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  1. Thanks. Happy to see that I am not the only one experiencing this Thanks. Agree to the trickle feed. But that should not be necessary when the inverter is running on fully on grid, or? And in your case, is the 45W taken from grid? ------------------------------------------------------------- To make things even weirder, I just noticed this in my charts: So in the first window that the inverter was running on grid, it pulled the +/- 180W from the batteries. Then it reached my next setpoint and ran on batteries again for a while before again switching back to grid (next setpoint). But the 2nd time running on grid, it pulled between 0W and 5W from the batteries. Any thoughts on this inconsistent behavior?
  2. Thanks - but I have to admit that I still do not understand the high draw from the batteries. I could understand the difference between the reported 2x45W and the 115W through conversion factors, inaccuracies, etc. But even from the 115W to the 180W is still a sizeable gap. Does that mean that the Sunsunk still draws from battery for load usage even though it is running on grid?
  3. Hi all I know that the question regarding the self-consumption of the Sunsynk has been posted here a number of times - and I myself have reported it at 45W. This is what my SolarAssistant is reporting for each inverter: However, the other night I noticed something different (and quite confusing to me). I had depleted my batteries to my changeover point and the inverters had switched over to running on grid. I was expecting a draw from my batteries of around 90W for my 2x inverters - however, my consumption was around 180W: Does anyone have a similar experience? And/or an explanation? 180W for self-consumption seems high to me
  4. +1 I ran with an external Victron MPPT for a while (and actually no PV connected to the Axperts anymore). Worked like a charm
  5. I had the same problem with that unit. I called the CoCT and logged a fault with them. They installed a new wireless meter in the main box in the street. So now I only have a small wireless device lying around to check my balance and load new units. Has been working fully stable ever since
  6. You need to play around with your Zero Export Power setting to see what gives you the best result. I think 0W is not a realistic number. I have set mine to 20W and this works quite well for me. My grid consumption also bounces around a bit during the day - but in total is around 0.2kW-0.3kW per day (otherwise at the moment do not use any grid at all)
  7. No prob. One of the US3000 needs to be the master. And probably worthwhile making sure that all are running on newer firmware
  8. How long did it take to charge your Pylons? Remember that the Sunsynk also draws self-consumption (45W on my 5kVA) - which will also be included in your consumed units
  9. I also originally wanted to go the 8kVA route - but then decided on 2x 5kVA instead. Yes, a bit more expensive - but also 2x as many MPPTs and hence bigger flexibility. And my parallel setup runs stable as a rock
  10. Thanks @Leshen Do you know what the changes in the latest version are? Is it worth upgrading?
  11. When I first started with my Axpert /Pylontech system a couple of years ago, I also wanted Victron as my 'dream' system. I then added a Victron MPPT 250/100 and moved all my panels off the Axperts - which was definitely a nice and noticeable upgrade. But the more I eyed a full Victron system, the higher the cost went... So I eventually moved to Sunsynk (2x 5kW) and am very happy with my system. It works like a charm - especially the feed to the non-essential side with excess PV. You could start off with 1x 5kW and then later add more inverters as you need and your funds allow. 1x Sunsynk will give you 2 MPPTs, and if you another inverter later, you will get further MPPTs and additional flexibility. Same with the batteries. Start with a smaller pack, maybe 2x Pylons or Hubbles, and then later expand. Something like 1x Sunsynk 5kW, 2x Pylon 3.5kW, and 9x JA 490W will be around R90k. Then add a whole bunch of installation materials (cables, breakers/fuses, combiner boxes, panel mounting hardware) and installation labor (and maybe monitoring software) - and you will quickly hit your budget. As much as I adore Victron (and have made good experience with their MPPT) - something similar with Victron equipment will cost you significantly more. And I do not see (or know) what more benefits a Victron system would give me over my current setup.
  12. Hi all Does anyone know what the latest Sunsynk 5kW firmware version is? I can't find that info anywhere on the Sunsynk website. Am hoping that one of our Sunsynk experts (maybe @Leshen ) might be able to help. Am currently running COMM: e419 - MCU: 3162 Thanks in advance
  13. It's been a while, but a brief update for anyone interested I've ended up with the following setup: MPPT 1 (Morning sun): 6x 380W panels MPPT 2 (Evening sun): 6x 380W panels MPPT 3 (Main sun direction): 9x 490W panels Turns out that for this time of the year this is absolute overkill I've got 14kW of Pylons, deplete them on most nights to around 35% SOC (unless the kids are home and are playing PS5 in the eve...) - and by 10h30 in the morning they are fully charged again already. This is my chart from today: I would say that the addition of the string facing the morning sun (yellow below) has made the biggest difference - production starts a whole lot earlier and ramps up significantly quicker My main string (blue) never even reaches peak production... Evening string not included above. Will probably add another Pylon in the near future to cater for A/C during the night as well as kid's PS5. And won't hurt for winter days, when production days are shorter. But overall really happy with the system Total grid usage for Oct was 11kWh
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