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  1. It is very frustrating browsing the classifieds section when most ads do not contain important information. Examples : no indication of area where seller reside / condition of item Some forums use a compulsory template as per example below ( this template copied from www.carbonite.co.za ) Surely something similar can be implemented here ? For Sale Item: Age: Price: Warranty: Packaging: Condition: Location: Reason: Shipping: Collection: Link:
  2. I am no expert and cannot comment on the setup you are looking at. Before you buy also have a look at this unit ( pure sine wave) - my father has one and he is happy with his setup. https://www.takealot.com/smart-power-trolley-1-5kva-1000w-pure-sine-inverter-ups-charger-/PLID41356450 http://smartpowersystems.co.za/ SPEC-1000.pdf
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