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  1. Steady as a rock. Have not had any problems Yes - see below I have 5x Pylon US3000 Everything connected to busbar (each inverter as well as 2x cables from Pylons)
  2. Don't know the answer to that I did the firmware upgrade when I was making changes to my system. I disconnected each battery and ran the update on each separately
  3. I went the SolarAssistant route to be able to do exactly that. Involves a bit of extra cost for the system, but negligible in the greater scheme. Allows me to view inverter data real-time (and not delayed as on my old Sunsynk dongles) as well as make changes to my setup from anywhere in the world
  4. 2x 5kW give you 2 extra MPPT over 1x 8kW I went that route for greater flexibility on the PV side
  5. Anyone know the changelog for the new firmware? The Sunsynk team keeps ignoring the request for a changelog in their own forum...
  6. Before doing any other modifications to try and solve your problem, I would probably start by putting a new one in
  7. How old is your actual earth leakage breaker? I had something similar a while ago, when my earth would trip randomly. Hunted around like a mad man, trying to find the root cause. Eventually my electrician replaced my earth leakage breaker (which was probably almost 10 years old) with a new one - and problem solved. He told me that as these things get older, they sometimes get more sensitive and start tripping
  8. Pylontech sets 37A for recommended charge/discharge current per battery. So for your current 2 Pylons, this is correct. When you have added your 3rd, you can set this up to 111A. But if I am not mistaken, this value is actually also taken from the BMS - and the Pylon dynamically adjusts this number based on where in the charging cycle the battery is
  9. I have this on. If I remember correctly, it then first takes PV for loads and only pushed any excess PV into the battery. If off, it will prioritize charging the batteries - which means you end up using more grid
  10. As @zsde already wrote, the self-consumption of the inverter is powered from the batteries - even if the system is running on grid Agree that your system is over-paneled and adding more batteries would help better balance the system (help get more out of your system). On your screenshot above, your battery is fully charged by 09h00 again, and after that your panels only have to power your loads. So for most of the time, you only draw 1kW from your 5kW of panels I'm not a technical expert, but to my understanding when you cycle through your batteries on a regular basis, then it is ok to charge them to 100%. It is only when hardly drawing from them (e.g., a laptop battery when the laptop is always used connected to AC), then leaving the battery at a lower SOC will help extend the life. I am drawing my set of Pylons down to 25% every night
  11. Your setting is correct - my math last night was just off
  12. Unless you need to lock your battery cabinet, don't buy any of the ones from solar shops - they are way too expensive. Google for Samson SRK12 (for 4x Pylon) or SRK16 (for 5x) at much lower cost. And buy at least one size bigger than you need at the moment (as you probably will add more Pylons in the future) Yes, recommendable to get the batteries to a similar voltage. Do not be put off if the SOC shows different between the old ones and the new one for the first week or so You need to adjust the battery capacity on the Battery screen (from 144Ah to 222Ah) Everything else (e.g., max charge current) the inverter will pick up from the Pylon BMS
  13. Same here. Made a significant difference - but these days my temps still sometimes get over 60 degrees. Ambient temperature in my garage is just too high... Yes, mine are on 24/7. I used a normal 12V power supply and wired the fan directly to it
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