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  1. Welcome mrd After running with my setup now for about 12 months, my experience is that the comms between MPPT and BMS is not required. My system is happily chugging along without it. On a daily basis the MPPT does it's job based on the voltage settings I manually entered (52.5V Bulk/Absorption and 51.8V Float) - and my Pylon BMS reports 100% SOC through ICC when the MPPT stops charging and reduces production down to my current loads
  2. So your inverter has the following 3 settings, correct? SBU (Solar, Battery, Utility) Solar Utility In that case, Solar should be what I have been referring to as SUB and Coulomb as SOL
  3. This means that your Pi had a wifi connection problem and the VNC server that is running on it was not able to connect to the internet. Usually it works again after a few minutes - unless your Pi has completely lost wifi connection VNC is the software that allows you to remotely access your Pi (from your computer, tablet, phone, etc.) instead of having to directly controlling the Pi through a screen and mouse/keyboard plugged into it. It has nothing to do with ICC
  4. Hi @Clivevan First off, congrats on your new Pylons Did you also purchase the Pylons comms cable for ICC? So that you can connect ICC to your Pylons and read the BMS data? It is not the cable that comes with the Pylons, but something that you need to buy from ICC. If not, then I would highly recommend it - because then you can get around having to use voltage readings and can do the change based on SOC as per the Pylon BMS (significantly more accurate) Briefly drawing from your batteries is normal. This is due to the fact that when your load increases, your MPPT simply canno
  5. You need to answer the underlying question if the 2 Blue Nova can be stringed together to provide 48V or not. If yes, then your inverter should be able to charge them (with the correct voltage settings). And you'd obviously still need to take Coulomb's warning into mind regarding your max draw (which is no problem for as long as you stay disciplined. I also started off with 1x Pylon, which meant I could not draw more than 1800W continuously) I have absolutely no experience with Blue Nova - so I'd suggest you give them a ring directly and see what they say about using your batteries for a
  6. Yes - I believe the setting SUB is what you are looking for (and usually all Axperts have that mode). It will run on solar until your solar production reaches 0 (during which time it will draw the shortfall between load and solar production from the battery). Once your solar productions reaches 0, it will switch over to utility Maybe you could set your 'Back to Grid Voltage' so high that it will switch over to utility shortly after starting to draw from your batteries If you do not want to draw from your batteries at all, then you will something like ICC to do time-based switching to
  7. Cool - happy to hear that you got it to work
  8. If ICC could communicate directly with your Blue Nova (like it does with my Pylons), then you could use ICC to switch between Solar/Battery and Utility based on the accurate SOC from the battery BMS instead of the Axpert's voltage readings. You could throw a Victron BMV into the mix to get ICC to determine an accurate SOC for your Blue Novas and switch your Axperts based on that. You would then also have a complete view of everything that is going on in your system and could see in detail when your Axperts are switching to grid (and determine why). Here is my system as example (PV from my
  9. Ok - thanks I don't think that ICC supports Blue Nova yet, so you unfortunately won't be able to get the BMS data to control your inverter But you could connect the MPPT to it and then at least have full view of your production/consumption (apart from those things still directly connected to Eskom)
  10. No, to my knowledge the Axperts are not designed like that This is a bit difficult to tell without having any data to look at from the inverter. Usually I would guess that it happens if you switch on a large load (e.g., kettle), which could cause the battery voltage to momentarily drop below your 50.0V - but you are writing that this also happens if you only have little loads. Have you thought about investing into ICC? For me this was a great investment, as it really gave me full insight into my system Another question out of curiousity: You are writing that you have a CCGX.
  11. Thanks @BasZ - this definitely helps. And I believe you are on the right track Let me try to explain setting 5 to my best knowledge: BLU: Your PV will first be used to charge your batteries. As long as your batteries are below setting 21 (52.0V in your case), all available PV will used to charge the batteries. The loads will be powered by utility. Once your battery voltage is higher than setting 21, PV will also be used to power the loads. This setting focuses on charging your batteries to 52.0V as quickly as possible at the expense of using more utility to power the loads in the
  12. Can you please post a link to the manual for your Axpert model here? You have a different model than me and the setting numbers do not align (and mine does not have any setting with the values BLU/LBU) Not fully understanding yet what setting 5 is or does - keep in mind that your inverters will draw self-consumption from the batteries even while running in utility mode. Depending on your model this can be anywhere between 40W - 70W per inverter. Not sure if you have taken that into account so far
  13. I know that the BMVs are supported by ICC - but am not sure if the Smart Shunt is. Maybe drop Manie an email?
  14. Sorry - typo Was supposed to be 52.5V
  15. Which Axpert model exactly do you have? Most ones cannot talk to the BMS directly - so you probably need to manually set the charging parameters (52.2V Bulk and 51.8V Float) as well as the other voltage settings (Back to Grid, Back to Battery, Low DC Cutoff) If your Axpert cannot talk directly with the Pylon BMS, I would strongly recommend ICC to be able to switch the Axpert based on the accurate BMS info instead of the Axpert's voltage readings
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