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  1. Hi @Jaco de Jongh, if you can send me your email address and contact number (DM or here), I will send you what I am looking for a cost estimate on and can discuss further. Thanks. Jason
  2. Hi all I am looking to add more panels to an existing system (4 to 10 panels depending on cost). Everything is already prepped and will be independently signed off afterwards with a full COC for the entire house. I am looking for an independent installer who can install the additional panels for me with wiring and provide the mounting hardware or provide me with quantities of what to order. If anyone has recommendations, please let me know (Souther Suburbs, Cape Town) Thanks in advnace
  3. Hello all and sorry in advance if this has already been asked but I can find it with searching (perhaps searching for the wrong thing) I am doing a complete revamp on my system which was installed prior to current regulations with regards to cut off switches, change overs etc... I am looking at not only being compliant but wanting to do it right! My new setup will be as follows 1x Axpert King 5K inverter 3 banks of panels (2 in series, 2 parallel per set), totalling 12 panels 1x Narada 40V 100AH Li-ion battery Setup will be fed from the grid only when PV and battery are depleted / below 20% DOD. "Safety" in my system currently is as follows (all mounted in the garage with the inverter and battery) My inbound current goes through a dual pole circuit breaker and out via a digital AMP & Volt meter to the inverter (shows me the draw and confirms if there is live current) My return current goes through a dual pole circuit breaker and out via a digital AMP & Volt meter to the inverter (shows me the draw and confirms if there is live current) Solar Bank (currently only 1) goes through a DC circuit breaker to the inverter Things that I am going to add to the above this week while upgrading Battery disconnect / DC circuit break between the inverter and battery (even though the battery has it's own breaker). This will also have a digital volt meter to confirm if there is live current DC circuit break per solar bank and then another combining all three banks prior to the inverter. This will also have a digital volt meter to confirm if there is live current My questions are... In addition to the above, do I need any of the following and can you confirm if it is for regulation or doing it right (interest sake and for others to know) Manual change over switch. The inverter has this built in and I have no intention of running the without the inverter even if it fails, I would rather fix the problem than bypass Fuses on solar and / or battery Anything else / changed on the above Thanks in advance
  4. Does anyone know where you can purchase Risen Solar Panels? I am looking for "rsm72-6-330p" panels in particular, in Cape Town. If you are an installer too, let me know as I am looking for someone to add a few panels to an existing setup and do not want to go back to my original installer Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all... Thank you for the feedback... I am expecting my Narada battery to arrive either tomorrow or Monday. Thanks again.
  6. @pierre. - Sadly for your diagnosis, I have given up on my parallel project and called it quits.. I have order my replacement larger inverter and new battery. Sorry, I wont be able to help as the inverters are now permanently disconnected.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Both of mine go were going into fault mode and needed to be shut down. I have since disconnected the parallel setup and was going to abandon it until re-reading your thread. I am going to give it another try today with matching length and gauge cabling as I know this was an issue on my side but is easily rectifiable for me. A quick question and sorry in advanced if it is obvious... Where are you puling the logs from? Watch Power? If so, is there anything that needs to be enabled to store logs...? I have ICC monitoring my setup at the moment, so have not been using WatchPower... may need to arrange a PC / Laptop in the garage to monitor if needed. Thanks in advanced
  8. Question, as I am suffering similar problems.... Does your come out of 72 on its own or do you have to reset the inverters? I have 2x Axpert Kings that do the same but trip the earth at the same time... I think I have solved the earth problem but need to look into the 72 error now too Thanks in advance
  9. Hello all. Looking at replacing my current AGM setup with lithium. Considering the following two batteries... 1 - Narada 48NPFC100 2 - Averge CH48100 Both batteries are 48V 100A and have very similar specs and price. The Narada talks directly with ICC and the Averge will require a Victron BMV (which I have from my existing batteries) My question is, from personal experience which is better or why did you chose the battery for yourself?
