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  1. I agree. If the system can be hardwired this is the way to go. In my case it was not possible. I needed a wireless solution.
  2. No. I connected the Alarm PGM output (dry contact) to the Raspberry and used it as a binary sensor in HA to control the Sonoff mini's.
  3. thanks for the information. I ended up using Home Assistant with Sonoff mini's.
  4. i can confirm that. They have signed off my system. You can even have more that 3.5kW of panels on the roof if you can proof that (because of all the losses) the inverter output is not exceeding 3.5kW. I have 4.4kW on the roof . As @plonkstersays lets sleeping dogs lie regarding the pickup concern if you have a hybrid inverter with batteries .
  5. thanks @Weasel very helpful information.
  6. thanks for the info. Do you think the QuickSwitch transmitter will accept the signal from the alarm PGM output?
  7. thanks for the info. Do you think the QuickSwitch transmitter will accept the signal from the alarm PGM output?
  8. if i remember correctly he only did this until he managed to set up the communication link between the inverter and the Revov's. If your batteries are able to talk to the inverter i would not advice to manage them in self define mode.
  9. the inverter has a maximum charge capability of 100A. In your case the battery BMS tells the inverter to limit this to 74A. As long as the batteries are allowed to communicate with the inverter it will not let you change it. The reason why the batteries were only charging at 1.14kW could be because the SOC was already to high for the batteries to allow the maximum 74A charge current.
  10. thanks for the info. If i can not find a wireless solution i will consider this.
  11. i would like the alarm system to switch on the outside lights if an alarm is triggered. The alarm system (Paradox) has programmable PGM outputs (12V 700mA) i could use to generate the required "on" signal. How do i use this signal to switch on the lights? The system would have to operate wireless.
  12. ahh i see the calculations are based on a system exporting the surplus energy into the grid . What is the kWh feed in tariff and the cost of the bi directional meter used in the calculation? Can this be changed in line with the specific values of the location?
  13. i had a look at your website. I do not fully understand the method you use to calculate the ROI. Can you please explain it. In your default 3kWp example you calculate a 1500kWh annual electricity saving (i agree this is a realistic expectation). How do you get to a break even after 7 years?
  14. another option would be to increase the hot water storage size. It might be possible to just add a second 200l geyser in parallel to the existing installation. This would also allow you to run the heat pump in a more economical range (less cycling and lower supply temperature)


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