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  1. Hey! Most of us here on this forum are in South Africa. It's unlikely that you'll find an answer on this site.
  2. That's correct behaviour. The system needs to adjust to accommodate the load. Its why these systems are not designed to run without batteries.
  3. Hmm, don't you get the solar volts / amps from the inverter?
  4. That's very nice. Might give it ago. I dig the gauges.
  5. I run my pool all day, using just the solar panels on a 5kw inverter. The pump is a 750w pump and the spike is just under 1kw.
  6. You're running your geyser off the batteries during the night? I'd drop a 2Kw element in there and heat the geyser up mid afternoon rather.
  7. It definitely fixed my issue; which was very similar to this. Voltage was 160 or so - then reconfigured and now its 280v and the issue went away. MPPT seems much happier at that level.
  8. Love that Grafana dashboard. Would you mind sharing what panel components you use for the yellow / blue / red blocks at the top of the dashboard? I'd like to add something like that to my dashboard too. The consumption graph is a great idea too.. adding that to mine now lol Thanks
  9. 37A is the recommended max daw. 74 being the max. Though it will do 100a for like 15 seconds and that will probably void the warranty. I don't think going over 37a for a short period will cause warranty to be void.
  10. The issue appears to be the MPPT voltage range, You're exceeding that and each time you do, the MPPT shuts down. Ideally, you want 2 panels per string. So you will need to reconfigure them to groups of 2, instead of three.
  11. Okay, so yeah your second screenshot shows an issue. How have you configured these panels? That inverter has a max 145VDC - I wonder if the MPPT is not dropping, due to too much voltage from the panels. 12 x 330 is a lot for that inverter, voltage wise. You'd need to have small string sizes, of like 3 to 4 panels, depending on the specs.
  12. As a comparison; here's my ICC as of right now House is using 0 watts from the grid. And 3900watts from the PV - load watts is 3400 or so, which means the inverter is supplying that from the PV. When the batteries are being used you will see a minus sign next to the value - eg: -1000 or so.
  13. Wait. I have just looked at this again, properly. This is correct. You see Grid Watts is zero? It means the PV is carrying the load AND charging batteries.
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