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  1. Methane, huh? Well... I have found that Staffordshire terriers are amazingly efficient... Seriously, though, I am seriously considering creating a small pumped storage facility just to absorb extra power (keeping the panels cooler and hopefully preserving them). Before I cut the Shitty Power umbilical I was happily pumping power back into the grid. We estimate that for a number of years we supplied all the power for 3 or 4 of our neighbours (those old rotary meters are fantastic).
  2. Agree on this. I am over-panelled, but on a few consecutive overcast days it's still a close-run thing. At my office I have a standby 6.5kW silent diesel genny on the ATS output from the Deye, at home I have a 'spare' 4kW of panels on their own Kodak invertor which I switch in to help charge (I also have a standby genny, but it hasn't been used in a year). I am doing a major extension project at my office right now and will put up 4 more strings of panels and a second Deye 8kW (paralleled) when I have finished. Power is like beer or ammunition. You simply can never have too much.
  3. I have two totally off-grid installations (my home, and my office). I started with my home about 5 years ago (a Growatt with 2kW of Solar World panels), added a Goodwe and another 5.5kW of panels, and (eventually) 24kWh of Pylons. Last year I changed the Growatt and the Goodwe for a Deye 8kW. At my office I had 32 Canadian Solars feeding a pair of Kodaks (and briefly a Growatt) with 14kWh of Pylons. I changed the Growatt and the Kodaks to an 8kW Deye last year... and have NEVER had occasion to look back or wonder whether I did the right thing. Absolutely flawless operation on both properties for more than a year now. In retrospect I would never have been able to get both properties off-grid if I had gone the Victron route. As it is both properties are well into profit (original investment paid back long ago) now which has allowed me to invest freed-up cash in all sorts of new developments.
  4. Why do you need/want to 'register' your installation?
  5. Do you have single phase or three phase??? Your description refers to two phases. AFAIK that's not an option.
  6. "repair or replace"... or you can ask for a refund. I believe the price has come down so ask for a refund then buy a new inverter and you may be scoring a bit of cash for your inconvenience. This is a 'their problem'.
  7. Cool! So I get to save MORE money! Both my solar plants (at home and at the office) are now fully paid off and my return on investment is soaring.
  8. https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2021-09-01-powering-up-raising-the-generation-licensing-threshold-to-100mw-is-necessary-but-not-enough/
  9. As with beer... or ammunition... you simply can't ever have enough. I have a 'spare' two strings on a separate inverter (on a manual breaker) adding an additional 4Kw into my home system just for those inclement days. Consequently I have never needed to supplement with the standby generator.
  10. Good luck. A friend of mine took the trouble and it was a LOT of trouble. I don't think they actually pay you any money, they just give you credit on an electricity bill you may raise in the future... and at a WAY lower tariff than what they charge you for power.
  11. Of course. I had also often heard the 'equal length' statement, and had never really though about it. But if you look at a battery stack connected to an inverter, then the equal length proposition falls out straight away since the cables connecting the batteries in the stack are very short, and obviously, the cables connecting the stack to the inverter are a lot longer. If the equal length cable proposition held any water whatsoever, this would be a problem. Thanks for the sanity.
  12. https://www.zoxcell.com/prods/supernova.html Graphene super capacitor storage batteries.
  13. Bundu Power's 6Kw silent diesel works a treat. Has auto-start as well - a direct plug in. The petrol gennys will ALWAYS alter their frequency as the load changes. https://www.bundupower.co.za/gen-diesel-single.php?mod=BP6500S
  14. When they describe Mecer inverters as "premium"... in police work that's called a "clue".
  15. I suspect that the admonition has more to do with staying away from asbestos in general.
  16. Did I hear correctly? 1000V into the MPPTs?
  17. ???? Will it work with the Deye?
  18. Same, same, but different. Identical innards, but Sunsynk apparently has a more westernised user interface.
  19. 98% at home (batteries are almost two years old now). 99% at work (batteries are almost a year old).
  20. Yeah... It's the closest I could get given that my Goodwe refused to allow itself to upgrade it's firmware (the reason I ultimately ditched it was the inability to talk to the inverter).
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