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  1. Your maths is good but the monitoring software only takes snapshots every 5 minutes so the math ends up being wrong. Other than that I'm happy with the inverter. I do get upset with myself for not spending the extra R7k at the time but the truth is I didn't have it at the time.
  2. My growatt spf 5000es does prioritize pv to load. See screen shot. In the screen shot you will see that my pv tries to provide the load and the utility fills in the rest. The monitoring software isn't able to record it properly. On the inverter screen you can see that no amps are coming from the utility. Still I would advise spending the extra R7k and get a deye.
  3. @NormEAT Hi are you sure the batteries are not overheating because that is serious and will degrade the life that you will get put of your batteries.
  4. You could check if the powerforum store has any or you can try this link. https://renewables.herholdts.co.za/
  5. I don't think you can go wrong with either. Both are great options the next step is finding an installer who does both and take it from there. Unless you were going to DIY it.
  6. @MKRandburg I recommended the number of panels based on mppt operating voltage range and power that the panels would be producing. The panels are the cheapest part of the install so it makes no sense to underspec on panels. on the specific inverter you want you cannot blend pv and grid so you will lose the pv production. Please have a look at this inverter's features https://www.solarwaysuppliers.co.za/product/sorotec-5-5kw-revo-ii-on-off-grid-hybrid-inverter-demo/.
  7. From what I can see the sacolar and growatt inverters are the same. Like the deye/sunsynks are also the same. Maybe someone with the infinisolar inverter can help because it seems to have true hybrid features at the price of the cheap growatt/sacolar inverters. Growatt also makes true hybrid inverters at much higher price range. If you have enough funds to overspec on the panels and I mean like 10kw of panels and 20kwh of lithium batteries which is enough for a typical 3 bedroom house not a small holding/farm. We are talking R250k-R300k. Then any offgrid inv
  8. Rated Power 5000VA / 5000W Maximum PV Array Power 4500W MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage 120VDC~430VDC Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 450VDC Maximum Solar Charge Current 80A Maximum AC Charge Current 80A You could do 6-8 300-400 watt panels. I started with 6 and the inverter would just go into bypass mode with loads higher that what the panels could supply and on cloudy
  9. I'm sorry I don't know the answer to the battery question, I'm interested in how your 4kw geyser is wired to your 5kw inverter.
  10. Hi @Lazarus 4 panels in series on a low voltage inverter sounds very wrong. 335 watt panels are about 39 volts x 4 =156 volts which is way over 115 volts nominal.
  11. The spf models can't feed in to the grid, the sph models can.
  12. Does anyone have 2 more pylontechs connected to the can port. I'm eyeing 2 up5000 to connect to mine.
  13. I wasn't being serious about selling mine. The spf growatt models are just a variation of the axpert type but they seem more reliable and just work whereas I read a lot of issues from the one made by voltronic power. The inverters that we are recommending to you are the sph range which are true hybrids like the sunsynk. The reason to recommend a True hybrid is if your municipality allows it you can feed in and help relieve stress on eskom because we all know they need all the help they can get. Will also earn you a few Rands. Spf models or axperts are best on offgrid so
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