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  1. https://powerforum-store.co.za/ Good store
  2. I also don't have water under floor heating I do have a 5kw heat pump. It uses around 1200 watts for about an hour to heat 200 litres of water to 55 celcius. I don't even notice that it's on when the sun is up. If needed I power it from the batteries. As you can see on the screenshot at 5 am. BTW the 3kw heat pump only uses 800 watts.
  3. Maybe it was a firmware issue with mine. I will check when we have lots of cloudy and rainy days and post pictures.
  4. @Darknight I can't say I noticed any charging issues when I was using lead acid batteries. SUB(combine/blend) seems to be the best setting for a small bank of lead acid batteries mainly just keep them for loadshedding. The only issue with SUB is that your usage numbers won't make sense. Your grid usage will match your pv production on the monitoring app but if you look at the inverter screen you will see that you are not using much from the utility grid. It works even better when you get lithium batteries unlike what I read about voltronics axperts so @CoulombI would say that they are an improvement. NB:you do have to check compatibility before buying the battery.
  5. 240ah X 48volts = 11520watthours × 50% Gives you around 5500watthours which should be good for 5 hours if you keep your load around 1000 watts. It's unlikely that you got through 11kw in 1 hour that only leaves one conclusion.
  6. @JacquesVDMthat's sounds like a great yellow UPS at around R50k. If you are going to DIY I would suggest looking at how much extra it would cost to get 4-6 panels to recharge your pylontechs. Since I got my pv system my concern is when at night is loadshedding because the daytime one doesn't matter.
  7. @Twakdaddy the wiring sounds OK, I've just learned to check the basics first then look for the rare.
  8. Hi 2,2kw X 3 =6,6kw. Is your load ever more than 6kw? Your batteries can only take 3,5kw and should be fully charged by 10am. So unless you get more batteries or time more loads to run when the sun is high your pv panels will only produce enough to match your load. Maybe you could post a picture of your usage at midday?
  9. @JoeyhZAhi it's nothing to worry about. The SoC that you see without a bms is just a guesstimate based on the voltage the inverter sees. The voltage drops when your inverter switches to Sbu from bypass the load drops the battery voltage. It's normal baviour with gel/SLA batteries as they don't have a bms. Or any accurate way of reporting SoC.
  10. Let me give my anecdotal experience on lower end of the budget. There are a few people in the growatt threads struggling to make use of the most expensive part of their pv system. Some say the inverter keeps switching between pv and grid which is solved by connecting the bms. My own experience is one occasion where one of the lights on my dyness powerbox f10 went yellow the inverter started charging the battery and I assume balancing the battery which would have just gotten worse without the bms. The battery is 120kg so taking up and down to be serviced is very inconvenient.
  11. I do have a disk meter but I don't want the added admin of worrying if I have spun it past the last reading. As you know they send people to read them in the middle of the day, on a nice sunny day it would be spinning very fast in the wrong direction.
  12. Buyeye

    Howard Dunn

    The setting to use battery at night on the ES is bat first on parameter 1. It behaves the same as SOL during the day.
  13. In other words R12k buys you no bill in summer and a small bill in winter for the next 10 to 20 years.
  14. @Tariqthat R12k is only $800 unfortunately you live in a first world city with a 3rd world currency and I don't know how broke your municipality is. I'm not sure the meter even costs R800. Maybe your municipality is trying to deter people from feeding I don't know. What I do know is we all would most likely be net consumers in a 12 month cycle. It's not as bad as it sounds and would occur naturally that in summer you would be a net producer and in winter you would be a net consumer. I started my renewables journey about 11 months ago with just enough for a cheap inverter and 6 panels. Now I only use utility power for maybe 6 hours a day and in really bad weather like we have had here this week. Trees were falling all over the place and taking out power lines here in the Midlands. Our power was out for 15 hours yesterday in terrible weather but I had hot water and just enough power for my base load. 6kw of panels only produced 300-600 watts in the middle of the day. What I'm saying is I would probably pay the R12k if I lived in CPT.
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