simplifies the installation and reduces cost.
  11. another option is to approach your municipality and try to get a token to deactivate the reverse flow/tampering feature of the meter.
  12. are you sure it is the inverter and not your prepaid meter tripping? Some prepaid meters trip even if the inverter has been set to zero export.
  13. thank you very much for the answers. It is very helpful. Because the Goodwe inverter can not signal islanding mode there is really no solution to solve this problem to comply with SANS. I will take this up with Goodwe and advice.
  14. correct. This is very much in line with what I have measured on my side as well. Our back up output neutral is floating . I am still wondering how dangerous this really is? I assume the RCD would prevent a dangerous current from flowing to earth.
  15. thanks for letting us know. Unfortunately we still have the floating neutral problem with the Goodwe. What are you going to do? As a short term (illegal) solution I am going to permanently bond neutral to earth on the back up output. I am not comfortable to have a potentially lethal voltage on my neutrals. As a long-term solution I will add an external neutral to earth bonding relay.
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