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  1. Hi @DanieT. I only got information on a new Error: 512. By signing confidentiality agreements with Goodwe this information could be available in a very short time, but could not share or publish it. The routine is already created in the system and any new error is recorded with its number. From there it is easier to find the information since the PV master in the ALARMS option provides some information about it or it may be found on the Internet. It is a pity that there are not more interested in teamwork, with this we would all benefit. Likewise, in other aspects the System is progressi
  2. Hi. I am designing a system that works on windows from Xp to 10, which reads the Data sent by the Goodwe "ES" to the LAN Network, in the same way that the PV master or EzManager applications read them, I put a Youtube Link of the system in deal: https://youtu.be/S2CSYPYRD-Q At the moment I am doing the Error Reference Log and cannot find technical information on all possible errors. I only have information on 3 of them, namely: err = 537002496 = "VAC FAILURE E23" err = 536870912 = "FAC FAILURE E03" err = 537001984 = "VAC FAILURE E15" The 1st Number is the one that the
  3. Hi @gbyleveldt and thanks Exact. There are special Goodwe firmwares for Lead Acid batteries and they work very well (for me at least). Likewise, I do not agree with you regarding the Users, since their base, even in this forum, is important. There is a contradiction in Goodwe, since in its current advertising it clearly says in the Batteries section: Lead-Acid and Ion-li. While Goodwe does not guarantee "proper operation" due to known temperature correction and load parameters, it continues to support it. Yes perfect if the information is not exact, there is no other way
  4. Hi I posted a short video on youtube for you to see at work: https://youtu.be/S2CSYPYRD-Q I acknowledge that when I started programming, I had my doubts about sending commands to my Power Inverter as this was not original Goodwe information. I decided to take the risk to see the seriousness of the work of the members of the Forum whom I thanked in my previous Post. As published by @mletenay in your Github code there are at least 3 Interrogation Commands that can be sent by UDP to the Goodwe ES Series. In this Program I use 2 of them: The 1st.) Interrogation for the Data of the P
  5. I contribute with this program that runs on Windows Xp, 7, 8.1 and 10. I congratulate first of all the creator of this thread: @gbyleveldt, and a contributor whose Python code published on Github, @mletenay were the inspiration and provided me with the basic information to be able to make this program that I share with the Power Phorum community, for all those owners of Goodwe Power Inverters, only for Series: ES. I regret not being able to make adjustments for other series such as ET for example, for the simple reason that I do not have another power inverter to carry out the corresponding
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Reading live data from Goodwe ES Power Inverters from Local Area Network for Windows XP, 7, 8.1 and 10. Shows data sent by UDP packets. Installation instructions inside the .zip file. Please comment on any errors found. Any suggestion is welcome.
  7. Alpha Universal Version: https://youtu.be/hOmCtkACjPQ
  8. Perfecto. Ejecuta la aplicación y verás que en una caja de información te da las condiciones y las instrucciones claramente en inglés para solicitar la clave. Tengo una versión mucho más nueva. En cuanto pueda la subo. Te recomiendo usar 4800 baudios en la configuración de los SDM y 2 números de esclavos ModBus diferentes. Yo uso 1 para el de cargas y 2 para el de la Red. Deberás conocer los puertos RS232 asignados por windows tanto del conversor Rs485 a Rs232 como de la Interfaz VEdirect a USB. Lo otro que debes notar es que los cálculos seran absolutamente exactos siempre y
  9. Antes de cualquier otra cosa, te das cuenta que necesitas en forma previa 2 dispositivos Eastron SDM MODBUS, un Medidor de Baterias Victron BMV700 o 702 un cable VEDirect a USB para conectar el Victron a una PC y una Interfaz de conversión RS485 a RS232 a donde se conectan los Medidores de corriente SDM ? Ya tienes todo ese hardware ?
  10. No man ! When the people who are in your home have been moderately educated, if an exceptional situation occurs, before the power cut I assure you with more than 95% certainty, that the situation that produced it will be immediately removed! Before the System reboots itself, leaving only the devices with the highest automatic consumption of your home connected, por example, + Base consumption + Laser Printer connected (if available) + Refrigerator motors / freezer. All SHUTDOWN Events that you can have in a household with an average monthly consumption of approx. 700 kWh will be prod
  11. Hi. Sorry, I just see your question. I cannot export energy because even in my Province: Neuquen, they do not regulate the National Law of Distributed Generation, therefore they have not approved my system and cannot install a bi-directional current meter. Regards !
  12. Good point We go through parts like Jack the Ripper said I tell you my experiences about it for 3 years and with this, my 3rd power inverter. It has not been my intention to invent the wheel or discuss with the Goodwe Engineers or any other about the safest or most convenient way to connect a Power Inverter. I use a solution "On the border line" since I know what I am doing and also of the possible potential inconvenience, and work for me. After a very detailed study of the simultaneous consumption in my house I decided this type of connection because the worst thing that
  13. @Kawaman Thanks There is a newer version, the YouTube video is this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbSM8OsWpgA Although the audio of the video is in Spanish, the changes of the new version can be clearly seen on the screen. When I upload it in English I also upload the new version to the download area !
  14. That is what the installation manual recommends, but the solution that works for me is another. I consider it essential to have ALL the loads connected on the BACK UP side of the Power Inverter, by simple ECONOMY, because I have not yet approved my system to Inject the surplus PV produced to the GRID. The PV Power produced in excess, without consuming, is lost. For my current daily consumption of approximately 27-32 kWh / day a summer day (about 24 KWH / winter day), instant base consumption 600 to 900 watts of vital elements. In summer I can have 2 of the 3 air conditioners at home On
  15. After following the instructions sent to me by the Goodwe Technical Service, the << Firmware_2.jpg >> appears in the PV Master Application, while in the DEVICES Tab of SEMS PORTAL it appears << Firmware_1.jpg >>
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