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  1. If I can jump in... they base your sewage charge on your water consumption else they use your stand size... which can become silly when you have a large stand but are only two people.
  2. So Shabir comes out with a whole machine and stuff to update the firmware. It takes about 15 minutes.
  3. Shabir +27 (082) 504-4510. Located in Johannesburg is the Deye Technical Support in SA. He came out to my property and updated firmware for me in December. I believe my firmware is ver 3874, if that sounds correct.
  4. This is Shabir's number +27 (082) 504-4510. He is located in Johannesburg.
  5. So... we had Shabir (local technical expert for Deye) out at my property in December fiddling with settings to do exactly this. At first glance the generator needs to be able to power the ENTIRE system (load + charging). Even though we set the power to be drawn from the inverter well below the generator's rated output it still doesn't work. Shabir mentioned that the problem is likely that the Automatic Voltage Regulator on the genny causes the frequency to shift too rapidly for the inverter's liking... so the inverter puts load on the genny, the genny responds by accelerating the throttle w
  6. Not to dis Victron. They are magnificent... pricey, but rock solid. However, that damned big transformer has a down side. They require more batteries than comparably specced systems in order to start up. So they start out twice the price of other systems and then the money starts to really get out of hand! Just my experience. Your mileage may vary.
  7. I would imagine that your inverter is measuring the power going into it, AND the power going out of it. Do you have the clamp meter attached correctly?
  8. The Deye is rated for 10400w of PV, will handle 12Kw, and even 16Kw (cloud effect) for 10s.
  9. Meh... Max AC output of 5.5kw... Great until you're running your washing machine (1.?kw), tumble drier (~3kw) and someone puts on the kettle.
  10. My initial problem... and it pertained for the entire period I used the Goodwe... was that it solemnly refused to talk to my router (and NOBODY was able to offer assistance to make this right - in fact, my last comms with David Havenga was that he couldn't help me if he couldn't use SEMS). I never used PV Master, preferring the EZManage app but they were almost identical.
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