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  1. Very Very Nice installation... Great thinking on the heatsink! Well Done!
  2. Very interested to know too. I have reached out to them now via the contact form to ask if they do a demo or have an online demo to look at it
  3. Thank you in advance... I will definitely be keeping an eye out for that.
  4. @Solar Assistant Are You expecting to include Narada batteries anytime soon? Keen to give your system a go but need it to be able to talk to my batteries
  5. I have an Axpert King 5K with firmware version 71.94.. Is there a patched firmware for this unit that also has the utility charge / no utility charge issue fixed?
  6. That you as always! Reading through the spec's, I can see that the charge voltage quoted is supposed to be 54±0.5V... This is also making me think that my settings are off and perhaps the Narada's need higher voltage like the Pylontechs. I am going to play around and see Re the float bug... How would one tell if my inverter suffers from this? Lastly, how often would you recommend equalising without a float bug vs with a float bug? Thanks in advance!
  7. In addition to the above, I can confirm that the lowest the battery voltage dropped to was 48.7v under a mild load before PV kicked in and started charging... This gives me confidence that I am heading back in the right direction
  8. I cant comment on the Hoselect battery but a good friend has an Averge which is a rebranded Leoch, aimed to differentiate from those sold to the teleco's from what I am lead to believe. Battery seems to perform well / without any issues at all. Their support also is very good (Averge in JHB) as his first battery was damaged in transit to Cape Town. They sent a new battery immediately and only collected the damage battery afterwards. I personally went for Narada (very similar price) in my setup only due to the BMS comms to ICC which is not available for Averge currently. This was a ke
  9. I fully agree these low voltage readings are extremely concerning. I decided to fully charge the batteries from grid for the first time in a while. From the below, you can see that while the SOC hit 100% at around 22:55 it only stopped charging the battery around 01:10 when it hit the bulk charge 52.5v and then returned to the floating 51.4v Since fully charging on Saturday, I have then run off grid again and you can see things are running a lot more "normal". This morning when pulling the below, you can see we are back just under 50% SOC and the voltage is sitting around 49v
  10. Sadly or fortunately... Which ever way one wishes to look at it.. This was not the problem. While it was loose, it was not enough to cause an issue. In the process, I actually split the batteries and put a meter on each and both had the same low voltage readings while the SOC from the BMS (and SOC lights) were high
  11. So I have already chatted to Manie from ICC when installing the batteries and ICC only reads from 1 on the Narada's... Apparently (I cant personally confirm), the way the Narada's communicate is different to Pylontec in the sense that while they talk to each other the reporting back to ICC is only of the battery which you are plugged into and not the combination of all. In theory this will not make a difference as they should be balanced / equal but I know it is something they are looking further into as they have been pulling logs from my system. As a precaution, I did also change the BMS
  12. Thank you for the insight... I had not looked at the curve from that perspective. I am running 2 batteries in parallel with BMS comms between them and then comms back to my ICC, so the readings are coming directly from the batteries. You got me thinking and I recently mounted the batteries on wall mount brackets and check the cabling this morning... The one negative cable, although making a solid connect is loose. I am going to put it some locking washers in an hour or so and will keep an eye on it.. I did put a meter to both batteries and I am getting current form both batteries althoug
  13. Hoping someone has some insight for me on an odd problem... The last two days, my system is switching back to grid from battery mode in the early mornings. This is caused by the batteries hitting a low voltage of 44v in a sudden drop. As you can see from the below graphs, the steep decline is not caused by an increase in usage or drop in temperature. The final drop was caused by an increase in load when we got up this morning but that does not explain what happened for the hour before which lead to the problem. This has happened once or twice before but on days when the batteries were not f
  14. 71.94 also solved the issue for me with a King and 1x US-3000 on my folks installation Our issue was when the battery hit 100%, the PV would cut off but we still have voltage... So it will be interesting to know if this solves you problem too
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