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  1. Well. The answer will not be short. I hope to be clear. Reason why I add the "corrections" in the LCD Mode -Parameters-: "Using instruments with greater precision than the Goodwe (one more decimal place) I realized that the data it delivers has measurement errors even at the level of its own resolution. " If you look at my posts, you will find the RTPhoram system. This is the one that I have used "as a contrast" and simultaneously with the same PC with the readings that I get from the Goodwe. The magnitude of these errors may be greater or lesser and this will affect what would be the
  2. Hi @Barry de Kock Thanks. It is a pleasure to share what helps me with this community from which I have learned so much. The software system DOES NOT WRITE any Data to the Goodwe. It only reads the Data that is running (live data) and part of the configuration that has been written in the Power Inverter, prior to executing this program, through the Android / Iphone PV Master / Ez Manager application from Goodwe. The appearance of the program is intended to "simulate" what the Goodwe lacks, which is an LCD Display. The RED Button, which I changed in name in this version is now called "L
  3. Hi @Beylie ! You are right. In the next review I will include that Font You can search for it on the web. It is called: DS-Digital and the files are DS-DIGIB.TTF and DS-DIGIT.TTF. Regarding how to exit the system: I did it this way on purpose for now as I am in the design phase. Starting from version 3.0 I will start to record all electrical parameters in local databases, the processor workload for a single thread can increase a lot. You may need to separate it at some point in development into 2 apps. A resident that reads the data from the Goodwer and passes it to another application
  4. Through the use of external measurement instruments, I was finally able to understand how Goodwe handles energy flows. From this, I was able, using simple algebraic operations, to get the values that are not provided as live data, but are obviously calculated from them. As you will see in the new diagram showing version 2.70 of the system, which I just uploaded to the forum download site, what happens in the different energy value scenarios is clearly outlined in the diagram. I show screens of some of the possible scenarios that are self-describing I had to draw an auxiliary line (which
  5. I don't think it is an "overload" condition. Event No. 16 in the Error Log: "Stop imminent ..." in case it exceeds 4600 volts Amps and up to 6900 vA, in addition to being registered in the ERROR LOG, a "WARNING ALERT should be heard ", a siren alarm and a label showing a counter from 1 to 10 seconds ... IF this time is exceeded, Goodwe will reset as long as the load does not decrease in that time period, which also resets the system counter to "0" or if it exceeds 6900 vA, it will turn off before the 10 seconds have elapsed. You can test the system and what I'm telling you by increasing your
  6. Hi. In the indicated image sector, you will be able to observe the highest value of instantaneous amps drained from the Battery (negative value) that the inverter registers 1 second or less (depending on the time configured in Parameters: "polling rate") before performing a cut on the loads side of BackUp. (Inverter trip). It is also indicated in the corresponding column of the detected restart event Log.
  7. I analyzed the options raised here. -The best thing would be to be able to read the data directly from RS485, but the cost is to disconnect from the SEMS PORTAL. -With reference to sniffing the data transmitted by the investor to the SEMS Portal, unfortunately they are effectively encrypted. What, so far I have seen that it is possible is: -Make use of the Sems Portal API and interrogate it directly through software. You can find some of this on the WEB and on GitHub. But you will only have access to all the possibilities of the Goodwe API and its updates if you sign 2 (two) confidenti
  8. From the PC with Windos xp, 7,8 or 10 you have no response from the ping command, the program will not be able to find the inverter as @Beylie says. It has happened to me in about 6 months on about 3 occasions, that the IP of the Power Inverter "disappears" from the LAN, despite the connection with the SEMS Portal continues. It is a mystery that I have not been able to solve, but I attribute it to some interference of the Goodwe wifi signal / board with the Network / Router. Inmediate and simple solution for me: Make a simple reset of the wifi board by removing the screws on the bott
  9. Hi ! I was reviewing this and the reason is because in "PARAMETERS", option: PV DC-AC conversion efficiency (Goodwe reports 97%) = you must have "0", put here a value of 97 or higher.
  10. Thanks ! I just uploaded version 2.5 in the download area.
  11. Hi. Simple answer: This data, in theory, corresponds to Non-Essential Loads, if the Goodwe is connected according to the User Manual. This data I do not calculate. It is a live data in response to an interrogation command sent to the current inverter by whatever software does it properly. I show it graphically. Regards !
  12. I have not done it, but of course it is possible. Just as there are Read commands, there are a good number of Write commands. But it is a dangerous terrain, even for those who know what he is doing, if he does not have direct information from the manufacturer and above all "updated" Now, if you have an idea of programming and the UDP protocol, the Reverse Engineering work (only for reference and in a general way) would be the following: 1) While the android App "Packet Capture" or any other packet capture application is running, enter the PV Master App. 2) Enter / change the desired va
  13. Hi. I don't know exactly what you installed, what I see there are two different networks: and, but first of all. Let's try this: 1) Make sure that your router did not change the IP that it assigned to Goodwe on your LAN and that you think it still has. To do this, from the Windows command window where you installed the system, execute the PING command to the IP that you assure is the Goodwe IP. Assuming your Goodwe IP is:, type from cmd.exe, for example: C :\ ping -t You should reply packets. When your inverter is visible (positive PIN
  14. Well, it seems that we begin to understand each other 1) Exact! I have no more room for panels to the North and it is something that happens to many people !!! They cannot bring their systems to maximum production due to lack of space for more panels or lack of MPPT inputs even if there is space in other directions !!! 2) The VOC of one of the string that I am connecting in this way is 351.2 Volts, while the other is 391.2 Volts and the currents are less than 10 amperes ... For my system these Relay are found left over in their specifications and with a good margin. You would be surpri
  15. @Vassen, AliExpress 17,25 U$S Each... If you don't know how or don't want to do it, any electrician can fit this for you cheaply. In addition to what is indicated in the diagram, you only need the heatsinks, one for each Relay, the wiring and a board where to install everything ... I put a theoretical inverter with only one MPPT only to simplify the concept and to understand the idea, which apparently and from what I read so far I have not been able to achieve. To your question in the following post: I have a Goodwe 5048Es Inverter with 2 Mppt inputs. Its limit is 6,500 Tot
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