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  1. The inverter also uses electricity to function, so my guess is that the 400w increase in daily consumption is the inverter's use of electricity to function.
  2. @Allsorts I am not familiar with the Goodwe inverters, but since it is a hybrid, shouldn't it supply the excess from the grid when available? Do you also have solar panels?
  3. The recommended discharge current per battery is 37A. With 2 batteries that gives you 74A @ 48V = 3.5kW.
  4. The 2 x US3000 Pylontech's are capable of more than the 2.3kw back-up rating of the inverter, so they are probably not to blame. What kind of high loads are you referring to?
  5. Can you possibly get the rest of the specs like the sample below.
  6. Hi @CliveS, do you perhaps have the specs of your solar panels?
  7. Hi @CliveS, Is the attached datasheet the one for your inverter? If so, I see the MPPT operating voltage is between 60V and 115V. In your one screenshot where the unit is working correctly, you can see the voltage is at 107V (within the limit), but in the other screenshot where it is not working the voltage is 121v (outside the operating limit). I am not sure if this is your problem, but maybe worth investigating. Like @Rclegghas said, it's possible that the panels are wired incorrectly and during certain conditions the voltages are exceeding the limits of the MPPT, and then it shuts down. Synapse 50 48V OffGrid Inverter.pdf
  8. Hi @GordonH, looking forward to seeing the end result. You must be counting the minutes.
  9. If you have the pin-outs of the correct cable you can have it made up by someone like an IT shop.
  10. The dust covers at the top on the inverter also gets clogged with dust.
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