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  1. Perfecto. Ejecuta la aplicación y verás que en una caja de información te da las condiciones y las instrucciones claramente en inglés para solicitar la clave. Tengo una versión mucho más nueva. En cuanto pueda la subo. Te recomiendo usar 4800 baudios en la configuración de los SDM y 2 números de esclavos ModBus diferentes. Yo uso 1 para el de cargas y 2 para el de la Red. Deberás conocer los puertos RS232 asignados por windows tanto del conversor Rs485 a Rs232 como de la Interfaz VEdirect a USB. Lo otro que debes notar es que los cálculos seran absolutamente exactos siempre y cuando Todas las Cargas estén en la Salida de BACKUP del Inversor de potencia. Esto depende de tu instalación original. Si no lo has hecho observa los videos que subí a YouTube. Saludos cordiales.
  2. Antes de cualquier otra cosa, te das cuenta que necesitas en forma previa 2 dispositivos Eastron SDM MODBUS, un Medidor de Baterias Victron BMV700 o 702 un cable VEDirect a USB para conectar el Victron a una PC y una Interfaz de conversión RS485 a RS232 a donde se conectan los Medidores de corriente SDM ? Ya tienes todo ese hardware ?
  3. No man ! When the people who are in your home have been moderately educated, if an exceptional situation occurs, before the power cut I assure you with more than 95% certainty, that the situation that produced it will be immediately removed! Before the System reboots itself, leaving only the devices with the highest automatic consumption of your home connected, por example, + Base consumption + Laser Printer connected (if available) + Refrigerator motors / freezer. All SHUTDOWN Events that you can have in a household with an average monthly consumption of approx. 700 kWh will be produced by the MANUAL ignition of two or more high-consumption appliances simultaneously added at the same time to a high automatic consumption (eg Garden Irrigation Pump, Heat Pump, etc.) + Base Consumption. Example, turn on the vacuum when the microwave was already on and at that time you did not know that the Garden Irrigation Pump was already working automatically. Upon detecting the power outage and before the inverter restarts, your wife will disconnect the vacuum. But OK. I recognize that I have help for all this in an automated way through a complex Computer System for handling User-defined Events that help me to predict / notify and act through Relays and contactors. Also historical LOGS that allow me to evaluate what went wrong.
  4. Hi. Sorry, I just see your question. I cannot export energy because even in my Province: Neuquen, they do not regulate the National Law of Distributed Generation, therefore they have not approved my system and cannot install a bi-directional current meter. Regards !
  5. Good point We go through parts like Jack the Ripper said I tell you my experiences about it for 3 years and with this, my 3rd power inverter. It has not been my intention to invent the wheel or discuss with the Goodwe Engineers or any other about the safest or most convenient way to connect a Power Inverter. I use a solution "On the border line" since I know what I am doing and also of the possible potential inconvenience, and work for me. After a very detailed study of the simultaneous consumption in my house I decided this type of connection because the worst thing that could happen was an overload and shutdown of the Power Inverter, which translates into a few minutes without electricity, until the situation of that exceptional consumption is normalized. The experience in all this time has been 4 (four) overload events, 3 (three) with my previous nominal 5.5 KVA inverter and 1 (one) with this in 3 years. Every power inverter is prepared to handle error situations due to overload and shutdown as long as these are not frequent, since the damage can be irreversible. In all the events there was simultaneity of high consumption higher than what the power inverters could handle Instantaneously. If your base consumption is between 600 to 1000 watts, an electric iron, a microwave, a 2000 watt vacuum will cause a shutdown fail ! Of course. The solutions that worked for me are: 1) Family Education. It may be awkward at first, but it's simple. There are not too many VERY high consumption devices in a home. The trick is simply to tell the family to find out if there are several of these on at once. Household devices with the highest consumption are usually used just day when the solar use is the greatest. 2) After the first 3 events with the 5.5K inverter, the development of a computer system that senses every 2 seconds different parameters, including the Load Current and by setting a logical condition: If Amper> = 19 and Time > 5 seconds, I act on a Relay of a Relay Board connected to the system which in turn acts on a CONTACTOR (other than the one I show in the scheme to protect the Back Up Batteries) that cuts the Power of the High Consumption Line, only. The only event I had with the Goodwe was due to another problem. I have an old Air Conditioner of 4500 Fridges (approx. 1980 watts). By a fault of the same one, when igniting it of day the starting current surpassed the 27 Amper! And this I detected by the software I use and feel every 1 second the electrical parameters. My profit is reflected in the Energy Invoice that I pay at the end of the month.
