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  1. That looks Scary is it safe? All those little batteries taped together
  2. Thanks for the info I think I understand better now also did some googling. I see there is a lot of talk about sunsynk inverters on the forum. Is that a good product sounds like its a kind of all in one inverter I want to build up my own system for my farm but it gets a little confusing some people say stay away from Axpert inverters. A company near me quoted me on 3 of the at almost 15K each but then I see some places sell them for 12K each are there better ones? I also saw on the power forum store they sell Victrons are those good prices? I know Victron is good.
  3. Thank you for the great advice I think maybe I should try to follow the self install route my eskom 3 phase line rental is R1800 +- per month the cost is a factor and the Ideal for me would be to be almost off grid I will contact eskom to change my connection to single phase my main problem with them is how unreliable their service is I have had days where they have been down for up to 48 hours due to "line faults" and they go down atleast once a week never mind loadshedding it is very frustrating and I loose a lot of eggs and chicks due to that. Thanks for the heads up on the VWAT.
  4. My Household uses plus minus 18 units per day the 1.7KW Borehole pump runs For 4 to 5 hours per day depending on the season the Hatchery consumes about 1.5KW per hour but also depends on the season and weather I am also looking at expanding the opperation I use a 3 Phase compressor and have a maize grinder that also runs 3phase its cheaper to grind the maize myself. I have a couple of tools I run from time to time in my workshop welder drill press bench grinder etc and I have a old diesel generator that I can use to run that. I can't use the Generator for the hatchery because the last time I tried that it damaged the computer controll unit and cost me a lot to have it repaired thats why I am looking at solar power to run the Hatchery and my house hold. What kind of inverters would you recommend I have been reading on the forum that the Axpert inverters are notoriously unreliable and Victron unaffordable expensive but very good.
  5. Sorry I made a mistake there I use 1560 units per month not 62400 I was looking at the wrong numbers
  6. Hi Guys new to this what different types of inverters are there I heard a lot about hybrid inverters and Off grid inverters can someone explain what these are? The quote I got from the guys in Alexander bay has 3 x Axpert king 5KW Hybrid inverters are they any good? Why do I need 3 won't just 1 or 2 work?
  7. That looks awesome guys I have excess chicken manure do you think this could be used directly as fertilizer I have a small section of land that I have been planning to develop into a veg garden and I use a lot of straw bales for my chickens I clear the straw out weekly so the used straw is soaked in chicken manure do you think I could use this waste on the soil? My water is very alkaline so I have been struggling to grow crops in my smaller veg garden? ..
  8. Hi Guys I am new to the forum. I need some help here I am based near Alexander Bay. I am on a farmstead on the river my electriciry bill and loadshedding is killing me... my montly usage is average 62400 units of electricity per month I do a little farming but my main power consumption is my hatchery this has to run 24 hours per day I breed Austrolops and Rhode Island white chickens and a couple of quail breeds some are imported and not common in SA my main problem is power consumption and loadshedding I have lost a lot of eggs!! This is costing me a huge amount of money in losses and income... I have been following the forum for a couple of months and decided to join as a member. I have a limited budget of arround 500k I know its not a lot but thats my limit. I need a solar power solution with battery backup to save my farming opperation. I have read a lot about Sunsynk inverters and Victron inverters on the forum also the pylontech batteries. The problem I have is that Iam close to the coast and we have a lot of cloud cover through out the year and I don't want to waste my money I need a sound solution I would even consider wind power some times the wind can blow strong here I have looked at Tessup and EKalahari wind turbines I must say that the Vertical axis turbines by Ekalahari look very tempting to me. So with all this said I need some quotes on solar equipment and wind power and what would be advisable a local company in Alexander bay has quoted me for a system and they seem very expensive so good sound advice would be appreciated. I also need advice if I should try to install the system myself or do you recommend good installers. I have lots of north facing steel roof space available and my eskom power connection is three phase I run the hatchery and a borehole and basic houshold appliances my main power consumption is the hatchery my house only uses 18 units per day the rest is for the farming opperation. Thank you I am a desperate farmer..
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