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  1. I also think there should be some sort of buyer protection of warning the buyer that the product is a clone or a original product. Unfortunately there are so many suppliers selling solar equipment and most of these sales people don’t even know they are selling clones. That was my experience with the clone I bought, the sales lady had no idea they sold me a clone or even what a clone is. Fortunately my inverter still running without problems, but I’m too scared too try and upgrade the software as I don't know what might go wrong.
  2. Tampering Proof detection by: • Meter Cover open detection and record • Meter terminal detection and record • Bypass (optional) • Large magnetic event(optional)  Auxiliary Terminal for Energy Pulse Output(optional) A few years ago I accidentally opened the terminal cover on a pre-paid meter that went into tamper mode and I had to pay a call-out fee/fine for the municipality to switch it on again.
  3. I’m not sure of the Hex meter but some meters will need a special code to switch on again. There might be a cost for the activation code.
  4. Looks like eventually a step in the right direction no licenses hopefully also means no bribes need to be paid. There is mention of a “roadmap for our energy sector for the next decade” Looks like we won’t be packing our inverters away soon
  5. PV wiring should be inside bosal conduit or a steel trunking, that might be the solution and also earthing the bosal conduit, If that is not possible another option is a 40x40 galvanized channel with a steel cover it should also be earthed.
  6. This is probably the way to go replace the 32A with a 40A circuit breaker. I haven't seen a 44A breaker though. I think your electrican might of played it a bit too safe by installing a slightly smaller breaker. Personally I also like to get the protection just right and not go oversize from the start, as now you know that the protection works although touching on the upper limits of the 32A breaker. I think the electrician played it, rather safe than sorry which is always a good thing with 200k
  7. Has anybody actually used these dry contacts successfully ? I measured a 4VDC between the (in+ and GND). The other three contacts seem to always be in NC state, do they switch to NO position only if the Pylontech experiences a alarm or fault condition or are they programmable with some software?
  8. I would go for option 1. Solar geyser, but a 200Ltr EV tube unit and would also get that heat pump fixed for backup on rainy days. I am happy with my own EV tube geyser and cannot complain, winter days it normally does go above 50degrees and summer it’s a bit over hot, yesterday it went to 84Degrees. But than the R28K is allot to spend I would get more quotes.
  9. My prepaid meter worked great for more than 3years than I got new neighbours who installed electric fencing and than problems started, I had a problem for more than a year that when I tried to load prepaid units my meter would not except the newly purchased tokens, after calling the municipality the municipal electricians would come over take the keypad directly to the municipal mains breaker, connect it there and it would load units the first time, After about a dozen of times of coming out they had enough so they installed a socket outlet directly below my main breaker no earth leakage. They
  10. I experienced this problem because I normally run completely off-grid during the day, so my prepaid display in my home would be fed from solar power during the day when my system switch over to solar, and that caused lost comms with the outside meter at the utility kiosk. I ended up moving the prepaid display to my utility main breaker that now works very nice as it is illuminated when Eskom is on and when it is off I know there is no Eskom power.
  11. This data would probably also never be the same even if it could be measured due to everyday the conditions of clouds and loads are different. I also tend to agree with Jay-Dee it sounds like over voltage from the panels.
  12. See below photo, the blue is the RJ45 and plugs into the remote display at the “Com out” port and the other end with the serial plug and converter goes to the laptop usb.
  13. Mine is powered from RS232 at keypad to serial cable plugged to (serial to usb converter) than to laptop usb. This works at inverter or keypad, my inverter do not have usb connectors.
  14. Did you manage to get it to work? You can try this what I’ve done. There is a 2core cable that comes with the remote panel you need to plug it in on the remote panel and the other end at the inverter just cut the plug off and soldered it parallel over the inverter on/off switch and it should work. (I had to solder mine direct as it did not want to work any other way and it has been working for more than a year now)
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