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  1. The supplied clamp meter will tell the inverter if this is likely to happen and the inverter will NOT feed back into the grid after that point.
  2. BTW. Adriatic quotes this genny at 25900, but if you buy direct from Bundu it's 22500.
  3. They claim 70db at 7m. If you're standing next to it it is deafening (need a better exhaust). It has a 16l fuel tank and we haven't tested the endurance yet (only ran if for about an hour on Thursday) but I reckon it'll do 10 or 12 hours depending on load.
  4. So, I initially hoped to get away with a small (3kW) Honda petrol genny to supplement the panels during inclement weather. It works, but the results are not what I had hoped for. I would have to switch the property onto Plan C (backup genny) and then use the 3kW supplementary to, achingly slowly, charge the batteries. Patience is not a virtue I possess. Just replaced the Honda petrol genny with a 6.5kVA Bundu Power silent diesel. Now we can charge the batteries at an appreciably significant rate of knots, AND power the property whenever we need to. Next trick will be to get the inverter to
  5. Further to this. I see MANY rooftop installations where the installer has mounted the panels less than 200mm from the roof surface. These panels generally overheat and will deliver sub-par performance. Most of my installations are free-standing so that the air can circulate freely and the panels stay cooler.
  6. Yep. Noticed that also yesterday.
  7. Makita LXT. The Impact Driver is the finest and most versatile tool I have ever owned. It can drive a 5mm tek screw into the side of a shipping container all day long on a single battery.
  8. Do you calculate ate STC or NMOT? Because 441VOC is probably well within the capabilities of the degree of variance of the inverter than 470VOC. I find, in practice that 10 Canadian panels never exceed 390VOC.
  9. The Meanwells have little pots so you can fine tune the voltage to always give you the required potential difference to charge the 'real' batteries.
  10. Sometimes life is all about picking the undigested peanuts out of the elephant turds.
  11. Yeah, this makes the most sense. Parallel another 5kW Sunsynk onto the existing one.
  12. A large part of the problem is with AVRs. Adjusting the idle speed on the carb until the frequency makes the genny happy is a workaround.
  13. Buy a pool skim handle from Builders. Fit your mop to the end.
  14. Orrrr... You can do the (don't try this at home, kids) workaround. A couple of Meanwell 220VAC-48VDC powersupplies plugged into your genny and paralleled directly onto your batteries.
  15. This is really looking good. I am very excited about your project.
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