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  1. i would recommend the FTDI chipset for those cables. Don't use a cheap cable, they are not reliable.
  2. I'm interested to know the difference as well. Any update here?
  3. Item: Axpert 4kw/5kva x 4(Various brands but all compatible, they are not the clones/knock offs) Age: from 2018 onwards, I did not purchase them all at the same time. Price: R22k for all 4 Payment Method Accepted: EFT Condition: Good, all in working order Location: Jhb Reason: Upgrade Shipping: At the buyers cost and risk. Collection: Yes I have 4 x Axpert 4kw/5kva inverters. I currently only use 2 of them in parallel and 2 are backups. All are fully functional with the latest firmware from the Australian forum. They all have parallel cards in them and i have all the relevant cables required too. The 2 in use are paired up with my Pylontech battery bank. Looking to upgrade to a Sunsynk inverter. Any takers? Willing to accept R22000 for all 4. Please PM me.
  4. Thanks! Looks like v2.1 is for the 2000C/3000C using the newer chipset. Would be nice if Pylontech issued release notes...
  5. Identify the cells which are unbalanced with BatteryView then manually charge those cells(2 pouches make a cell) using a 3.7v charger with 1.5A max then add it back in. Assemble the battery again and test.
  6. Thank you @Tinbum, your guidance has worked.
  7. Batteries 8, 9 & 10 are the US2000B models and are at end of the pack...but after reading the manual again... you may be onto something. The below is from a US3000C manual: @Tinbum, you reckon if I shift the US2000B's into position 6, 7, & 8 then i should be good to go? Basically invert the order of batteries in the left cabinet and make the US3000C battery 9 and the US2000C battery 10... This actually makes sense now as the US2000B's only ever accommodated 8 in a single group... Lemme try this. PS: Note to self, don't commission new batteries into a pack at midnight!
  8. This looks like the correct thread to add my issue to. I too also have mixed Pylontech's in a single group but having issues when I recently added 2 more batteries to my existing pack of 8. I may have stumbled across a new issue. I had eight(batteries 3 - 10) in the pack but recently I have added two more batteries to my bank, totaling 10 modules now. Battery 1 and 2 are the latest additions. Below is a pic of them. Numbered from newest to oldest. Batteries 1 - 5 are the US3000C running the newer chipset and all have v1.8 firmware loaded. Battery 6 is a US3000C running the older chipset with v2.8 firmware. Battery 7 is a US2000C running v2.8 firmware. Batteries 8-10 are the US2000B's running v3.4 firmware. The manual always says that your newest battery should be the master which is how I have configured it but when you start the master(1) battery up(SW), it starts up each battery but when battery 9 is reached, it seems the BMS is not capable of dealing with more than 8 batteries in a single group even though the manual says that the C model battery can handle 16 batteries in a single group. All LED's on Battery 1 - 9 flashes and it attempts to restart each battery again. Battery 10 does not even start up. Unfortunately the battery pack does not start up and I can't even connect using BatteryView. I attempted to use Battery 6 as the master as it's using the older chipset, slaves starting then from 1 - 5 and continuing with 7 - 10. The same issue when reaching battery 9 as my previous point. I also then tried using Battery 6 again as the master but the order of the slaves are starting from 7 - 10 and continuing with 1 - 5. This seemed to have worked but can't connect to BatteryView for some reason still. Also this goes against having the newest battery higher up in the pack. At the moment I have disconnected Battery 1 and 2 like I had before so that I can continue to use my pack. This seems to be a firmware issue as I have double checked cabling and all is in order there. I even tried running Batteries 1 - 8 and there were no issues starting them up. This makes me believe that the firmware on the newer chipsets of the US3000C does not accommodate more than 8 batteries in a single group. I have emailed Pylontech and awaiting their response. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?
  9. BatteryView HV 3.9 BatteryView 3.9.0 B1.2.zip
  10. Yeah, he needs to check whether he has the old or new chipset on the US3000C If OLD chip, then v2.8 is the latest firmware if NEW chip, then v1.8 is the latest firmware NT1.8+ST2.8.zip
  11. Yeah, you can upgrade straight to v1.8
  12. Board: NF4.E2 is the newer chipset and v1.8 is the latest available firmware for it. Use the tool and the zip file.
  13. New firmware for the C model range. Its an update to v1.8 for the new chip C models. NT1.8+ST2.8.zip
  14. You meant to say v1.8 is for the newer chipset Has anyone loaded v1.8? What has changed from v1.7?
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