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  1. I have a 5 kva genrator ... a meccer inverter etc etc ... made a plan to get things to work. But now at a point where i need to come up with a cheap solution for light during load shedding. I have 3 magneto LED lanterns (bought from game for R199 on special a couple years ago) positioned in the bedroom ... passage and kitchen. They generate a lot more light than i expected ...for the price and the duration they last on battery power ... i am super impressed. We even use them on site for lighting in roof spaces etc ... I could run power points to each light and leave the switch on sta
  2. I am busy setting up my security lights to work via the alarm ... I got tired of using 1 app for the alarm (hyyp)...one app for the cctv (IDMSS plus) and another app to trigger lights etc (ewelink) The alarm app now offers alarm... cctv and device activation. A brief descritption : zone 1 - outside beam facing the gate. camera 1 - outside facing the gate. light 1 - 50 watt LED flood light. day/night switch - so that the security flood lights only work at night. partition 4 - outside beams. old cellphone and tablet - cellphone is mobile to carry around
  3. Just got feedback from the person trying to fix the RCT 5 kva inverter... no spares available. Anyone know of someone who can repair RCT 5 kva inverters and who carries spares ?
  4. "out of stock" the most common sign viewed online when looking for a backup solution.
  5. The DB must be clearly labelled...the more info the better for everyone ...especially the people living in the house. The DB name. Where it is fed from. You could put the size of the supply cable (optional) Identify each switch and circuit breaker. "in case of accidental leakage switch off the main switch" in 11 official languages is required (just kidding only english and afrikaans)
  6. Its simple you contact an electrical inspector who specialises in COC's ...tell him you are selling your house and need a COC for the sale ...if you do it this way ....you not only get the backup system signed off ...you also get a COC for the rest of the house... provided the house is up to standard...otherwise an inspection report is carried done and a list of all the repairs required is issued with a quote to repair. A backup system cannot be signed off unless there is a valid COC for the rest of the house... so either way you actually need a COC for the entire property in any case.
  7. I see bluenava have just launched their Racpower solution... BN52V-100-5,2K A rack or wall mounted option (compatible with victron peripherals) As i learn more and more about inverters and batteries ...this is certainly gona be an option i will be looking into. Until recently i just couldnt see why people would throw hard earned money at these expensive options...however as the systems i work on get older and older ...i am seeing the consequences of using lead acid and cheap inverters... you may be saving in the short term ...and if that is all you looking for ...it certainly
  8. Been spending hours doing research into solar ...inverters and batteries... something i thought was a smart idea ...the person had taken clear PVC tube... fitted it to the breather outlet of his lead acid batteries and run it outside the building...especially if you have no option but to install lead acid batteries in a confined space.
  9. My advice to you ...if you interfere with the integrity of the electrical installation anyway ...make sure you have a mate who can inspect and pass the modification/backup system...or contact your local sparkie and ask him to oversee the project and test and issue a COC when completed. I am not going to go into details ...but what i will tell you... if you doing "off grid" DIY solar...inverter installations etc and you dont interfere with the integrity of the electrical installation in anyway ...that's is one thing ...as soon as you link the system into the property electrical installat
  10. Today some fool indicated on the radio that eskom are charging ...using an example ...R6 for a R10 service and should increase the price to what everyone else around the world is paying for electricity... Eskom can no longer charge a reduce rate ...they should be charging their worth ...like everything in this country ...you can only smile and say ....eeeeish.
  11. The inverter goes boom ...the first thing we do is look for the warranty. It seems there are few things to consider before you rush out and install a solar / inverter system yourself ...especially if you hope to claim within the warranty period. We are looking into upgrading a system installed at a customers house...I wouldnt even consider an RCT (1 year ...no repair centre) ...maybe a meccer (also 1 year...with a repair centre in Durban and very helpful technical department...but limited spares) but it seems that if plans to spend money on one of the cheapie systems the kodak (2 y
  12. The new system ...to plan as we learn...and hopefully by the time the building is ready (in 2 months time) we have a much better understanding about solar... inverters and batteries ...no solar at this point in time...but it might be an optional extra. The supply cable from the meter box to the new Main DB will have to be upgraded to a 25 mm x 2 core ecc cable. From the main DB: non essential items to fed from this DB. 60 amp feed to the change over switch (16 mm) 3 x 25 amp feed to the inverters (4 mm ) From the inverters to the changeover switch (3 x 4mm)
  13. Something to consider ...Apparently kodak inverters have a 2 year warranty ...if the unit is faulty during the warranty period ...they will collect the unit form the site...courier it to their service centre and repair it ...and apparently they carry spares for their units which i am told are made up of both solis and voltronic components... making it a better option ...as i mentioned ...this is all hear say ...i can only rely on information shared from distributors....that is why apparently is used frequently It seems that everyone selling inverters are experts.
  14. It is time to upgrade the system... The old system: Installed by others 16 mm cable fed from the meter box to Sub DB (80 amp mcb in the meter box...it should be a 25 mm cable from the meter box) The sub DB made up of : 3 circuit breakers each feeding 1 x 5 kva inverter (each supplied by a 10mm twin+e) 3 circuit breakers each through a timer feeding 3 geysers 1 circuit breaker feeding a manual changeover switch and from there to a Sub DB which splits to various sub DBs on the property. 3 x 10 mm twin + E cables from each of the 3 inverters into the manual ch
  15. I decided to knock the top plastic cover off the enertec maintenance free battery and have a look inside... as expected the water level is low ... the battery is still fully charged after all this time. I have been trying to find someone to look at the RCT inverter ...got hold of Rectron (RCT) they are not interested ....unless i have proof of purchase from them and the unit is still under warranty ...not interested as they do not do repairs. So i contacted Mustek who supply the meccer unit ...very helpful ...they also have technical people who do repairs to the units under warrant
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