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  1. You can parallel the 2 phases ( load side ) in your DB board effectively ignoring one incoming phase. Cannot do so on the supply side that will result in a big bang. HAve one phase as maintained supply ( plugs lights ) and the other direct Eskom supply - Geysers, oven etc
  2. Meteoblue predict solar radiation in their 2 day weather forecast - not too bad . https://www.meteoblue.com/en/weather/aviation/air/-34.108N18.374E7_Africa%2FJohannesburg . SMA also do if you have a SMA inverter .
  3. Big problem is that Pylontech are 15 cell LiFePo4 batteries , almost everyone else is 16 cell - so if your 100Ah x 2 bank is made up of 15 cells then it should be Ok if not using CANBUS control - else I doubt it could work reliably
  4. I'm look for someone with the necessary equipment to calibrate a Fluke 87 in CapeTown ( at a reasonable price ) - anyone?
  5. I guess its just the top cell that gets burnt off . I have seen a video where the cell 8 can external drive a lamp load , not sure if they were discharging or balancing
  6. Thanks for the info - do you need external balance loads to implement the balancing or is it an active balancer? 400ma x3.2V x 8 cells = 10 watts which will generate quite a lot of heat? Do the displays stayon all the time or do they "timeout " after a while
  7. Has anyone used one of these multichannel battery monitors designed for the RC guys ?? https://www.goblinhobbies.co.za/digital-battery-capacity-checker-tester-cellmeter-8-lipo-battery-discharger-balancer-rc-servo-tester.html https://www.goblinhobbies.co.za/charger-and-power-supplies/charger-accessories/isdt-batterygo-bg-8s-smart-battery-checker.html Just wondering if you can keep then permanently wired in or do they draw current unequally from the cells ? Perhaps other issues when permanently on
  8. Just double up to get more capacity - you can also just get 50Ah cells and put in parallel if you want 200 AH
  9. Set of 3 for sale. still with original packaging , balance of 5 year warranty - 2023 remaining . R1850 .
  10. Can you get away without a BMS if you do the inital balance well and then manage max /min voiltage with the victron charger and perhaps as a victron disconnect.
  11. Need to build up a 16- 18 cell Lithium battery pack for my Victron MP1 - however was considering adding an extra cell or two in case one or two go rouge after a few years . The problem is will a BMS be able to handle a missing cell ? or will you have to use say an 18 cell BMS initially and then replace with a 16 cell one if in the case when 2 cells go off. How else do you manage this possible scenario?
  12. Can anyone confirm where these batteries are made? I suspect they are Chinese no name batteries branded here in South Africa to Omnipower
  13. Are you able to show a screenshot of the battery display on the Portal ?
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