  10. Thank you, found the thread... Interesting but the costs of the external MPPT would not be financially beneficial for me... I would also prefer the large Inverter at the same time
  11. Hello all. I currently have an Axpert King 3K and am looking to upgrade to something a little bigger as I want to expand my solar array... Naturally, I am leaning towards the Axpert King 5K but wanted to get opinions from others if there was something else I should be looking at in the similar R15k price range. I will have the following in my setup. Battery - 4x 200AH 12v batteries or 1x 4.8kw Li-ion battery PV - 2.6kw initial with the idea of expanding up to 4kw Load - peaking up to 4kw I like the Axpert King mainly due to the 0ms transfer time which has always been very friendly to my desktop computers, home automation and LED lighting. I am currently using ICC Software for reporting & control and I like tinkering with the settings to get the max out of the system. Any suggestions that would be better than the Axpert King? If so, can you give me some motivations why if possible. Thanks in advance P.S. If anyone is looking for an Axpert King 3K, I will have one for sale soon
  12. Thank you for the above... I think the other similar post referring to the F72 error has answered my issues and that is difference in lengths of AC output / return cables. I am most likely going to scrap the cluster, sell my inverter and simply purchase a bigger one that I should have done so originally as you know I am having the firmware issues too Thank you for all your input. I really appreciate
  13. Sorry, then my insight is exhausted here Some troubleshooting ideas 1 - If you change the PV's around... does the HS/Master unit still stay half of the Slave? i.e. is it the PV install or the Inverters 2 - If you shut down the slave unit and just run the primary... does it stay at same value or increase? i.e. confirming if it is a Parallel issue
  14. Good morning all... I am having an odd issue with a new Axpert King Parallel setup. On Friday last week, I added a 2nd inverter to my setup and connected everything as per the manual diagram for 2 inverters. When turning the systems back on, they immediately tripped the Mains' Earth Leakage and would not allow it to be put back up. The inverters still were powered up due to battery and PV but the newly installed unit had set itself to HS and the original to SL while providing an F72 error. I removed the return / load wire from the 2nd unit and just left the original one connected.. Turned both back on and all was well. The original unit with Solar connected has HS and the 2nd unit was SL.. This worked for about 2 hours until they tripped the post inverter earth leakage and when checking the units they had reverted back to SL and HS on the "incorrect" units with an F72 error. I turned off the new unit, disconnected the comms cable and left it until Saturday afternoon. I then reconnected the new unit exactly the same as per Friday but this time started the old / original unit up first, let it go online correctly and then only turned on the new / 2nd unit. They worked perfectly and everything ran as it should (PV on the HS / primary unit.. Mains connected and battery connected to both with all comms cables installed correctly). The units changed modes between SBU / SUB and Utility with no issue and Sunday ran like a charm. This morning when PV generation kick in, the program changed from SUB to SBU without an issue but 20 mins later, the Mains' Earth Leakage tripped again. No errors on the units and the Earth Leakage went backup without an issue.. About 20 mins later, it tripped again but this time the HS and SL had changed, F72 error was back and the Earth Leakage would not go back up. I have removed the load / return feed from the new / 2nd inverter, removed the comms cables and power both back up... The primary unit is function 100% with load, battery and PV... the new / 2nd unit is on perfectly but doing nothing beside testing the earth (with no issues for the last hour). Am I missing something? Is there supposed to be something connected inline with the load / return feed to prevent this from happening and what is an F72 error. I initially through it was a firmware difference error but they are both running identical firmware version. Thanks in advance... Really want to get this stable before adding PV to the 2nd unit
  15. I see from the above that the battery is fully charged, when this is happening what is the load on the system as from the display it would seem low. I had the same issue with my King when first installed, the unit will only draw the PV power required... i.e. If the battery is full and the load only requires 2.63kw, that is all it will draw, irrespective of there is more available. From the load indicator, this would make 100% sense as presumably you have 2x Axpert King 5K units, which look like they are under 25% load.. i.e. a combined 2.5kw, hence not pulling more than 2.63kw when taking into account system losses. Why it is not pulling even from both, who knows but you will most likely find that the load is not being evenly pulled either and this may explain the disproportionate PV. Easy way to test.. increase the load and see what happens to the PV generation
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