  6. @Kawaman Thanks There is a newer version, the YouTube video is this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbSM8OsWpgA Although the audio of the video is in Spanish, the changes of the new version can be clearly seen on the screen. When I upload it in English I also upload the new version to the download area !
  7. That is what the installation manual recommends, but the solution that works for me is another. I consider it essential to have ALL the loads connected on the BACK UP side of the Power Inverter, by simple ECONOMY, because I have not yet approved my system to Inject the surplus PV produced to the GRID. The PV Power produced in excess, without consuming, is lost. For my current daily consumption of approximately 27-32 kWh / day a summer day (about 24 KWH / winter day), instant base consumption 600 to 900 watts of vital elements. In summer I can have 2 of the 3 air conditioners at home On without problems, during the hours of greatest solar irradiation, taking very little energy from the GRID. Since Goodwe has a good reserve of excess power for instant starting, I have not had shutdown problems due to overload. However, as in the case of GRID POWER CUT if there would be problems since it would be too much charge for the batteries, I found the solution by making 2 separate Power Lines. A High Consumption for Microwave, washing machine, dryer, Air Conditioner, Laser printer, etc. and another for all Vital Requirements but always DOWN of the BACK UP OUTPUT. With a Contactor that allows the CUT of the High consumption line when the external power of the public GRID is cut, leaving the battery power just to keep all the rest of the house's vital circuits. Because I use lead acid batteries, with another contactor I avoid a discharge too deep and harmful to the Batteries. The complete circuit that I use can be found here: https://powerforum.co.za/topic/1452-electrical-schematic-contactors-and-bmv702-relay/
  8. After following the instructions sent to me by the Goodwe Technical Service, the << Firmware_2.jpg >> appears in the PV Master Application, while in the DEVICES Tab of SEMS PORTAL it appears << Firmware_1.jpg >>
  9. @Bobster Firmware version 13134 for my GW5048 resolved both the SOC problems and the ones you indicate about data transmission outages to the SEMS PORTAL. I have not had connection problems or data transmission since I updated the Firmware. Regards !
  10. Ok Jaco. You have read my post about the Energy measurements of the Grid Side and the Load side. An Eastron SDM 230 Meter is cheap and quite accurate. From the Tests I did, and as Plonkster said, you can read the changes between exported, 0, or imported energy using MODBUS in about 500 ms. with a very low CRC error count. You do all the calculations you need and you can, if you need it, add and handle a solid state RELAY board with ARDUINO and make decisions according to the logic you program, adding about 200ms to 500 ms more by interacting with a connection RELAY by cable (not wirelessly). Total, approximately in 1 (one) second..
  11. Hi Jaco. I would like to know if I understood. When you refer to negative AC, do you mean AC Export of a Hybrid Power Inverter to the Grid and AC Positive Import from the Grid? If so, I can think of a solution.
  12. It was already uploaded... https://powerforum.co.za/files/file/45-rtphoram/
  13. Cef


    Version 1.0.0


    Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqF4P1OCEb4 It makes no sense to download this software without the necessary hardware. Surely very few will use it. The screen images correspond to the last revision, adding certain functionalities to the one shown in the YouTube video, such as Registration in Database with duration of 7 days, auto start, auto rec and for those who do not have a temperature sensor, but if they control the midpoint voltage, I added the corresponding data extracted from the BMV. Relay Status and Alarms also added. On the Eastron connected to the GRID side, Reactive Energy is added, which is interesting to compare with the Active Energy values for certain circumstances. Free lifetime license for all forum users. Comment Thread: https://powerforum.co.za/topic/4112-energy-readings-in-real-time-from-any-power-inverter/
  14. Hi ! This weekend in the Forum Download Zone. RTPhoram application (Do not confuse with Phoram) This YouTube video shows a briefly earlier version... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqF4P1OCEb4&t=77s But please remember that it doesn't work if you don't have: 1) 2(two) Eastron MOD BUS meters (I recommend the SDM230 model) 2) 1(one) RS485 to RS232 interface 3) 1(one) VICTRON BMV600 / 702 and VE-DIRECT to Rs232 or VE-Direct to USB Cable battery meter. And all connected.-
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