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  1. Not an unreasonable offer at all. These have zero to no value just sitting there unwanted. Also most people want new shiny kit for an install. Most people such as ourselves that work in the industry know that it rarely matters what type or size except the total wattage of the array. Kudos if these can get a second Life producing watts. Why not 87
  2. Same as laptop batteries, just advertise the stuff as used. People will make you an offer. As the example given above with the 4kWh capacity left, a person could stack quite a good few of these to make a larger battery bank. The economics of scale the same as the 18650 cells. When you take a very large bank of batteries & parallel them, the voltage shift is so small so in theory a large enough bank of 2nd life cells can last a longer time yet. Provided the cells are matched correctly, pretty sure there is a market for these. 87
  3. Well, the way you will know is that the batteries will last less as before. They reduce in the ability to hold a certain capacity. Probably you have seen especially Revove advertising 2nd life batteries. So in LiFePO4 batteries they have a rated cycle life value. Eg. 6000 cycles. This means that after 6000 cycles time the battery will only be able to handle 80% of its original new capacity. So if it was a 5kWh battery capacity new, now after 6000cycles it's a 4kWh battery. Hence we say that LiFePO4 is really a good battery to invest in, simply because these batteries last a seriously long cycle life & then some. But the question does beg, where can you dispose these cells safely??? The world has not gotten that far yet 87
  4. He already has a video out about the use of an active balancer & the results are really positive. In my opinion having goofed around long enough with this type of kit, an active balancer or Smart active balancer as Andy has reviewed is a very necessary piece of kit used in conjunction together. But it's horses for courses here. Each needs to do what they need to do. But the Smart Daly for a paralleled setup is a failure. In other words, you can parallel 2 cells together to make a big cell, then add the smart Daly in this arrangement. However, you cannot add 2 Smart Daly's running two individual 51.2V battery packs together. Been there done that, it is just dangerous. QUCC has sent me a 500A 16s version to play with & I am awaiting the pigeon to arrive. Yes they can be Paralleled with out issues. So this means you start with a BMS that can expand your capacity from the beginning. Will definitely post feedback when it arrives. They have also been very kind enough to provide the Comms protocols also. Let me also just advocate, that I believe that the Smart Daly is not a bad BMS & for a single battery pack arrangement works pretty well. The passive balancing is however, a pipe dream. I have now added Active balancers in all the packs I have build & zero issues to date. However, without the active balancer the BMS just does not balance enough even top balanced cells. But as a good gate keeper it does what it needs to do. 87
  5. A massive limitation of the Daly BMS, is that it cannot be paralleled. The best DIY BMS is the QUCC that Andy is using for his Off grid garage, in Aus. There limitations of the Smart Daly is that the MOSFET architecture cannot handle parallel setup. You will have zero protection with this device in Parallel. The MOSFETs are unable to close or open based on their protection. So when the BMS detects a problem, it's a runaway train. There is a lot of heat build up. The QUCC makes use of a physical contactor. So it works & is designed for this exact type of operation. No heat build up. 87
  6. Ditto, with the last post. BMSs are usually designed with a very specific task. When you parallel them or series them, you can expect to be out of the design category. Therefore there is a whole host of things that could go wrong. Some of these problems will only be discovered after a long duration of the actual setup actually looking as if it works. Only to find later on that the BMS cannot cope with the said Parallel Higher amps or the Higher Series Voltage. There are some high spec Voltage & high Amperage BMSs out there but they are scarce & are usually built for these exact specifications. I can give you a very decent example of why the limitations are there. Some BMSs use a MOSFET architecture as a means for protective switching gear. An example is the Smart Daly BMS. Works ok as standalone. So here comes the massive problem: When you parallel them, the MOSFETs cannot open & close as before for protection. There is some backfeeding & flow reversal. So one battery is discharging & the other is charging. This can lead to a runaway train to disaster. Zero protection & lots of heat. Better to use a BMS that can handle higher voltage & higher strings. What comes to mind is the 32s arrangement as a minimum with a high voltage range. These are available. 87
  7. Absolute Bargain, these are. Wish I had a customer with such a project on the cards. Unfortunately for me, my timing is a little out. Good luck with these, someone is gona score here big time!! Glad you finally got these up for sale here Thomas!! Welcome to the forum 87
  8. Great project, welcome to the forum!!! Keep us updated, we are suckers for Solar Porn pics 87
  9. Same login as Watchpower qpp. 87
  10. The order of the pics is out of place. Not sure why You will need to make sense of it all 87
  11. Coulombs comments on EEPROM fault Click on the above to take you to his comments on the same issue one of forumites has also had in the past. Here is the ESS Datalogger reset guide: 87
  12. So the unprocessed written in red means that the logger has not been able to process the event & when you view the Watch power the little dot next to the inverter will be in amber. However, usually the next day this unprocessed log starts a new day & the inverters stay green. This EEPROM has no effect in operation as I said before. Maybe someone like @Coulomb with buckets of knowledge of the insides of this machine will shed more light on this & why it is triggered. The app is called Smart ESS & the login details are the same as Watchpower. It's found on the Play store on Android. Not sure about the Fruit show device store. 87
  13. This is a generic type of fault code. It has zero effect on the operation of the inverter or WiFi logger. There is other software that can reset this fault & can be used to restart your WiFi logger remotely. Basically a system reset but only for the logger. 87
  14. What would you do if you were buying a new car? Accept a repaired vehicle or insist on a new vehicle off the factory production line? This unit obviously had an issue & needed some attention. What else needs attention in the future? These machines are put together by human beings, we are not perfect & maybe the said factory assembler had a bad day at work. Maybe you have a repaired lemonThe new PCB boards do not constitute the only parts of this machine. Also, when parts are changed its a totally different procedure than an initial assembly. At initial assembly with most electronics or automotive, the said item is in bare pieces & being build up from the ground up so to speak. Once it's already left the production line it's fully assembled. So to replace a board or parts can be difficult to reassemble & can take longer than the initial build work. Also so many other parts are in the way & risk being damaged during the repair process. So a wire might be nicked or a screw might be out of place. Why chance it? You have paid for a new Sunsynk, why must you be given a repaired Sunsynk? A totally different story if you were offered a repaired unit at a knock off price from the beginning. But in all honesty, look at like this, would you still opt to buy a repaired Sunsynk at the full price, had you known that this would have happened? Well done to Sunsynk, for at least getting some resolution in the end. Many other manufacturers would be far less forthcoming & bury you in a legal mess. 87
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