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  1. Got this feedback form China and followed the steps. Seems to be working If Pylon battery want to build communication with inverter(SPF3000/5000TL HVM/WPV/ES): Inverter side setting:program 05-36-L02/L04(SPF3000/5000TL HVM), program 05-36-L52(SPF5000TL HVM-WPV/SPF5000ES), Inverter port:BMS port(SPF3000/5000TL HVM), CAN port(SPF5000TL HVM-WPV/SPF5000ES), Battery side DIP switch:1000----ON OFF OFF OFF Battery port:RS485 port(SPF3000/5000TL HVM), CAN port(SPF5000TL
  2. Hi. I have Grawatt SPF5000ES inverter and a pylontech us3000 battery.. I followed the instruction manuals to the letter but I get a error code 20. BMS communication error.. I also found useful info on this forum, followed the instructions (some of the models differs and do not all have the same communication ports, I think) but I still get the same error. I was told that the standard communication cable in the pylontech battery pack is the problem and that they are trying to source the correct cables form China. That might take forever. I am a novice at this solar thing. Has anyo
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