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  1. And not night-time for me. Can be wet and bypass, but if panels are generating some power all seems ok. @APV solution is lasting.
  2. Yes they are poly crystalline and Class A. See data sheet attached. Model Number is CS6U-330P. Canadian_Solar-Datasheet-MaxPower-CS6U-P-v5.52en.pdf
  3. Don't think I will be using Canadian Solar again. Wonder if I should try get them to replace? They do seem to be the common denominator.
  4. Hi @APV rained last night and no 08 error for a change. Yes works exactly like you say. Bulb glows for a second or two and the relay kicks in. I used wire from 30amp extension cord. Next to the 40 amp wire it does look thin but it's only a short run and my 12 panels only producing 4000w absolute max at 220v so should be fine. A BIG thank you to you for figuring this out! I would still like to know what's causing the leak and if other inverters are designed to overcome panel leaks. Charles
  5. Thanks @APV it's in and nothing blew up.
  6. Hi @Classna I searched on "LD03-16B12" and it seems there are many options internationally to source this component.
  7. Hi @APV, been struggling to find a 40amp 220v DC 12vdc coil relay (this for 12 335wp panels in two strings). Would you please suggest a part number and manufacturer. Thanks Charles
  8. Thanks @APV, pity my supplier didn't disclose this issue when I was sold the kit. Please share components needed. Thanks Charles.
  9. Thanks @APV and @Coulomb. Impressive skills. With my setup if it's rains and there is PV voltage, with some current, in bypass mode, the bus voltage stays stable. This changes at sunset as I experienced today. Good all day, then, with the onset of evening, a crash with 08 error.
  10. Thanks @APV all in bypass mode?
  11. This thread gives Voltronic a lot to go on.
  12. @Coulomb I think you are on to it. When mains voltage has peaked at 240v or so has been a feature of the problem. This is what I sent to my supplier when it first happend. Inverter went down at point 1 on graph, restarted a few times between 1 and 2 but same issue with error "08" caused inverter to fail. So left off from 2 to point 3. Hope this helps. Charles
  13. Thanks @Coulomb. I have a 350w pump that runs 24/7 so unlikely that the load dropped below that. I do have a 1hp pump supplying water to the house connected and fridge connected. These are the defining features of the problem as I see them: Load around 15% No PV voltage But PV breaker connected Bypass mode Moisture on panels Been in bypass mode for quite a while, multiple hours Rained the whole night on and off. Disconnected the panels and the unit stayed up all night. Still raining but panels producing some power at 1 or 2 amps. Bus voltage stable.
  14. Hi all, thought I would share this. Spent whole day on bypass, rainy day with very little power generated. PV panels connected, bus voltage has risen to 480V at about 17:30. ================ Status ================== Parameter Value Unit ac_input_frequency 49.8 Hz ac_input_voltage 226.6 V ac_output_active_power 0992 W ac_output_apparent_power 1065 VA ac_output_frequency 49.8 Hz ac_output_load 021 % ac_output_volt
  15. @rddkrn thanks for this. Something I have been wanting to do. Would you mind sharing your code? Is it Python?
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