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  1. Hi, Is there any obvious reason why it will switch from hybrid mode to battery mode? From the logs I can see that every time this happens, the grid voltage is a few volts higher than the grid output voltage.
  2. What does the error logs say in your monitoring software on the pc? After I installed my Infini I had issues with the unit disconnecting from the grid at random times, and from the error logs I was able to identify the problem. The issue was with the inverter upper grid frequency limit that had to be raised as sometimes the incoming grid frequency would be higher than what was the upper limit setting on the inverter. After adjusting the setting on the inverter I never had any issues again.
  3. Sorry to hear about the terrible experience with the sales person. Is there no way to speak to a manager or the owner?
  4. Thanks! Appreciate the feedback. I think they use different lithium batteries, not sure of the make, so the firmware update might not help them.
  5. Hi @Tsa, Are you still experiencing trips? A colleague and his son-in-law both had Growatt systems installed and are experiencing trips late in the afternoon.
  6. There is also this one: Not sure how reliable they are.
  7. Demand charge is indeed measured in kVA.
  8. City of Tshwane will also charge you a minimum demand charge based on previous 3 month's use:
  9. Hi @Elbow, Could you please share how you did this? I have the latest version of Watchpower where I can set the limit on the Amps drawn from the batteries, but because I have PT's and the inverter is not reporting the correct battery values, this does not seem to work for me. Regards, Francois
  10. Municipality pays almost nothing for pushing back to the grid and lots of hassle to get it approved, so not really useless.
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