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  1. Version 2.8.5 is problematic. You better off on 2.8.8
  2. Can you explain why? The cable lengths that were provided would have been daisy chained anyway, just longer cables to my earth point...
  3. I am using 2 x Axpert 4kw/5KVA inverters with my Pylon setup. Are you sure you have the link cables set up correctly? Send a pic...
  4. No shelves or addtional mounts. Only using the 4 screws in the front and no sagging what so ever. That pic is old, this is the current state.
  5. I'm emailed MPPSolar and Voltronic.... Lets see how they respond.
  6. Yip, he should be able to. I've done it before. @ebrsa, have you checked for any loose cables, bad connections to the inverter and also the joints between panels?
  7. Now we need to find it. Can we not ask MPP Solar or Giant power? Surely they can source it...
  8. Is there no way to download the firmware from the inverter?
  9. What about this one? http://forums.aeva.asn.au/viewtopic.php?p=66664#p66830 Its running 72.00 and 04.12 and it looks like the newer PIP that can handle 5kw/5kva.
  10. I saw it on this forum. And i also think i saw a pic on the AEVA forums but cant find it now.
  11. I have seen a few people showing screen shots of v4.12 of the SCC firmware. Does anyone have a copy of this firmware? or where it can be downloaded from?
  12. I have a brand new HA-02 from @Chris-R which i purchased just before deciding to go the LifePO4 route. So if you interested please PM me.
  13. Its this case that was enough for me to go Lithium. I hope i get 10 years out of them as well.
  14. Connect the inverters together by means of the parallel board and the supplied communication cables.
  15. I think a single instance of ICC will only show both inverters if there are connected in parallel. If you want to use ICC on the other inverter in your current setup, make a copy of the entire application including the database and use a seperate cable to the other inverter. Ensure com ports on Windows/Pi are different for each inverter. Ever consider coupling the inverters together? You are afterall using the same battery bank. Instructions below as per the manual. Then a single ICC application will see both inverters using a single cable.
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