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  1. Great video, thanks for sharing it. It does help! That's a deal breaker then. Did not know that! So a hybrid system, is what I need then. I am going to go with a 5kVA until as well. As I am sure our usage will go up once the wife and I have kids etc. I was considering getting the PylonTech batteries. A 2.5kVa (I think) - I hear they will give me a longer lifetime (like 10 yrs - 6000 cycles?) - and as you say, can start off with one and add later? Thank you very much for this @Rautenk - very informative. I've started logging usage and this weekend will test peak load in a load shedding scenario. Thanks @Marlonw - the Goodwe 4.6kw looks really good. However out of mu budget right now. Will something like the RCT 5000 or the Mecer ones work? And then perhaps I can upgrade it at a later stage? also Where does one shop for panels? Hi @LPG I'm in Randburg, Johannesburg. Thanks for the info - I'll add your points to my list as well for this weekend to see what is needed and used etc. Seems its a hybrid system I want not a grid-tied setup. I will do more research into it. Thanks to everyone who has replied and given feedback / advise. I appreciate it hugely. I will update the thread next week once I have worked out the devices I need on and the max peak load we need to sustain during load shedding.
  2. Thanks, good to know there are relatively easy methods as well as a meter. The smart meter I was talking about earlier does do current consumption - eg when I switch the pool pump on, it goes up by 0.7kWh (750w) which is what the pump is rated at. So I think that is accurate enough. I'll test what peak load is this weekend in a simulated load shedding scenario - ie, just lights and all the plugs with tv, entertainment unit on etc.
  3. Thank you so much for assisting. This definitely helps. I'll try figure out a way to get the peak loads measurements and go from there. Another question if you don't mind: I've been reading on these forums that the PylonTech batteries are also decent (US3000 3.5kWh / 48 V setups. Would I be best saving for this and going this route instead of "run of the mil" 200ah batteries that might only last 3 years and need replacing anyway? Also, if I were to upgrade to Solar - do I need much else besides panels? Appreciate the assistance!
  4. Right, I hear you. What would be an effective way to measure the loads in kVA and the peak in kWh (or kVAh) My budget isn't 30k. I stated that as starting point. I want to avoid having to run a generator and want to continue down the renewable energy path. I haven't worked out my budget; but that is something I can work on to increase for a system that will suit my needs. Thanks again
  5. Yes, sorry, I meant kWh. Is it enough to use the smart meter for this recording? It has day-today recording and current usage as well. I checked when I got home and 30 is more than any single day since moving in So, for example, the last 6 days usage is as follows: (According to the meter) Tue: 21 kWh Wed: 22 kWh Thu: 17 kWh Fri: 10 kWh Sat: 18 kWh Sun: 23 kWh Today (so far): 12 kWh Weeks: W01: 114 W02: 12 (I think it stat a week on a Monday) 30 kWh would be very high usage for us on a given day actually - not overage usage. My mistake. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Hey all, As with everyone in this country; I am done with Eskom's BS. I'd like to design a system for my house to initially start out providing the house with power during load shedding periods. I'd like to then upscale the system to the point where Eskom is just a backup. I believe this is the Hybrid system (Grid-tied)? The requirements I have for such a system is this: 1. I All plugs in the house should be on inverter power 2. All lights should be on inverter power (80% are LED - will be changing the remaining to LED) 3. Should be able to run the ceiling fan / light Current power consumption is on average 30Kw a day (Have one ion those smart meters that gives readings; not sure on accuracy ?) We won't need to run the follow for the moment: Pool pump, geyser, stove A/C. Eventually the system should be able to run all that except the stove as we will move that to gas. I'v done some research and unfortunately I just have more questions than answers; hoping this helpful forum will be able to assist. 1. Will a 5Kva inverter be enough? What brands should I be looking at (And staying away from) 2. Batteries - Would it be better to go with 105ah batteries for now or use 200ah batteries - need to keep the house running for 4.5h min 3. Do I need to have a manual change over switch by the DB? (I know the inverter will do it; but not sure on the law / regulations) 4. Do I need a second DB according to regulations / law? (I am probably going to install one regardless, but would like to know) 5. Do I need to have a certified installer; or can I get someone knowledgable to install and then get someone to certify the system for me? 6. Do I need to register NERSA / COJ for the system to be 'legal' Finally, let's say I want to upscale to solar - besides the PV panels / roof mounting kit - what else would I need to add to the system? Budget wise; what should I be looking at to spend here for the short term (Just getting relief from load shedding) I am thinking in the 25 - 30k mark? excluding anything related to solar Appreciate any feedback; I am completely new to all this and might not understand it all 100%.
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