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  1. When they describe Mecer inverters as "premium"... in police work that's called a "clue".
  2. I suspect that the admonition has more to do with staying away from asbestos in general.
  3. Did I hear correctly? 1000V into the MPPTs?
  4. ???? Will it work with the Deye?
  5. Same, same, but different. Identical innards, but Sunsynk apparently has a more westernised user interface.
  6. 98% at home (batteries are almost two years old now). 99% at work (batteries are almost a year old).
  7. Yeah... It's the closest I could get given that my Goodwe refused to allow itself to upgrade it's firmware (the reason I ultimately ditched it was the inability to talk to the inverter).
  8. I have now ditched the Goodwe in favour of an 8kW Deye, but I haven't changed the batterys at all. I have a bank of 4 US2000+, and a bank of US3000B in parallel. The inverter communicates with the first US3000B, and the rest of the two battery banks are connected to the Master US3000B. I have not messed with the dip switches at all.
  9. You connect the US3000 as the master and it controls the charge that all the batteries receive. They will each retain their own capacity.
  10. Of course you can. Just be aware that the string will not be optimised. In effect this may lead to either marginal or hardly apparent losses. Panels today are a LOT less fussy about their angle to the sun.
  11. This is starting to become political... and that's both unavoidable and can lead to injured sensitivities. The problem with Eksdom as with every other state owned or controlled entity is that they are run by communists... and communists aren't really people Here endith the lesson.
  12. I see this in other areas I work in. The slow children believe (because the little red bible told them so) that when you have a problem you make a law. When that law doesn't do what it is supposed to you make another law. And so on and on until the system collapses. Then you blame someone else. They quite literally have no clue what they are doing. They're just pushing buttons for effect.
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