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    6x300W Yingli, 3x 300W Enersol, 8 x 6V 375Ah SAGM Trojans, JSM 6kVA Inverter, Microcare 60A & 40A MPPTs. Lister 8/1 Hoffberg 5kVA 220V/48V Alternator. 800W Wind Turbine.

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  1. You should use the sonof to close a larger relay or contactor.
  2. Those batteries lasted about 2 years.
  3. I found place in Jhb North that should be able to help : http://www.akita.co.za/Batteries/Li-ion.htm
  4. Thanks, does anyone know where you can just buy these cells without ordering online? Like a physical shop. Can I have some batteries please. ka-ching. And I walk out with them in my hand?
  5. There are a bit flat but measure 2.6V, They are bigger than AA size.
  6. Where does one buy batteries like this that came out of a torch? I would prefer to just go to a shop and buy them rather than order from China.
  7. So how does this apply to suburban gardens? As far as I am aware there are by laws in some cities against compost heaps (if anyone pays attention to by laws these days), but instead of making heaps, just use your grass clippings, raked leaves, braai ash and whatever else you have and spread it over the beds. For a lot of pruned branches etc, hire a wood chipper. This will save trips to the dump with black bags full of leaves, and significantly reduce your water consumption in your garden. Fertiliser costs will also be less as the organic matter holds nutrients, and if you are continually adding organic matter, the nutrients in the soil will increase, your plant growth will increase and you then have a virtuous cycle.
  8. After about 4 or 5 years of using this system, the results are visible in the soil. On the top is soil taken from a mole heap outside the veggie garden, and on the right a spadeful from under the mulch. The top is sand mainly, with little organic matter, and that yellow color is limonite, hydrated iron oxides. The bottom started off the same but is now dark with organic matter, and full of earthworms.
  9. An update on this. I had the bike running and it got up to quite a speed on the flat ground on the slowest speed, but had no power on uphill, so I have ordered a larger reduction gear. It also turned out that one of the batteries was a dud, so I'll exchange that for a better one during the week.
  10. Getting close to complete soil coverage now. So that should be the last time there is bare earth visible. It makes a nice contrast to other farmers who are busy discing up a dust storm with conventional field preparation.
  11. Looking at your ICC settings, you batteries are not far out. I see the load is very low. I have 2 x HA02s on my bank, and I see on my BMV that the voltage difference is generally zero, except if there is a large load all of a sudden, or if the load or charge current is very low.
  12. If you don't hear it, YOU MAY BE GOING DEAF!!!!!! LOL.
  13. You can link the batteries across the strings and use one balancer, but if they are way out of balance, with 4 batteries, one balancer may not be able to pass enough current and blow the fuses on the interlinks (they are supposed to have a 5A fuse). Seems that not all people can hear this, but when you first connect up an HA02 to an unbalanced bank it emits a very high pitched whine until the batteries come into balance. Just FYI in case you hear it.
  14. Show us a pic of the home. Sounds interesting..


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