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  1. Are there any air conditioners available here which can manage their power usage according to the amount of Solar PV available ? ie read existing Energy meter ( SMA ) and adjust output accordingly to maximise solar PV usage?
  2. Looks at the VRM data the freedom won system is still horribly unbalanced. Apparently installer and Freedom have been looking at the system remotely but I cannot get any sense from the owners of the system what they are saying / doing. For me I would not buy Freedom Won - their charging algorithms are very aggressive and don't seem to pull back when cells go out of balance . rather go with SolarMD. Full cell visibility is also available with SolarMD via their communicator device and their portal
  3. So I guess some cells failed on the freedom Won and you got the rest?
  4. How did you acquire the Sinopoly cells ?
  5. With the Victron the data is available on their portal. Does Sunsynk not have a portal also?
  6. It is LifePO4. I have informed the owners and they are in touch with the installer and freedom won I have been told
  7. I see today max cell voltage on their system went to 3.96V and BMS did not trip !
  8. I'm monitoring ( on line via the Victron VRM portal ) a friends Freedom Won / Quattro / Victron MPPT installation and am noticing how the Freedom Wons cells are getting more and more unbalanced. At 100% full charge the max cell voltage is 3.77V with a cell max- min difference of 0.41V - Average was 3.40V . At the bottom end at 10% SOC ( only ever been below 40% once in the last 2 years due to loadshedding ) min cell voltage was 2.56V and cell max-min was 0.66V - avg was 3.16V. Is there a utility to manually initialise a cell balance routine ? How are you supposed to rebalance the Freedom Won if the internal balancer is loosing control?
  9. Would like to see how their BMS works - anyone have one they can share on VRM world?
  10. Thanks - price has come down significantly in the last 6 months
  11. recommended abs voltage of 54.6 seems to indicate it could be a 15cell design ? Coudl also be 16 .
  12. I dont have MPPT , but have grid tie with legal grid feed-in so much easier to detect available power to dump . At the moment just want to control the geyser effective load manually
  13. Its Probably back to back thyristor ( I doubt output has a significant DC component ) but accept the point that its a difficult load to manage for an inverter
  14. Has anyone used a thyristor load controller such as this one to reduce the effect load of the geyser to match ones PV available output?
  15. BActerial issue is way overstated - I set my thermostat to comfortable showeer temp - 43-44 deg. Showerdirect , no added cold wate r. Have done so for 20 year sand never had any bacteria infection
  16. When requesting 2 or more days worth of data one gets emailed a download link to select the datafile , however this no longer works - this started a few days ago and is still the case . I get the popup window that a request is being processed and that I should receive a download link , however I never receive a download link. Checked SPAM folder. I have not changed and setting on the portal. I still get alarms from the portal so my registered email is working . Anyone else have this problem ? How do I report this to Victron as its not an issue witha product I have purchased from a local dealer
  17. I find it bizzaire that is required , you can get decent clamp DC mutimeters for under R1000 which measure 600A with good precision. The sensor itself cannot be more than R150 itself .
  18. I looking for a 100 A DC current sensor - so I can monitor the current balnce between two battery banks on a common busbar. It must not break into existing wiring - so a Hall effect clamp than can be permanently fitted . Cannot find anything?
  19. Lithium cell lieftime is a very complex issue - in general high voltage reduces life expectancy - so if you only using 30% of your battery its better to operate 50 - 20 % SOC as opposed to 100 - 70% SOC . This can be a challendge to get your charge to charge up to a SOC level as opposed to a voltage level . You can do this with a multiplus and a venus using a 2 wire BMS assitant . Read thi spaper on lithium battery life https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405896318320329
  20. Good to know. Is it really quite that it wont upset the neighbours I wonder
  21. Thanks , its a 5000VA 48V 100A/70 Multi. Doing my due diligence before going offgrid one day
  22. Anyone had experience with actually getting a generator to sync with Victron Multiplus / Quattro - which ones do and which don't?
  23. keen to find out how well the REC - BMS works with the Victron Venus system. Is anyone using it on this forum ? http://www.rec-bms.com/datasheet/UserManual_REC_Victron_BMS.pdf
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