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  1. Just an update on my experience with this... the issue has not yet reoccurred for me, but the temperatures have been fairly moderate of late with a fair bit of rain & cool weather. And the inverter does not seem to have been working as hard. It could well be a temperature thing as @Coulomb suggests - seems most likely to me. I am, however, probably going to ditch my "Axpert" (I reckon it's a clone, grrr...) in favour of a Sunsynk fairly soon, so not sure I will be able to contribute experience on this point for too much longer. Incidentally, it seems to me that the Axpert's MPPT
  2. If you use the ICC software, you can monitor the inverter temperature. See below
  3. I agree with this, provided they are 60-cell panels.
  4. @Barryv, @Jay-Dee awesome, thanks for taking the time guys. What you are saying makes sense to me, and accords with what I've managed to informally work out from the various forums. I will take a pic of the key parts of the setup, and post them here later to show you what it looks like.
  5. I would be keen to hear if anybody has feedback on your point 1 above. I also trying to figure out what the regs and requirements in COJ are
  6. Good day all I recently had 3660w of solar panels installed (12 panels in 3s4p). But I recently developed some doubts about whether the installation is fully up to standards and requirements. Can anybody shed some light (provide extracts preferably ) on what SANS requires from residential PV installations? In particular, what does it say about: - earthing the PV array - is it required by law? - earthing to home DB earth vs separate earth spikes - surge arrestors on the PV Cables (I've only got fuses on each string positive and a single 2pole breaker across it all) - PV c
  7. True that. At least it helps to have informed forums like this to help steer clear of suppliers who do engage in this practice. Pity the wider public/layman typically does not have that kind of input or advice at the point of sale. Perhaps it would benefit everybody to maintain a list of "dodgy" parties! I've since been in contact with both supplier and installer and despite me being very courteous and cooperative in my approach, they have started doing the opposite, and I sense a reluctance to provide me with any more information. Supplier is now refusing to answer my questions about the
  8. I stumbled across this post and replies, and I too have the exact same Easypower 5Kva machine, which appears to be a clone. I am pretty pissed off, to be honest. I didn't buy directly from Easypower but from an installer who got his hardware from them. At the time I was a bit naive not aware of the clone issue, and just remember being told this is a rebranded Axpert. Now that I have played and learnt a bit more, I want to resolve the premature float bug (well-discussed Axpert thing) through @Coulomb's deftly patched firmware. But I realise I don't know which exact Axpert model of inverter this
  9. Super, thanks for the helpful suggestions @Coulomb. Probably going to pass on testing the 2S theory, simply because its a very awkward, high location for the panels, with no easy way for me to access the wiring. I will however look into the fans & cooling. It was fairly hot on the day I experienced the dip, but been quite cool and overcast since then, and the issue has not yet reoccurred. In the meantime, I'm also learning how to fine tune my BMV's settings and SOC readings. Quite a fun journey so far, and so much to learn! Jaco
  10. Thanks @Coulomb, appreciate your reply. The panels are 60 cell (half cell panels - the suppliers also advised to get them for this reason ) Max PV voltage reading to date was 114v, and although I've only had the panels in for a few days, seems to peak daily at around 100-110v. Pity about the Axpert clone. I'm secretly hoping it will die, so I can replace it with a "true" hybrid like the Sunsynk 8kw that I see is also available through Powerforum-store. Wish I had been aware of this forum before I started my solar journey!
  11. Hi guys Stumbled across this informative thread, after experiencing the exact sane thing: newly installed PV array and PV Watts dropping to zero randomly during sunny midday. Stays that way for until next day and then seems to reset. Very insightful reading here, but seems the issue still persists? Does anybody know if there has been feedback on this on perhaps new firmware planned? Or perhaps some acknowledgement/response from the original manufacturer (Voltronic?). I read about @Coulomb's Axpert firmware patch and was going to investigate that for improved use of my Axpert, bu
  12. Very useful input guys, thanks! I am also trying to get my Axpert settings dialled in and this is educating me bit by bit, esp on the max charging current.
  13. @plonkster and @louisvdw thanks for the help & info guys! Much appreciated
  14. Hi guys, apologies for resurrecting an old thread but I felt my question flowed nicely from here. My question is also about the placement of the BMV, but slightly different... I am planning to install a BMV-702 on my 12x 100ah12v (48v configuration) gel battery system. I too have a inline fuse quick disconnect similar to @Elbow's picture above. Both my positive and negative main cables (35mm2) from the battery bank pass through the fuse quick disconnect (100A fuse on each line) before entering my Axpert 5kva inverter. From what I've gathered, the BMV's shunt should be close as possibl
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