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    6x300W Yingli, 3x 300W Enersol, 8 x 6V 375Ah SAGM Trojans, JSM 6kVA Inverter, Microcare 60A & 40A MPPTs. Lister 8/1 Hoffberg 5kVA 220V/48V Alternator. 800W Wind Turbine.

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  1. Sounds interesting, subscribe for updates.
  2. So if its not a hardware problem, then it must be..........?
  3. Batteries full? Inverter switched to grid? Bad connection to panels moving in the wind?
  4. As a matter of interest, if you put a large load on the batteries, does the voltage on each battery drop to the same value, or is there a difference?
  5. I also came across this guy who managed to get it right with a script that writes the data to a file which then gets parsed into HA. (translated from Norwegian) : https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fbaatplassen.no%2Fi%2Ftopic%2F141981-b%C3%A5tautomasjon-med-batterioverv%C3%A5king-og-zigbee%2F
  6. I have been trying to get BMV 712 values into home assistant. I seem to be on the right track. I am using a VE direct cable into a USB port on the PI. I am getting some data from the BMV, but something is not working properly. The BMV is supposed to send the values every second or so to the USB port in a tab delimited format. I am managing to read one value, and then that's it. Does anyone have any clues as to what the problem can be? I have it set up as follows in the configuration.yaml file : I have fiddled around with many permutations of the value template and only get this: That is correct and is the amount of charged energy and agrees with what I see on the victron app, but it is static and only changes with a reboot of the pi (s I assume it is reading one line of data and nothing further) Anyone have any ideas how to get the other values, and how to get the values to update periodically?
  7. 5 years on those batteries is really getting you money's worth! But they are poked, sorry to say. Time to replace.
  8. Before they wipe their eyes out Eskom will have no customers left. That will sort out the load shedding at least.
  9. The cost is capped though (especially in sunny SA) with the amount that rooftop solar costs. I just heard a sound clip from Chris Yelland on the radio and this Eskom 2 is an 'idea' at this stage.
  10. Yes, you need an independent power distribution network, which is a good example of a public good that the government should provide. Generation on the other hand should go the the people who can do it best and cheapest, with government providing regulations. I'm not sure what Eskom 2 is supposed to achieve.
  11. As I understand it you are all contributing to a common pool of power. It will be metered at the consumer, and charged to the service provider. Presumably also if one power generator is a bit short, they can buy from another generator for their customers. Because it is competitive, everyone will be trying to generate at least cost with the most uptime, and attract the most users for their product. (a stark contrast to the current situation)
  12. Is this new energy policy for mining written somewhere, or did Gwede just make it up on the way to the conference? I see the media is reporting Gwede's remarks, but there is no policy or draft policy that I have come across.
  13. If you are very cunning you can add a mirror somewhere else to cancel out the shade (allegedly!).
  14. The difference may be the sun angle, in that in Europe the sun is mostly very low to the horizon, and here mostly overhead. In ideally placed circumstances in SA those would be much less efficient that roof mounted ones, buy hey, give it a try!
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