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  1. I can't see how it will work, I assume the plate with 5 holes must some how attach to a beam/rafter but then you have the section going down before going up, doesn't make sense to me. I think you need to go back to your supplier and he should demonstrate....
  2. Thanks gents, the Heinemann earth leakage was replaced by one from ACDC (apparently less sensitive) but did not make a noticeable difference. I'm currently getting quotes to have the DB "revamped" and to check for problems causing trips.
  3. Point taken @Speedster. It is my fault for not dealing with it earlier, at the time companies required special permits to operate and most stores were closed. The bigger picture is the sensitivity of the Goodwe, which I thought would be of benefit to the community to be aware of and the knowledge and expertise found here. My thanks to people who took the trouble to contribute. Prior to solar installation only occasional tripping of power over a 25 year period, the new variable introduced was the solar system and Goodwe, with many tripping events not linked to specific actions.
  4. Thanks @Cef I've had issues with the wiring of the house. Your diagnosis is correct in the sense that we've had the earth leakage frequently tripping and then with the hard lockdown last year the installer disabled it. I've also have a small water pump used infrequently that was jammed and tripped parts of the system after about 5 sec even while the grid was up, but only now seeing the connection. So I need to stop procrastinating and get the house wiring checked properly. Can anyone recommend a knowledgeable electrician in Pietermaritzburg?
  5. Thanks @P1000 and @FixAMessfor pointing out that the -31,4 amps was at the battery, (thats about 1500 w). The reason for tripping still not known, the microwave probably not the problem, so it could be the inverter, battery, wiring, (individually or in combination).
  6. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I followed @Cef suggestion to document the highest amps drained from the battery. I had to install the utility on a notebook as my desktop runs of battery backup power when I turn off municipal supply. Turns out -31.4 amps was used. The inverter/battery kept the microwave going for 15 sec and then tripped. The Goodwe can supply 6900 VA for 10 sec or 30 Amps at 230 volt for 10 seconds, no wonder it tripped. My model of microwave is made specially for the South African market, perhaps mine is faulty or perhaps this is a place where you can sell "old" technolo
  7. Agree with Tariq there is something else causing the problem, will speak to installer.
  8. I used CEF's utility again the microwave definitely uses closer to 1700 to 1800 w not the 1100 w quoted by AEG when using the 1 min automated setting. I will check with AEG how they determined consumption, it looks a bit suspect, however I don't have proper calibrated tools.... We scaled down from a Samsung to the AEG to try and reduce power. We normally don't use power hungry appliances during outages when the suns not shining to conserve battery power as we don't know how long the power will be off. Our municipal power infrastructure has not been maintained, we had no power for 6 days ov
  9. Thanks @FixAMessI extracted the report it does indeed show Fault and then Wait as the inverter rebooted after turning connection to grid back on, I can't see a difference in the backup circuit but not sure what I'm looking for. What was interesting is that the microwave ran for probably 5 seconds (not precise) before tripping the inverter, so looks like inverter/batteries could not provide current but perhaps microwave power draw did not drop to 1100 w. Checked the latter with CEF's utility for the Goodwe, (shows power use), looks like the microwave draws about 1800 w for more than 10 seconds
  10. Good suggestion, will try tonight, generating 4.5kwh at moment and was told to not touch DC isolator switches.....
  11. Thanks Tinuva My firmware is 1212112. Also checked the Goodwe data export, load definitely about 500w. Power outages occurred at about 18h00, we did not notice power was off, wife wanted to heat food in microwave at 18h20 and tripped inverter! Took me a while to get system up. Don't think the battery capacity is an issue according to Pylontech US3000 spec one battery should be able to deliver 100a for 15 sec during peak discharge. It is possible that the system may not be balanced, however I did not want to spend further R19k! Any other thoughts?
  12. Has anyone had asimilar problem? Is there an obvious solution? "I have 2 x 3.5w pylontechs and a Goodwe 5048 D inverter. During power outages my AEG microwave that's labelled to consume 1100 w trips the inverter, that should be able to handle 4600 VA or 20 amp, and 6900 VA for 10 sec. Feedback from the overseas AEG factory is that the microwave draws 10 amps during startup, well within the Goodwe spec. AEG have suggested that the diameter and length of wire could be a problem, also asked about "protection" run by Goodwe and other loads. At most we have about 500 wh being used on an ongoing
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