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  1. Can you please share the firmware file? It looks like its for the US2000B modules?
  2. Are these Pylontech batteries? Do you have any pictures, spec sheets or manuals?
  3. Awesome... do you perhaps know what changed from v2.1?
  4. You have the 145vdc version, so 2S is correct with a max of 4P. 4280W is well below the 25%(5000W) threshold. So 2S4P(8 panels) is correct for those size panels.
  5. Sometimes the Axpert sticker will also have a maximum input current value. The below pic is an example of the 450vdc solar charge controller on the Axpert, max inpur current 18A. More panels in series is better for this model.
  6. Yip, both cables will go to my Mersen DC breaker. I currently have 125A Fuse in it, which is more than enough for my usage. My battery pack will only allow up to 137A of draw at a time but I don't want it to get there as it is unnecessary for my electricity demand. Technically, I could have each cable set going to a busbar prior to the DC breaker but I feel its not required in my setup. Between the DC breaker and the inverters I have 35mm cable. Here is a pic of my setup, I have circled the DC breaker.
  7. Apologies, that's an old picture. I was having trouble back then with the US3000C mixing with the US2000 and was testing if removing the link cables would solve the problem but it didn't. Firmware v2.1 for the US3000C solved all the issues. Below is the latest pic taken now, link cables all in place.
  8. Thank you. Best online place to order that cable pack from?
  9. Great thanks, which document is this from?
  10. I have an idea but not sure if its safe to do so. I have 5 Pylontech modules(1xUS3000C & 4xUS2000). They work very well. I recently installed more PV panels to attain more amps to charge the batteries as in winter it was struggling with my previous single array. I now have 6kw of PV power and can roughly translate to 120A of battery charging on a good day in summer. My batteries will take up to 137A based on the BMS values but i doubt my PV will be able to deliver that much. My concern is that the Pylontech cable pack that is supplied with these batteries are not rated high enough for this constant current while charging. From what I read, its rated at 120A but I am not convinced as the cable is not as very thick. Right now, its taking 80A to the battery and the cables are warm to touch in this icy cold weather, now how warm or hot will it get in summer with a higher environmental temp and higher amps and will it hold out? Has anyone tested its actual rating or found a review out there on these cables? I was thinking of adding a second cable pack to address my concern but I am not sure if its entirely feasible or safe? Below are my batteries current configuration, pretty standard. I want to add the second cable pack and attached it to the blue circled unused connectors. Is this a dumb idea altogether? Opinions and thoughts would be appreciated.
  11. What inverter are you using? and is your inverter connected to the Master battery? Are you able to see what the charging params are on the inverter?
  12. v2.1 is the latest on this forum for the US3000C. Check this thread.
  13. What value is setting 27 set to? I have mine at 51.8
  14. I am running those settings as well and they are perfectly suited for US2000;US2000B;US2000Plus;US2000C;US3000A;US3000B;US3000C;UP5000
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