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  1. Cool Just please either quote me or tag me when you do - so that I get notified. Otherwise I might miss your post
  2. My 2015 Axperts charge my Pylon lithium's without problems. I do not know what the BlueNova voltage requirements are, but unless they are something really fancy (e.g. higher than 54V) I do not see why it cannot work Maybe post a picture of the sticker on the side of the Axpert here, so that we know exactly which model you have Just be mindful of one thing: The Axpert I would assume is 48V. I do not know if your current system is also 48V or possibly 24V. And I do not know if the BlueNova can be stringed together into 48V. But the BlueNova guys should be able to help you with that
  3. In that case I would upgrade to a 250/XX model and re-wire to put more panels in series. Are you currently running 2S3P? If yes, you could then add your new panels to make 4S3P - which means you would not even need to pull any new wires or add any new combination boxes (obviously assuming that your current wires/boxes can handle the new config)
  4. Adding a 2nd MPPT would give you the option to have the new panels face a different direction (e.g. capturing the early morning sun) If you replace your current MPPT, I would go for a 250/XX model. This allows you to connect more panels in series, which result in a longer solar day Maybe play around a bit with the PVWatts Calculator and see which direction will give you the best yields?
  5. Infini Solar is also on the list of compatible inverter for ICC - maybe just confirm your exact model (if necessary, drop Manie an email at [email protected] I have Axpert inverters and Pylons - and ICC does exactly for me what I believe you are looking for PM me if you want further details
  6. I would check if your inverter is compatible with ICC. If yes, then you have an option for both time-based switching between SBU and Utility as well as a conventient way to manage your system from anywhere whenever required (instead of having to physically stand in front of your inverter)
  7. Agree I do not see that a comms problem would put the battery into protection - and cause it to remain in protection even if simply switched on by itself without any connections (that's what it does, right?)
  8. Thanks Coulomb I will see if I can find time over the weekend to tinker with the system
  9. Ok - then I believe we can say that low voltage is not the cause ... I would then ask the Pylon support for help in trying to identify the reason for it being in protection
  10. Have you determined why the Pylon has gone into protection? Is it maybe because its voltage has dropped too low? Are you able to take a voltage reading of the Pylon in protection? If it is due to low voltage, either try charging the Pylon through your inverter or try balancing the 2 Pylons as per the video in this thread
  11. Never mind - found the answer myself on a Victron photo. Using several sets of connection cables on a stack linked to the same master seems to be ok
  12. Thanks Coulomb I imported the caps myself for them to use. It is the United Chemi-Con EKZN800ELL182MM40S, which I got from your or Weber's thread on AEVA Is there a way to safely remove the cover from the inverter while it is still mounted on the wall and connected? Otherwise it is a bit difficult to do this from outside
  13. When I have added Pylons to my setup myself, I think I used the name of the company that I purchased the Pylon from as Installer
  14. A normal kit like this is all you need. But I see that all of them are listed as 'Out of stock'. I would suggest dropping Manie an email at [email protected] and ask what he has available The Pi comes pre-installed with RealVNC. You just need to install the RealVNC Viewer for macOS and then you can remotely log-in from your Mac (RealVNC is also available for IOS/Android, so you can also do the same with your smartphone or tablet) You can find the download link to firmware 73.00e in this thread (take the lead-acid version for your case) and follow the instruction on how to
  15. Hi @Coulomb a brief update: Unfortunately it was neither the ethernet-over-power adapters nor the 3rd-party aircon wifi controllers Even when I disconnected power to all of them, the noise was still present Do you have any other ideas? Do you think that the replacement caps could have anything to do with it? I cannot remember having that noise in the past and am running out of ideas what other changes I have done...
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