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  1. Perhaps chat to @Mark2, he has a pretty neat setup in HA with a MKS II, you'll see it here: https://powerforum.co.za/topic/4969-my-diy-home-automation/?do=findComment&comment=71537
  2. There are quite a few members that have integrated their systems with HA, they can even control their inverters via HA. Maybe check out the Home Automation discussions: https://powerforum.co.za/forum/121-home-automation/ Edit: You will be able to see all the data from your inverter and batteries such as PV generation, voltages, battery SOC etc.
  3. It will be one Pi monitoring the battery and the inverter at the same time. A lot of people are monitoring their systems like that, including myself.
  4. Are you planning on monitoring and controlling the system remotely?
  5. Yes you are correct, I wouldn't take them down that low, it will reduce the cycle life.
  6. Usable on the US3000 is 3.2kw according to the datasheet.
  7. The recommended discharge current on 1 x US3000 is 37A. 37A x 48v = 1.76kw With a 5kw inverter, when running from batteries it would be easy to exceed the recommended discharge current of the battery.
  8. Hi @Rclegg, Just bear in mind the limitations of 1 x US3000 on a 5kw inverter.
  9. Hi @Shaftry, how do you monitor the state of charge on the batteries? Do you use any form of monitoring software?
  10. Perfect thank you. Nice to see everything on a seperate tab with detailed information.
  11. Hi @wolfandy, I am looking at doing this same setup on my Infini, but will still keep some PV on the Infini side, and was wondering how ICC would display the MPPT values. I suppose I will see a value for each MPPT on the dashboard with their amps and voltages and the combined PV total will be displayed.
  12. Yes you can have panels at different orientations on your roof because of more than 1 MPPT on the inverter. When do you take delivery of the unit?
  13. francois


    Maybe also have a look at the Sunsynk 5kw.
  14. francois


    Hi Jimmy and welcome. I don't know the Axperts very well so I cannot really comment on them, but I have been happy with my 3kw Infini for more than a year and 1/2 now. It can blend power from different sources to supply the loads which is a big plus for me. I hope other members will be able to comment soon.
  15. See also this thread about pylontech charge voltages: https://powerforum.co.za/topic/2859-floating-pylontechs/#
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