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  1. These are still available
  2. I'm selling 30 extra Roof Hook Eco Basic for tile roofs. Link to item: https://www.geewiz.co.za/ups-inverters-batteries/105642-roof-hook-eco-basic-no-wood-screws.html?sfdr_ptcid=2961_617_545100655&sfdr_hash=0b24b12784473393a351e717dc1edbbe Going price seems to be about 130. I'm looking for 100 each I'm in Kyalami, Midrand
  3. Thanks for the replies. So would that mean I could use 2 strings of 7 canadian solar 360w panels per mppt and that would work fine? My max wattage would just drop by a few watts? Here's the panel specs: Power 360W Input Voltage 39.6V Output Current 9.10A Size 2000x992x35mm Weight 22.5kg Open Circuit Voltage 47V Short Circuit Current 9.67A
  4. Hi I see that the max amps on the inverter is 18a but a few of you on the forum are going over the max amps. Is this safe? has anyone had any issues? Thanks
  5. Hi. In which area are you located?
  6. Hi I currently have a 3 phase supply and a 3 phase inverter. I've noticed a lot of wasted solar energy from unbalanced loads. I have a idea to use only one of the 3 phases for the whole house to optimize solar usage during the day. Is it possible to connect my current 3 phase grid tie inverter to only one of my phases with some kind of bi directional converter? If this isnt possible, do you have any ideas to help me solve my problem? Thanks
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