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  1. Hi Athish is this unit still for sale?
  2. The unit is sold ...thank you to anyone who was interested.
  3. Are these BMS units still available? Also the pic has a 320A label. Maybe I don't know these units well, but you mentioned 120A in your post?
  4. Hi Deon I am located in Honeydew Johannesburg...I'm not sure if you are familiar with the Solar MD range of batteries. They work in my opinion really well across most inverter/ solar platforms. I have my system hooked up to an axpert & together with the logger can monitor exactly what I yield etc. Like I mentioned before, I am only selling the unit due to raising funds for another project. Covid has made the world a crazy place & hence one needs to advance some long awaited plans that were previously on the back burner. Best regards Steve
  5. Bottomed out at R30K for both...Somebody, anybody somewhere...lol
  6. 228 total cycles since new. As per the power portal provided from Solar MD.
  7. Hi Community I would like to sell my Solar MD 7.4kWh battery along with the logger V2. I have used it for approx 18months. It's in perfect working order & condition, you have the balance of the 10year warranty along with the unit. I live abroad & so this battery was cycled daily in a home without much power usage so probably reached 40% DoD just running lights & fridges. Only reason for the sale is to get funds to work on another project. Looking at R37000 for the bundle of both. Best regards Steve Pm for details
  8. Hi Dani is this the axpert with the high voltage PV up to 450V?
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