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  1. I have a Goodwe ES5048 running the batteries. It communicates with the batteries, but I believe that the Pylon Master battery (the 3000) runs the show. They discharge and charge all together. I started with two 2000s and then added another two 2000s (second hand/6 months old), then added a 3000 after about 3 or 4 months so I can't really judge how they perform. The Goodwe app tells me that the battery bank state of health is 98%.
  2. Yep. Almost a year on and it's working just fine. Will add a second 3.5 shortly, but I've yet to discover that I run short during the night... if SWMBO can be convinced NOT to put on the dishwasher at 17h30 (2 and a half hour wash cycle).
  3. Indeed. Now let's work our corner of the problem.
  4. Agree 100%. I think De Ruyter is actually 'managing' the situation as opposed to letting the situation control him. I also feel that Gweezy, and the NEC (who pull his strings), are what is hindering us all from assisting to solve the problem. All that is required, as you say, is the stroke of a pen. The problem is the complex network of patronage and corruption that is required to pick up that pen.
  5. Climate 'Science', as we have it today, has become a multi-billion dollar industry. The climate has ALWAYS changed, and will continue to always change, regardless of puny human activity. Climate change predates the appearance of humans on this planet by millennia. The notion that we have a discernible effect on the periodic warming and cooling cycles that the earth experiences is presumptuous and preposterous. All the 'real' scientists (actual scientists, not those who had a choice between studying 'climate science' or gender studies at varsity) scoff and disregard the 'evidence' of anthropogenic global warming. Facts are that the glaciers are still glaciers. The Arctic and Antartic ice sheets are growing and there's more polar bears now that there ever have been before. And Epstein didn't kill himself. 'Global warming' is a religion and I won't venture any further into religious debates.
  6. The "Climate Scientists" they reference are known to us by other names... charlatans, conmen, shysters, crooks, liars, and other less pleasant epithets. The entire anthropogenic global warming hoax is about as scientific as ducking witches to see if they float. Meh!
  7. I have it from my registered electrician that any guy climbing a pole to work on the overhead powerlines earths himself out to prevent discharges from motors, etc winding down and other sources of backfeed. I do know that whenever (and it happens twice a month lately) our main power cables are swiped off the pole in the street and I am running a generator to power my DB (properly wired and circuit breakers on the DB off) the nice contractor comes and asks me to turn the genny off before they reconnect wires. So maybe there is something to it???
  8. That sounds very nice and good... but doesn't work in practice. I spend my days fighting extra-legal governmental encroachment on our rights and freedoms. I have a legal team of 15 attorneys, advocates and specialist researchers at my disposal. The South African government are past-masters at ignoring the written law and implementing whatever the hell they like. It falls to us to then challenge them in court... where we almost inevitably win, whereafter the State appeals, and if the appeal is unsuccessful they rush off to the Constitutional Court where their hand-picked team of Social Justice engineers fix the game in the State's 'transformation' favour. One interim interdict that we have held for almost 18 months now is being challenged by the State at the SCA (even though it is interim and therefore not permanent in nature), and doesn't impact on the separation of powers, therefore doubly 'un-appealable'. We have been informed by Senior Counsel for the State that if they fail at the SCA they will appeal to the ConCourt. The matter has cost us millions, so far. The State doesn't care. They plow ahead with all the money in the fiscus to do whatever the hell they like.
  9. Registration ALWAYS precedes TAXATION, then CONFISCATION. Don't be a mug. Don't play their game. Just say no!
  10. Let's just say I'm a very generous and patriotic soul and I believe in sharing.
  11. Thanks Jaco, So, the search continues. Yesterday was quite a good sun day. Inverter A (the one that falls out and then cycles itself back in) produced 25.9Kwh. Inverter B produced 26.7Kwh. Not a huge difference at all so not really a concern, more of a niggle.
  12. I believe that Scott at Get Off The Grid is about to be appointed as the Growatt importer.
  13. I have been running a single Growatt 2Kw direct inverter for two years now on an independent string of panels... feeding back into a simple plug point. It's a great setup and has given next to no hassles.
  14. Thanks Jaco, I'm unsure of what to make of most of your reply. Remember I'm really stupid, so words of one syllable are in order. BTW, I have yet to be invoiced for the inverters so I still can't tell you what they cost ;-{>}
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