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  1. Can you please clarify when you experience the problem you mentioned in relation to fully charged days.
  2. I was trying to find out if the charging source is enough to fully charge the battery and allows top balancing.
  3. Mine is the same, I have a pre-paid meter which shows one bar most of the time but no actual usage.
  4. @eddiepap even though pylon setting works it gives that error. Rather use protocol 6 as per compatibility table.
  5. Hi how are you charging the battery? From grid or pv? And what are those settings?
  6. I believe best way for his setup is a micro inverter with new panels?
  7. 2 slice toaster. Uses less than a microwave.
  8. I also paid R26k to an installer for my 5kw heat pump some 2 years ago at the previous house. It will always be cheaper if you have some DIY capabilities. We can't be expected to DIY solar panels and plumbing. Some stuff you will have to get an expect. I used probably close to 6kw to heat the geyser today which is fine on sunny days but if there was an outage I would have opted for no hot water today. If I had a heat pump I would have tried to heat it even through an outage. It looks like i would have managed the 1kw needed for that ITS heat pump from the graph.
  9. Thanks, do you have examples of the devices and costs?
  10. I'm interested in how you add an extra mppt?
  11. I'm surprised you were able to get those last year. 3 years ago we were already struggling to get 360 watt panels. Maybe other members can think of easier solutions. Your inverter is very popular you could try and swap it for one with 2 mppt like the luxpowertec sna5000 and use the second mppt for different panels.
  12. Interesting post recommending a higher spec inverter for warranty reasons then recommending a lower spec battery for budget reasons. I also have 2 sna5000 inverters and I never notice when loadshedding starts. I did however have to troubleshoot a strange behavior when stage 6 started. It turned out we really did not have enough electricity as the grid voltage and frequency were dropping which caused lights to flicker. It was not a switching problem but an actual problem with the grid. Here is proof. Look at the grid frequency.
  13. I believe his quotes are with Mark up and installation. The R101k is going to be about R130k with installation. It's better to go with the installer quote since they have to sort out warranty claims. I previously bought the equipment myself that I had to arrange shipping back to the shop myself. Next one I went with installer quotes.
  14. Other than not being part of the cool kids club with the pumped up kicks, I joke ofcource. You seem to have all the bases covered.
  15. I only suggested 9 because finding matching panels later on can be difficult.
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