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  1. People complain it to touch to touch , surfaces where one can put you hand on should never be too hot to touch , unless you put up clear warning messages or it can reasonably be expected to be hot eg kettle, stove - so that would probably be over 60 deg
  2. Anyone know why the SunSyncs rus so hot ? Is cooling inadequate or efficiency poor. friends one runs very hot even when not charging or inverting. Victron 5 kVA fan only comes on when charging over 1.5 KW and inverting about 2 kW
  3. I would like to limit charge current in a Multiplus 2/ Cerebo / RS450 MPPT system. System is grid connected with zero grid feed setting ( with energy meter ) - Can this be done via the Charge current limit setting under DVCC?
  4. SolarMD recommend a mx charge voltage of 54.6V - 3.4 V/cell ( reported on the Victron website - they don't seem to provide this info on their own site ) This voltage is much lower than their peers and am wondering what the actual BMS high voltage trip voltage is ? Anyone know ? I would like to parallel this with another bank which I sometimes take to 56V for the occasional balance
  5. Thanks for reply - I'm looking for a different type of smart - that is Iwant to only use solar power that's being generated in the home to power the AC. So it must thrttle back when power low and increase power when more solar is available . They available in Europe
  6. A friend of mine just had a Sunsynk 8KVA and 2x FreedomWon 10/8 installed, however the the two freedomwon batteries do not track each other , usually 10 -15 % apart but at times more than 50 % different . At full charge they both are 100% SOC . I'm too far away to go and check it out but am hoping someone has seen this phenomena before. Installer has been in contact with Freedom Won but between the two of them they cannot get this right/
  7. Never saw that one , but I need at least another decimal point , hoping the Rhomberg DHC7P-HZ or DHC8-HZ will do so.
  8. I found this one https://www.acdc.co.za/products/frequency-digital-panel-meter-3-digit-100-240v-72x72x48mm?variant=30475711244 . However cannot find any meaningful specs on it . How does it display 50.1 Hz for instance ? 501 , 50.1 , or 50 . Datasheet here does not say http://storage-download.googleapis.com/spec/DHC3P-HZ.pdf
  9. Looking for a smallish mains frequency counter to monitor grid frequency ? Has anyone come across one
  10. Is the Etower a 15S or 16S design
  11. 3 times as many connections - connections are a high failure point , larger cells might enable better usage of available volume - its all a compromise - You could go for tiny 6AH cells and really get a good distribution function of cell capacity
  12. Its not much more than the others at R8 - R10 per A/h. No one else brings in the large > 250AH cells
  13. Has anyone bought cells from Altergrid? Looking for supply of large lithiums prismatics
  14. I have a similar question with regards a change over switch . I have a grid tie PV inverter normally running on the grid however when grid fails I want to change it to run on my Victron output in "AC coupled " mode. Now the grid connected stuff is on DB board 1 and the Victron powered stuff on another DB board 2. I therefore have to provide a feed from DB2 to DB1 to a change over switch which will be mounted in DB1 . Do I have to provide an isolator in DB1 ( at the point of entry for the alternate supply before the change over switch ? Similarly do I have to provide an isolator in DB2 at the interface to the feed from the grid tie inverter in DB1 ? Is a 2 pole MCB ( 1P+N ) considered an isolator?
  15. Are there any air conditioners available here which can manage their power usage according to the amount of Solar PV available ? ie read existing Energy meter ( SMA ) and adjust output accordingly to maximise solar PV usage?
  16. Looks at the VRM data the freedom won system is still horribly unbalanced. Apparently installer and Freedom have been looking at the system remotely but I cannot get any sense from the owners of the system what they are saying / doing. For me I would not buy Freedom Won - their charging algorithms are very aggressive and don't seem to pull back when cells go out of balance . rather go with SolarMD. Full cell visibility is also available with SolarMD via their communicator device and their portal
  17. So I guess some cells failed on the freedom Won and you got the rest?
  18. How did you acquire the Sinopoly cells ?
  19. With the Victron the data is available on their portal. Does Sunsynk not have a portal also?
  20. It is LifePO4. I have informed the owners and they are in touch with the installer and freedom won I have been told
  21. I see today max cell voltage on their system went to 3.96V and BMS did not trip !
  22. I'm monitoring ( on line via the Victron VRM portal ) a friends Freedom Won / Quattro / Victron MPPT installation and am noticing how the Freedom Wons cells are getting more and more unbalanced. At 100% full charge the max cell voltage is 3.77V with a cell max- min difference of 0.41V - Average was 3.40V . At the bottom end at 10% SOC ( only ever been below 40% once in the last 2 years due to loadshedding ) min cell voltage was 2.56V and cell max-min was 0.66V - avg was 3.16V. Is there a utility to manually initialise a cell balance routine ? How are you supposed to rebalance the Freedom Won if the internal balancer is loosing control?
  23. Would like to see how their BMS works - anyone have one they can share on VRM world?
  24. Thanks - price has come down significantly in the last 6 months
  25. recommended abs voltage of 54.6 seems to indicate it could be a 15cell design ? Coudl also be 16 .
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