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  1. Hi ! I was reviewing this and the reason is because in "PARAMETERS", option: PV DC-AC conversion efficiency (Goodwe reports 97%) = you must have "0", put here a value of 97 or higher.
  2. Thanks ! I just uploaded version 2.5 in the download area.
  3. Hi. Simple answer: This data, in theory, corresponds to Non-Essential Loads, if the Goodwe is connected according to the User Manual. This data I do not calculate. It is a live data in response to an interrogation command sent to the current inverter by whatever software does it properly. I show it graphically. Regards !
  4. I have not done it, but of course it is possible. Just as there are Read commands, there are a good number of Write commands. But it is a dangerous terrain, even for those who know what he is doing, if he does not have direct information from the manufacturer and above all "updated" Now, if you have an idea of programming and the UDP protocol, the Reverse Engineering work (only for reference and in a general way) would be the following: 1) While the android App "Packet Capture" or any other packet capture application is running, enter the PV Master App. 2) Enter / change the desired va
  5. Hi. I don't know exactly what you installed, what I see there are two different networks: and, but first of all. Let's try this: 1) Make sure that your router did not change the IP that it assigned to Goodwe on your LAN and that you think it still has. To do this, from the Windows command window where you installed the system, execute the PING command to the IP that you assure is the Goodwe IP. Assuming your Goodwe IP is:, type from cmd.exe, for example: C :\ ping -t You should reply packets. When your inverter is visible (positive PIN
  6. Well, it seems that we begin to understand each other 1) Exact! I have no more room for panels to the North and it is something that happens to many people !!! They cannot bring their systems to maximum production due to lack of space for more panels or lack of MPPT inputs even if there is space in other directions !!! 2) The VOC of one of the string that I am connecting in this way is 351.2 Volts, while the other is 391.2 Volts and the currents are less than 10 amperes ... For my system these Relay are found left over in their specifications and with a good margin. You would be surpri
  7. @Vassen, AliExpress 17,25 U$S Each... If you don't know how or don't want to do it, any electrician can fit this for you cheaply. In addition to what is indicated in the diagram, you only need the heatsinks, one for each Relay, the wiring and a board where to install everything ... I put a theoretical inverter with only one MPPT only to simplify the concept and to understand the idea, which apparently and from what I read so far I have not been able to achieve. To your question in the following post: I have a Goodwe 5048Es Inverter with 2 Mppt inputs. Its limit is 6,500 Tot
  8. Yes Yes of course. Obviously. Sorry if I was not clear in the description. The electrical diagram is clear.
  9. Yes of course. It is a diagram only. All Solid State Relay requires aluminum heatsinks. Not so big, this must be mounted on a board of appropriate dimensions. 2. Likewise, with all due respect, that loss figure seems too low to me. There are many possible scenarios, see it another way, let's simplify, suppose you have an Inverter with only one MPPT and that has a limit of 3000 nominal input Watts. Your property has a roof with waters to the East and another to the West and enough space. With this device you could have 3000 Watts to the East and another 3000 watts in Panels with
  10. We all wish we had the motorized devices that allow the structure of a PV string to automatically follow the position of the sun. Unfortunately they are very expensive devices and not only with associated logic but also with mechanical parts, which implies not only having the money, but also the right place for the space they require, in addition to having to give them some periodic maintenance. A very common problem is having a house with a gabled roof in the direction North-South, that is, each water from the roof one to the East and the other to the West. Given the drop in th
  11. It is for those looking for a "minimalist" presentation with only Goodwe's colored LEDs. Yes. Thanks to the intervention of a Moderator, the duplicate part could be deleted ...
  12. I present this program that I share with you in its VERSION 2.0. It is only for Goodwe Series "ES", that is, for GW3648D-ES and GW5048D-ES. It has been developed solely for academic and hobby purposes, without any commercial objective. With reference to Version 1.0 of the download area of the forum, beyond the correction of errors, small aesthetic changes, elimination of erroneous information from Goodwe itself (e_day and e_total), the self-discovery of the Power Inverter within the LAN network and adding battery self-defining parameters, I found it interesting to focus on one of
  13. Sorry, this can only be done by the goodwe representative in your area or other personnel authorized by Goodwe. Your best option for what you count is to make a Request Ticket to: https://support.goodwe.com/portal/en/newticket
  14. Hi @DanieT, if you mean the system I made, it communicates through the UDP / IP protocol. It is the same as the PV Master and the EzManager, in a Local Area Network, however you will see that the communication will be much more solid than that of the PV master. Unfortunately, Goodwe doesn't have an Ethernet port for a wired outlet. It is not necessary to have Internet access to observe your data in real time that is updated in the time interval that you select in the program. Depending on the stability of your network, the errors will be higher the lower the set polling interval. It all de
  15. Hi. I was able to extract the self-defined Battery Data, by decoding one of the commands that are sent by the PV Master application to the inverter on a regular basis. As @gbyleveldt commented at the beginning of this thread, there are different chains of commands that are sent to the Goodwe to port 8899. I discovered that in one of them is the information of the self-defined battery parameters entered by the user through the PV Master App. The command string in bytes is: 0xaa, 0x55, 0xc0, 0x7f, 0x01, 0x09,0x00, 0x02, 0x48 The answer is a 95 byte string and the data is as follows, assumi
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