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  1. I’m not sure if the guys on that site have tried it yet, I will probably only be going back there in about 3 weeks time as it is in another province so traveling there is a bit of a mission.
  2. Yes the first one looks like a good option and have screw terminals if I’m seeing correct as where the second one is also ok but then it would be better to also order a separate base to go with it.
  3. The same has been done on the R59 highway at Meyerton, big tree branches with bloudraad has been erected and shacks just tap straight of there.
  4. The guy pulling it from the store probably just looked at the first few part numbers and never checked those last digits indicating the coil voltage. That’s very common in electrical sales as these guys pulling the parts have no electrical knowledge and would normally not know the difference between AC or DC
  5. Just double check the coil voltage they might of given you one with the wrong coil voltage.
  6. New Ekuruleni municipal rate will be closer to R2.35/kwh pre-paid from 1July with the new 6.9% increase. Looks like Eskom winning during lockdown they got their way with Nersa’s hands tied behind their backs during lockdown. We all have to go shopping again to add at least 6.9% more panels.
  7. Beautiful, I like those little inverter volt &. Ammeters.
  8. I checked my inverter and I have the same problem, The first time I switched on watch power it was showing the battery percentage but later it dissapeared and now just display a zero
  9. The timer should be ok even for the pool pump, but its contact will eventually fail as it only have a certain lifespan. Every time it switches a load on or off, it makes a spark across that contact and that is what eventually kills the unit, unless the internal battery fail first. Then if there was to be a dead short across the load side, that is almost a guarantee to blow that contact. This is what happens quite often to day-night switches when some energy saving globes when they fail cause a dead short blowing the day-night switch as well. Thats why its always better to split the control circuit from a power circuit.
  10. Somewhere before Jaco mentioned that it seemed that six panels are not connected. I would suggest the same as you are not even getting 50% power at 1pm, It might be that a bad connection on one or two of your strings is causing this. It is not easy to pick up a bad connection by just measuring volts because even if a string is barely making contact the volts might measure correct but when it takes load thats when the circuit fails. Try and measure the Amps on each string to see if they are more or less the same. Also check that the polarity for each string is correct at the fuses, as I think if the polarity on one string is wrong it will cancel out another string.
  11. I agree battery backup in these timers are very unreliable, I don’t know the major tech timer but the CBI timer should not be left unsupervised when there was load shedding as it will loose it’s time. Unfortunately the internal battery's go flat after about a year and it cannot be replaced you have to buy a new timer.
  12. Thanks for clearing that, I had to do once with a high temperature lab oven that worked with these SSR’s and I did not quite understand the working of them although I noticed when the oven reached the set temperature the little light on the SSR would flash, about once every three seconds and if it needed to increase in temperature it would pulse faster and faster, sometimes permanently on till it reached the set temperature.
  13. The SSR switching voltage is 3 to 32VDC, I think the heat generated might be due to the low switching voltage of 5V if a higher voltage of 24V or even closer to the 32V was used I think the heat might be less as the gate opens more to let more current through (reducing the resistance) Please correct me if I am missing the plot, but I think theses SSR’ are normally driven through a temperature controller that pulses 3V for low heat and pulses 32V for high heat.
  14. Only difference seems to be the 25A to 40A has numbers at contacts instead of the L & GN like on 63A units


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