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  1. 16 x 370 = 5920 which is within the 6000 watt pv input limit, check the sticker on the side it also says 40 A ac input. It seems they compensated for the 93% efficiency by allowing higher inputs than the outputs. I've started hearing a beeping when overload time is finished. To answer your question you should not have a problem but I tell everyone the same thing that at R19k the deye/sunsynk on the powerforum store is a much better inverter with better efficiency and 2 mppt's. It's something you want to spend a little extra on to avoid regrets later.
  2. I think in tesla products aesthetics are given higher priority than other companies. In low crime countries the powerwall is marketed to be installed outside the garage where everyone can see it. For the cost of one 13kw powerwall you can get 30kw pylontech/dyness/freedomwon batteries. The marketing for it is very good but I had to come to terms with that I'm just not the target market.
  3. They actually look like office cabinets, would fit right in a home office. Not the fancy TV ones but ones people actually use.
  4. Very strange, but yes 20% on setting 12 means 80% depth of discharge.
  5. For a depth of discharge to be 80% you need to set the back to ac(setting 12) to 20% have you tried that? In the video it looked like you were trying to set it at 80% which ahoild still work. Please humor me and enter 20%.
  6. Thanks I will be following your thread to see the final product and performance of the system.
  7. The battery isolator is directly below the inverter. The AC and Solar isolators/breakers are in the bottom combiner box next to the DB along with the change over switch.
  8. Hi @Sarel that's a nice looking premium system. Please also share the costs to build and reasons for choosing those premium brands.
  9. Guys if you want to learn you have to ask nicely, there is obviously grid and solar change over in the bottom combiner box and surge arresistors and fuses top box. The strings don't need to be combined since the inverter has 2 mppt's.
  10. @Deeps I assure you on the growatt spf 5000es you can set your set your depth of discharge. Try selecting Li in setting 5 again.
  11. Yes with no Eskom I would be very happy with an axpert max 8kw. Voltronics axperts are tried and tested and I'm hoping for @Coulomb and @87 Dream to come with their wisdom. Everything ofcource depends on budget. If I was building a eskom free system I would buy: 1. Axpert max 8kw +- R16k 2. 20kw lithium storage in any one of these flavors freedomwon(+-R120k) dyness(+-(R110k) pylontech (+-R110k).
  12. @Jakes The main reason to go for the sunsynk is the hybrid features, maybe you didn't mean offgrid? As in no eskom? If you do not have eskom than there are better options like the axpert max.
  13. @Deeps SUB only works if the grid is available, it should never use battery in SUB mode as long as the grid is available Depth of discharge is definitely settable, you press enter and then adjust the numbers as you like.
  14. @PaulC I'm afraid it sounds like your system is working well. You have a lot of PC panels and not enough storage. With you current panels it should not take more than an hour, hour and half at most to charge 2,4kw battery which is never 100% empty. The solution would be to get more loads to run consistently at peak sun hours like I did with my geyser which is on a timer set to run everyday at peak sun hours. I have screenshot of what happened when my battery was full before the geyser turned on. The inverter just shut off the pv production since it had nowhere to go. Now I make sure my batteries are empty during the day so that there is somewhere for the pv to go. As you can see on the screenshot the batteries charged faster than expected luckily the geyser came on.
  15. Hi @Lungisani according to the manual it doesn't look good.
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