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  1. Am i understanding the specs correct for the pylon us3000. The recommended discharge is 37A but can go to 74A and still be within the warrantee of the battery, (74A with say 48V battery = 2550W) It should be able to run a kettle of similar watts without problems?
  2. I run a cat5 of about 25 mtr to a keypad than from keypad have the serial to usb converter. It seems to be ok except that i think the data is about 3seconds behind the inverter keypad, but it does not bother me.
  3. Inverter warehouse and R100 short from R20K
  4. Thanks guys for the advise, got the pylon and it’s up and running.
  5. Hi guys, I’m looking for a pylontech 3000 is inverter-warehouse price the best?
  6. It can be difficult to explain you had cold water because geyser was off-line.
  7. I also bought from them good service, I also think going there is better because they seemed quite busy with customers in the store.
  8. I’m not 100% sure about that model, but I would think it’s throw away and replace the timer. I haven’t seen a timer with a replaceable battery for many years. Even the CBI ones don’t last, mine normally makes about 18 months than they fail.
  9. I’m in a similar situation, I’ve been looking at upgrading from gel to pylontech’s but have a family who has no mercy for a battery bank. So i’m half thinking to just go gel again as the price also play a big role if one wants to get similar Amps from the pylontech’s as the gel.
  10. I’m sure that is true that is where you need to open the strainer when you service it, it is a little filter that can easily be opened with a shifting spanner, rinse the strainer and put it back and it will be ok for many months depending on your quality of municipal water. Some municipalities with lots of burst pipe issues might be a problem as plumbers close up pipelines with mud and dirt trapped in the lines this ends up in customer water pipes. I lost a couple of taps mixer cartridges some years back because my incoming water line did not have a strainer, I found small stones and plant roots inside my mixers. I fitted a strainer on my main line and have not had that problem again. I don’t have a heat pump but a freind of mine was lucky he had one installed more than 10 years back when there were still a rebate he only paid about R6000 for his, and a month back I asked him about service he told me about the strainer and he washes the unit down with a hose pipe when he cleans out his gutters.
  11. My eye caught a air-con spec label this week and at 4.5A input you basically get 3KW output power. That looks like the way to go when installing air-cons, It also made me thinking, imagine having one unit that could cool/heat a room or be switched and used as a heat pump for hot water.
  12. Here is something about batteties that were posted by Corne some time back to give you some idea, but I did not see dyness in these tests. The pylons were performing very well. https://www.solarquotes.com.au/blog/battery-test-7th-report/
  13. I think a big factor is the family size like 2 people versa 4 people as it can instantly double the KWH for the geyser. In my case my electric geyser consumption was just over 50% of my total usage for four people. (I have gas hob and use gas heaters just for interest sake). I installed a 200Ltr EV tube geyser and sometimes have to feed it some extra power in the winter. Summer normally is not a problem.
  14. Thanks, Jaco that answers my question as I was scared I purchase a pylon and cannot use it with my inverter.


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