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  1. Hmm - ok, then it cannot be the battery having to settle in anymore What is the current difference between the batteries that you are seeing? And difference in SOC?
  2. I would say that this is too high for normal charging of the Pylons. Recommended values here in the forum are 52.5V for Bulk and 51.8V for Float A minor difference in SOC is normal in my experience. Here a screenshot of my pack just now. Notice how the voltage is basically the same for all batteries, but the SOC differs. However, they all get to full at one point. When I added my last battery, it would also at the beginning sometimes not get 100%. Usually I would say to give it a few more weeks and it should balance out Is this also the case if you connect it by itself? An
  3. This question has been asked many times - and no one has a good answer... (see fan section of this thread for more details) Changing the direction of the fans results in a significant improvement in temperature. I've just had this done on my Axperts and I changed from temps in the high 40's with external fans stuck to the chassis to temps in the mid 30's without any external fans
  4. Cool - happy to hear that you got it sorted Power and SD card problems are apparently not uncommon with the Pi. But have to admit that I also did not think of that at the time... I've got the 4GB version of the Pi and have moved directories with frequent writes into RAM to reduce the number of writes to the SD card (see here for details and other tips on extending the life of the SD card)
  5. For how long has your new battery in the system? New batteries take a few weeks to be 'run in' And how is your cabling done? Cables to inverter from Plus on your first battery and minus on your last battery? Otherwise that could also explain what you are experiencing
  6. Use the search function here in the forum and you will find the detailed answer Short answer (if I remember correctly): If the Pylon is only used as backup and is in standby (not charged/discharged) for a certain period of time, it produces that error message
  7. You are already running ICC, right? Then I would rather get the Pylon comms cable from them and directly access the information from the Pylon BMS
  8. Thanks a lot for the feedback, Chris. Appreciate it I had a similar experience when I flashed my last inverter. Flashing failed and display remained dead afterwards. But thanks to Coulomb and Webers explanations on AEVA, I also managed to flash it on the 2nd attempt
  9. Thanks for the detailed insights, Coulomb
  10. Would you mind providing us with feedback here on how this is working in your parallel setup please? Do you get any error messages when putting one of your inverters (I assume the slave) into standby? And does everything work as normal when you wake it up again? I'm in a similar situation - and being able to avoid self-consumption of 1 inverter for 10h or so during the night will save almost 0.5kWh of battery
  11. Charging 74A (2x37A) or closest value below this Bulk: 52.5V Float: 51.8V Back to grid voltage: 48V (this is where you need to play around and figure out what works best for you - and ensure that you stay above 20% SOC. The BMV will help you getting the right voltage) Low cutoff voltage (when your system shuts down): 46V
  12. Really interesting, gents Do you know how a parallel setup with 2x Axperts would behave if the slave was turned off through this command? And then later turned on again? Would we end up up with a bunch of error messages and an unstable system? Or could this actually work to turn off 1 inverter for the night to save on battery?
  13. I do not know. Based on the info from the AEVA forum, I would say it looks like a re-brand - however, I do not understand the comment further down in that post about Synerji. Maybe @Coulomb can help us understand?
  14. I don't think that my old Axperts are capable of feeding back to the grid And when I originally looked at it, COCT had not made it very attractive (granted this was mid last year and things might have changed since then)
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